The savage surprise hiding out in female DNA that can neuter you for life

Got lots of messages about the snarky domme. She’s fast becoming a fan favorite…


“F*cking brilliant email Jay!” – Jim

“I lol’d so hard I almost made poopy in pants.” -Danial

“You sure she wasn’t offering you a free sample ball-busting session?” -Kyle


I wouldn’t be surprised if she sends an invoice.


“That is FUNNY SHT! You CAN’T make this sht up! I am a hypnotist. I KNOW the differences between the male and female mind, OK? How in the country fried FU*K is playing with the minds of men somehow a qualification for working with women? To me that is quite like, “I am a master electrician because I have plugged in my television successfully, so, let me wire your new multi-million dollar mansion, I can save you money.” – Marcus

(from a female member)

“It’s so fun reading your emails. And good news, I’m actually feeling more connected with my husband at this point. I’ve forwarded him this email and keep suggesting you know the way and if I was him I would just be diving into your work.” -(name withheld for privacy)

(regarding makeup being the devil’s paintbrush)

“Oh, the treachery. Many times I’ve been fooled.” -Taylor

“That’s why I make every girl show up for a date without any makeup on. No one has ever refused” -Mark

(regarding the REAL attack on women)

“JAY, one thing I must stress is women have never been powerless. I can think back 50 years to parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

The woman always ruled the roost, husbands who loved their wives would do anything for them. It’s only really now that things have changed with all the BS in society about empowering women and disempowering men.

OK job wise it may have been different women were looked down upon. But real women didn’t want a job they already had one looking after the family. It’s this sick society that has ruined that forcing women to work because of slave wages. It’s all about splitting families up.

Believe me if you are home with children you have more than enough to do without having another job as well.

Another thing, women can be extremely jealous creatures just like pet rats (excuse the example). If you ever had a pet white rat it will pee on you to mark its territory and every time you pick it up it will travel all around you sniffing you out then cuddle up and go to sleep with you.

But you go and touch another pet like a cat or guineapig and see what happens when you pick up your rat! It will literally savage you. It goes crazy until it gets back to its loving state again.

Women are just like that. I think women’s DNA and rat DNA must be linked he he!” -John


Roger that. I’ve been sniffed up, peed on, and literally savaged by multiple savage females. But a woman’s jealously might as well be a barometer of her love.

Her: “WHO… the FUK… is BECKY?!?!?!?! I’m gonna cut your F#KNG nuts off!!!!

Me: (blushing) “Awwwww, she luvvvves me.”

Kidding aside, my biggest wish for Mindvana is that guys use the tools to build the “traditional” relationships they deserve, at least in the sense of having a loving and loyal woman who stands by her family (and her man) through thick and thin.

I can tell you with all honesty that the player lifestyle gets incredibly empty after a while. I encourage all men to find a good woman and work to build something together, as you move through life as a solid team.

Of course, in an age of Godlessness, where attention whoring and e-thoting rules supreme, you certainly have your work cut out for you.

Luckily, the good Lord left us a hackable backdoor in Eve’s operating system. And it’s up to you to get there before the Devil does.

Godspeed, my son.

>>>Hypnotically hack into any woman’s mental hard drive and erase her e-thot tendencies by re-installing 1950’s era drivers using this super-secret exploit even the NSA has never heard of

P.S. I have an embarrassing revelation coming your way on Monday. Stay tuned…

Ciao for now,


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