The plight of the masochistic, armchair hypnotist

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“Hey Jay, I bought Mindvana and so far I’m loving it. You seem to know a lot about female pleasure not just the hypnosis side but also the physical side.

Have you ever heard about cervical o-gasm? I’ve come across materials teaching some basic spots like the clitoris, g spot, a spot, back of the a spot etc, but i never had success helping a partner achieving cervical orgasms (pain issues) and these same materials seem to ‘forget’ about the cervix or, they teach that most women don’t like it.

What are your thoughts about this? Are cervical orgasms the holy grail? Any tips helping a partner achieving it?” – Henrique


Se-x techniques are outside the scope of Mindvana, but, yes, cervical o-gasms are real and they’re covered in the Loving Obsession Protocol.


“I’m gonna somewhat disagree with this email about crazy girls. For the reason of what YOU are, I am actually surprised that you even wrote this email.

Yes, I agree that men should steer clear of the crazy ones, but this only applies to guys who don’t know hypnosis. Now, I know the basics of hypnosis, and behavior modification is one of the many things hypnosis can achieve. So, it should be possible to modify the behavior of that crazy ballet dancer into something similar to this new girl of yours.

I personally also know a couple tricks myself, but I am keeping them as my personal secrets. Let’s just say that by combining what I already know with your hypnosis knowledge, I could potentially raise the success rate with women to 99%, or maybe even 100%, contrary to the 90% you advertised.” – Josh


Yeah, good luck with that.

Hypnosis is a set of tools; nothing more. It doesn’t give you a magical ability to fix impossible situations.

When it comes to BPD girls, most of them don’t WANT to be “fixed.” Their crazy behaviors are deeply tied to their identity, which they safeguard. (Most therapists throw up their hands and load them up on meds.)

In a perfect world, your girl might come to you and say, “I really wanna change. Please help.” And yes, your hypnotic toolkit gives you a way to help them beyond what most therapists can offer.

But if she’s not 100% onboard, there’s not much you can do. You’re going to need her full consent and cooperation which she’s likely to withdraw the second her defense mechanisms get triggered.

And she WILL get triggered. And once that happens, she’ll be on red alert for anything that resembles even a minor persuasion attempt.

On top of that, most girls aren’t going to want their boyfriends to do therapeutic work with them, especially not for major issues.

Little things (like stress, phobias, etc.), sure. But most won’t feel comfortable letting you play therapist. That’s not your role in their life and it can cause problems in the relationship if you don’t handle it properly (e.g., they choose to stay “broken” to get attention from you).

Trust me. I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

The world’s best hypnotists all admit that you can’t help everyone. And helping someone is even more difficult when you’re dating them.

If you want to try proving me wrong, then go have fun. Hopefully you figure things out without getting yourself into a bad spot.

But guys who value their time, energy, and sanity would be much better off finding a quality girl than wasting time with someone who has the potential to destroy their life (I’m not exaggerating).

And once you find Miss Quality, help her become the very best girl she can be, in every possible way, starting with her se-xual responsiveness and her ability to feel more happiness and pleasure on a daily basis.

And you learn how to do exactly that (and much more) right here:

>>>Get Love, Loyalty, and Ride-or-Die Devotion (from girls who aren’t bat shit insane) With The Mindvana Method

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