Ex-feminist gets steamrolled by her angry sisters

Just watched an old Ted Talk featuring Cassie Jaye, an ex-feminist who was “converted” by a bunch of red pill guys from the men’s rights movement.

She was a documentary filmmaker who intended to “expose the evils” of this movement and make a name for herself by punting the patriarchy right in the taint.

But the more she talked to these guys, the more her perspectives started to shift. She eventually released a pro-male documentary called “The Red Pill,” which exposes many of the injustices and “culturally invisible issues” that men are forced to silently endure.

As you can imagine, the sisterhood didn’t take too kindly to one of their own substituting straight facts for the approved talking points. Poor Cassie got promptly tossed under the bus for her shameful disobedience.

Here’s a link to her Ted Talk about her experience:

And here’s a youtube comment about her movie:


“I just saw this film. Its incredible. Eye opening and instinctively I know what is being presented is the truth. Cassie is a brave woman. We have some work to do. Feminism is now an industry, and its dishonest.” – Samantha


“Feminism is now an industry, and it’s dishonest.” That sums it up perfectly.

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