How an assassin’s training method will have you hypnotically murdering voracious vaginas

Time for a quick humble brag…

Stopped by the range yesterday to shoot my new Savage B22 precision 22lr. As I was finishing up, I decided to pull out the trusty Sig p365 to resuscitate my rusty handgun skills.

Just for fun, I pushed the target out to 25 yards and fired off 5 shots. Somehow, all 5 landed inside an 11-inch circle that I could barely make out at that distance.

Feeling cocky, I pushed the paper out to 50 yards and belligerently fired off 6 more shots (while not being able to see a darn thing).

And I sheeeit you not… 5 out of 6 landed inside the same circle, while the 6th ended up just outside (but still on paper).

The RO (range officer) came right over to personally pop my collar, telling me how impressive that was, especially using only iron sights on a micro-compact handgun.

And that’s when I had an astonishing realization…

I am literally John Wick. For realz.

And while I never practiced Sambo in Belarus, the fictional Wick and I have both relied on similar training methods to become extremely well versed in the dark arts.

For the guys who don’t shoot, it’s extremely difficult to pull off what I did as a relative newb who hasn’t shot a handgun in months. In fact, I can chalk up my ninja-level performance to sheer luck more than anything else.

But as many pro athletes have quipped, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

The fastest way to get good at anything is by first getting high-quality training, and then committing to practicing your ass off on a daily basis.

The first thing I did after becoming a new gun owner last year was invest in private lessons with a ex-cop who used to train swat teams. I then made it a habit to dry fire for a minimum of 5min every single day (i.e., firing an unloaded gun – squeeze, click, rack the slide, click, rack, click, rack, repeat, zzzzzzzz).

It’s boring, for sure. But my OBSESSION made it much less so.

Whenever I attempt to learn a new skill, I become OBSESSED with becoming as good as I can possibly be, as quickly as I possibly can. In this case, the recipe required hours of draw stroke and dry fire practice, along with frequent trips to the range.

Funny enough, during my coaching sessions over zoom, clients often catch me red-handed with an airsoft gun in hand (my equivalent of a stress ball).

I see it like this… the more time I spend with a gun in my hand, the faster it’ll become an extension of my body, and the faster I’ll be able to earn a seat at the High Table (I believe there’s still a contract out on Amanda Bynes’s vagina).

Now, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that, many years ago, I became just as obsessed with learning hypnosis.

I spent a fortune traveling to workshops all over the world, so I could get the best training available.

I read books and watched videos on a daily basis for YEARS on end.

I would transcribe full hypnosis sessions from said books and videos to help drill the patterns into my brain.

I would “hypnotize my teddy bear” by reciting each step out loud as if I had a subject in front of me.

When I had trouble finding pro-bono practice subjects, I starting paying them for their time.

And even though I struggled early on (it did NOT come naturally to me because of my crippling social anxiety), my dedication and overall OBSESSION with studying and practicing eventually paid off when I launched my goofy youtube channel.

Luckily for you, you won’t need to waste thousands of dollars and years of your life sifting through all the BS out there. My programs are as close to “paint-by-numbers” as you can get, when it comes to getting real-world results.

But you’ll need to put some serious work in if you want to get good FAST.

Many of my top students watch at least one of my videos every day while studying the accompanying notes. Many will listen to my videos in the background while working on other things, to give their mind a chance to soak things up subconsciously.

My most dedicated students will write out what I’m saying, word for word, until they naturally and effortlessly start speaking just like I do (the transcription trick works like gangbusters).

Yes, there are definite shortcuts to learning hypnosis and my courses are packed to the gills with them. But there’s no substitute for diligent and consistent practice.

Now you certainly don’t have to go through all of this trouble if you just want to be DECENT.

Watching the videos, practicing an hour or two each week, and asking me questions if you get stuck will, without a doubt, get you where you need to be.

But does it make more sense to study sporadically and waste many long months on building just a basic skill-set? Or to blitz those first few months HARD so you can have ninja-level skills for life?

It’s a no-brainer. The good news is, you already have access to the best hypnosis instruction on the market. You now need to focus on absorbing it until you can do everything in your sleep.

Get curious, get some coaching, and then go get cracking. (aka: the secret Frankenstein formula that turns men into monsters.)

So where to begin?

If you’re ready to start slaying vag like John Wick in a Belarusian brothel, then Mindvana would be a good place to start.

But if you’re interested in acquiring a more well-rounded hypnotic skill-set, then the link below just might save you from wasting thousands of dollars and priceless years of your life on garbage trainings that leave you even more confused and frustrated than when you first started.

And it’s been said that helpful links like these most certainly deserve a good clicking…

>>>Avoid the bottomless rabbit hole of hypnosis training by building your foundation with the best (and most affordable) introductory training on the market: the shockingly inexpensive 7-Day Quick Start Home Study Course

P.S. For the guys who like to shoot, one of our Slovakian members sent me this little blurb which made me lol:


“Today’s lesson of marketing and Ericksonian hypnosis is provided for free by company named ‘Grand Power’ (a Slovakian firearms manufacturer):

In the village at the south of Slovakia (for US equivalent, that would be some deserted small town in desert of Texas), I am entering food store to buy some water.

On the shelves I can see alcohol and some more alcohol. Locals are staring at me – the stranger.

When I enter I see sticker that says:

‘This place is protected by Grand Power and God. If you are entering uninvited, you might meet both of them.’

Suddenly I have a good and funny day. 😀 Have also.” – Per Peruna


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