Anti-aging secret hidden in the depths of my douchey emails

One of our senior members comments on yesterday’s confidence-boosting email…


“Jay, You’re Soo Good! Write So Well! Such Confidence! I’m A Senior Citizen. Seeing Your Confidence, I Feel Young. God Bless You Jay! Warm Regards” – Uncle Babu


Thanks for the kind words, Uncle B.

I’m at the point in my life where time seems to be passing at a ridiculous speed. I’m going to be 43 next week and it feels like I just graduated high school a few months ago.

At this rate, I’ll be in my 70’s before I know it. And so will all the guys reading this.

Which means that if you’re interested in learning hypnosis, I implore you to squash your excuses and stop putting it off.

I straight-up have the best products on the market, which means that if you purchase my programs, you WILL learn this stuff, guaranteed. All you have to do is take the first step.

And while the act of learning new skills will help stave off cognitive decline and keep your mind razor sharp, learning this particular skill-set will help you in so many additional ways.

Some of our older members are using these skills to supplement their income. Others are using them to pleasure their wives well into their golden years. I also have guys who suffered through crippling divorces now using Mindvana to fill up their dating pipelines.

Once you learn the skills, you can use them for anything you want. The sky’s the limit.

So choose to either stop dragging your feet, or just hit the unsubscribe button and go focus on something else instead of wasting your time.

But if you’re ready to get your feet wet, I recommend starting with the fr-ee version of Mindvana Lite which will have you hypnotizing strangers like a pro on your very first attempt.

Jot down some notes while watching the video, and you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll in about an hour.

You’ll then be able to send in a review next week and get your hands on some of my unreleased (and rather interesting) videos.

So go have fun playing around with my new favorite induction and let me know what you think.

>>>Learn the easiest and most foolproof hypnotic induction ever invented absolutely fr-ee of charge

Ciao for now,


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