The secret that makes Mindvana Lite work 90% of the time

Someone had a question about the Mindvana Lite process…


“Hello, Jay. First of all, thank you for the amazing content. I’m reviewing the script for my first attempt of the method, but I feel confused about the triggers.

If in the first few colors we are setting up a trigger for relaxation, why do we go in the script through green, blue and red? Are all those colors triggers for relaxation? Or is saying a color a trigger for relaxation?

So, which is it? Any of the words we choose when we told them they would feel relaxed? If so, then why not just say a single color? Wouldn’t that make the trigger stronger?”


I answered this question in our Teachable portal, but let me quickly break it down…

Mindvana Lite uses a simple exercise to make a subject highly responsive to our suggestions. We then use this state of suggestibility to make them feel happy, sexy, incredibly relaxed, or anything else we desire.

I modify the process slightly with each girl I work with, which sometimes confuses new students. Once you understand the principles that make it work, you can “go off the reservation” and switch up the sequence however you’d like.

(For instance, you can easily substitute Mindvana Lite for the Elman induction and go right into eliciting hypnotic o-gasms, either in person or via FaceTime.)

But the secret which makes Mindvana Lite work so well isn’t the structure, or the colors, or any of that.

It’s the sense of CERTAINTY in your voice when you tell them what they’re going to experience.

“In a moment, when I do X thing, Y is going to happen.”

It’s a simple as that. And you can replace X and Y with whatever you want.

For example, you can choose any word you can think of for your trigger:

“When I say the word ‘collywobbles,’ you’re going to notice your hands start to become more relaxed.”

You can also use sounds:

“Each time I snap my fingers, you’re going to feel a rush of pleasure shoot through your body.”

You can use physical touch:

“When I touch your left pinky toe, a happy memory from your past is going to pop up inside your mind and the happy feeling is going to flood all through you.”

You can use any cue you can think of and link it to any effect that you want.

It helps to start with simple effects and build up from there, since each time one of your “predictions” comes true you’ll build up more credibility (which makes future suggestions more likely to be acted upon).

Again, the key is to speak with CERTAINTY – as if you’re 100% convinced that what you say is going to happen, WILL happen.

But whenever students hear me explain this, they immediately ask:

“Ok, but what should I do if it doesn’t work???”

That’s a great question since the process doesn’t always work the way you want it to.

But it doesn’t matter what happens, because as long as you know how to handle these situations, you’ll be able to get solid results with nearly everyone you work with.

And I teach exactly how to do so in the GOLD version of Mindvana Lite, which you can scoop up for only $37.

But go start with the standard version, which won’t cost you a dime. You’re going to be blown away by just how easy hypnosis can be.

You can watch the fr-ee tutorial right here:

>>>Learn the paint-by-number process for producing deep trances in anyone you work with on your very first try

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