The dirty little secret of the life coaching industry

I was interviewed by NBC yesterday for a segment about “life coaching during the pandemic.”

The producer planned on speaking to a number of different coaches but made the mistake of reaching out to me first.

I don’t think he expected me to sh*t all over the industry, but I couldn’t help myself.

One issue is that it’s filled with people who took a weekend workshop before deciding to call themselves a “master coach.”

Most people don’t realize that these titles and certifications are mostly garbage.

“But Jay… what about the International Coaching Federation that has a strict set of standards by which they designate your credentials and blah, blah…”

All BS. Coaches aren’t doctors or psychologists and any organization can make up their own certification requirements.

Much like the hypnosis industry, there’s no governing body that hands out licenses for life coaching. Anyone can call themselves a coach (or hypnotist), and most of these people should be focused on getting their own lives in order before trying to help others.

I told the producer the story of how I got started, which you may already know.

I wrote my first book, “Get Your Girl Back,” in 2007. One of my buddies was famous in the PUA world and helped get the word out.

The next thing I knew, I had dozens of people all over the world reaching out to me for help and it continued to blow up from there.

I eventually found myself helping clients solve every possible problem you can think of, from debilitating social anxiety to compulsive self-sabotage.

But one thing I’ve never stopped doing is working on myself religiously. Since 1997 (when I attended my first hypnosis workshop), I’ve been on a quest of never-ending self-improvement.

Way before I started developing my own approaches and modalities, I studied with all the top gooroos (and many baby gooroos you’ve never heard of).

I gathered all the best info I could find from many, many different sources, and began working to improve every area of my own life.

Health/mental health


Relationships and se-x

Family/friendships/social life

Knowledge/skill sets/abilities




If I could drill only one thing into your head, it would be this:

You’re a work of art hidden in a slab of marble. The act of embracing self-improvement (in all areas) allows you to work that hammer and chisel day-in and day-out, eventually revealing what’s underneath.

You weren’t made in the vision of your creator to stay hidden inside that rock your whole life.

Hypnosis, seduction, and giving hotties no-touch-o-gasms is all great stuff to learn, but it’s just one small part of your overall development as a man. Take the same passion you have for learning this stuff, and begin applying it to other areas.

But one thing I would advise you NOT to do, is sit around talking about what you’re gonna do SOMEDAY. You’ll be much better off taking SOME form of action, even if you’re not sure where to start.

And if you’re really stumped, then go find someone who can help you, since you have plenty of options.

If you want to talk about your problems all day, you can easily find a therapist who will happily take your money.

But if you want to completely obliterate whatever challenge you’re struggling with, then you might want to reach out to someone who’s been there, themselves.

And more importantly, someone who’s helped many people, just like you, overcome the same challenge.

As I mentioned on Monday, this is the last week I’ll be accepting applications for new coaching clients.

So if you’re tired of putting the things you want most in life on the back burner, then hit “reply” and tell me what you’d like help with.

Ciao for now,


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