The hypnotic anti-aging secret of a dirty old man

Hola… I promised to show you some pics and vids from my crazy vacation this week, including a few of my new girlfriends.

But before I get to that, I want to fess up and explain why I’ve chosen to be such a dirty old man and regularly fraternize with cuties less than half my age.

If you’ve seen the Mindvana vids, you’re well aware that I prefer working with girls who recently dropped out of college to become onlyfans entrepreneurs. (I think the oldest girl from the project was 34, while the majority were in their early twenties.)

And while I’ve dated plenty of girls closer to my age (43), I simply prefer the younger ones.

For instance, my three new ones are 20, 21 and 23, even though that last one is waaayy too close to 30 for my liking (it may be time for an upgrade).

Anyhoo, here are my top 5 reasons for why I prefer to date younger girls almost exclusively:

  1. They’re fun to hang out with and eager to experiment se-xually

You’ll have a much easier time convincing a younger girl to try something a little crazy, as opposed to an older girl who’s set in her ways and has a list of likes and dislikes. It’s also easier to wow a younger girl with a new experience, as opposed to a more experienced girl who’s seen it all.

  1. They tend to have tight, firm bodies

Most girls have unhealthy lifestyles which leads to signs of premature aging popping up by their late 20’s. Why not enjoy them while they’re still in their prime?

  1. They have much less baggage than older girls

After a girl has her heart broken multiple times (or suffered through a divorce) she becomes heavily guarded and jaded. Younger girls have less experience with men (and horrific heartbreaks), and tend to be happier and more easy-going, overall. They’re also less likely to have a laundry list of unrealistic standards and a desire to trap you into a relationship before you’re ready.

  1. Their bonding mechanisms haven’t yet been destroyed

Another thing that happens after multiple heartbreaks is that a girl starts to lose the ability to experience powerful crushes and intense infatuation. Additionally, the more se-xual partners a woman has had, the more difficult it becomes for her to bond deeply with a new man.

  1. They’re usually great trance subjects

If you want to look like a superstar hypnotist (even if you’re just starting out), then go work with some girls under the age of 23. You’re welcome.

So let’s tally up the points: More fun, less aggravation, and easy-peasy to Mindvana, not to mention the insatiable se-xual appetites.

I dare say that college-aged cuties are a better anti-aging solution than a morning glass of lemon squeezy.

Ok, here’s the deal…

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to start posting pics and vids from my magical vacation spot which will hopefully inspire you to visit my new favorite country.

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s email which will give you the opportunity to learn more about this incredible place that has perfect weather, great food, friendly locals and stunning females (if you like Latinas) who have no qualms about dating a much older guy who has his sh*t together.


…if you have any desire to rack up 3 beautiful young playmates of your own…

…OR if you’re looking for a serious relationship with a beautiful girl who will treat you like a king…

…then you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s email.

Get excited. And stay tuned…


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