How to seduce a starving woman in a grocery store

Before we get down to business, this is the last reminder that the launch sale ends in just a few hours, which means it’s your last chance to save $100 on the new Mindvana bonus pack.

And speaking of the superpowers Mindvana will give you, check out these comments from two of our members.

The first one is a field report from Paul, who’s confidence has shot up through the roof ever since he started diligently applying the Mindvana principles.


“Jay, I don’t know what happened it’s like I suddenly realized I’m a superhero and I can’t stop using my superpowers. lol I’m hypnotizing every girl I meet now.

So yesterday I’m walking through the grocery store and this hot chick walks by all in my eyes. I go talk to her, get her number and she calls me this morning right before leaving work.

Over FaceTime I ran her through Mindvana Lite and she felt tingles from the waist down. Said she usually brushes guys off and wondered why she was curious about me.

She says ‘so Paul your going to mind fu*k me?’ And starts laughing like she likes it with this big devil smile on her face.

I’m like, ‘I think you like when I mind fuck you. Stop trying to turn me on.’

Shes like ‘Clearly that’s what YOU are doing to ME.’ Lol” – Paul


As I keep saying, women are even MORE receptive to being cold approached than ever before because they’re literally STARVING for male attention.

As all the naysayers continue whining about how covid has ruined pickup forever, guys like Paul are cleaning up, simply by having the BALLS to walk up to a cute girl and say SOMETHING.

Once you have the ball rolling, you can say “wanna see something cool about the way your mind works,” and then go sit them down and introduce them to Mindvana Lite. (This stuff doesn’t need to be difficult.)

I can guarantee that Paul’s approaches are going to be far more effective after he spends some time watching the new batch of Seduction Mastery Videos…

…the ones which explain everything you’ll ever need to know about approaching, hooking and seducing the women you find yourself surrounded by every time you leave your house.

Speaking of which, here’s Marcus commenting on one of the new sessions with Amaida…


“This session has a couple things you may not have noticed just watching the video as a student with no real experience in hypnosis yet.

For instance, we get to 40:00 and Jay has emerged her, and is testing the anchored feelings. Watch her responses. THIS is the real gold in Mindvana.

If she never achieves o-gasm, it does not matter to a relationship being ROCK SOLID when you can do this with your woman. Nobody has ever made her feel these things, in rapid sequence or stacked as he desires. This has an effect so profound on a woman, you cannot imagine.

As Amaida describes it, it’s “explosive” and I think that speaks pretty well of the effects of Mindvana on a woman. At 46:20 she spills it again. Good session, different interview format, but WOW! Listen to her!” – Marcus


Remember how I mentioned earlier today how you can make women feel things they’ve never felt before?

I’m not here just to brag about this. Inside Mindvana, you’ll be learning exactly how to do this yourself.

Again, I refuse to confirm or deny that I continued “experimenting” with these women after I turned the camera off. But what I WILL say is this…

If you want to scoop up this last pack of Mindvana videos (featuring some VERY INTENSE sessions that I had to leave out of the main program) then you have about 3 hours left before the price jumps up.

But again, read the sales page carefully before you decide to pull the trigger.

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