The single-mommy mammary-milking love-hijacking method

As long-time members are aware, I’m always working to improve my skills by testing out new ideas, many of which tend to be as fruitful as milking a duck.

But I’ll occasionally be gifted an insight with so much potential, that I’m compelled to milk it for all it’s worth.

Case in point, a rather intriguing hypothesis was birthed during an interview session with one of the Mindvana girls when she mentioned her baby daughter.

We all know that women produce large amounts of oxytocin (the bonding chemical) while giving birth, and more afterwards whenever they breastfeed their child.

So I thought to myself…

“Might it be possible to harvest all of that oxytocin by hijacking the chemically-augmented unconditional love she has for her baby and attaching it to the world’s douchiest hypnotist???”

Well, Golly Gee Wilickers! It’s time to do some science!

And since I didn’t feel hypnosis was the best tool for the job, I may or may not have decided at this point to get my hands dirty, since, as the Russians like to say: “You don’t milk a cow with your hands in your pockets.”

Now whether or not I actually performed this experiment in real life (with impressive results, I might add – uh, I mean, hypothetically speaking), isn’t important.

But if I did, it very well could have inspired parts of the “Loving Obsession Protocol” which “weaponizes” se-x by making women absolutely addicted to you, partially due to the massive oxytocin dump resulting from your devious delivery.

(Remember what Draco said to Bond about what his daughter REALLY needed? Yes, the LOP is rubber-stamped and double-O approved.)

And while maybe I should have been, I wasn’t too concerned with how my experiment might affect the baby. The way I saw it, no matter what happened, the little girl would still be loved no matter what.

(She just wouldn’t be mommy’s favorite anymore. Sorry, kid).

Ok, that was awful. But I plan on locking myself in the confession box this Sunday so I might as well toss another sin on the pile.

Kidding aside, think about what actually happens when you attempt to seduce a woman…

Unless she’s been locked up in a dungeon her entire life, your interactions will rarely create any NEW feelings for her. What you’re (hopefully) doing is activating positive feelings that she’s already experienced (like happiness, curiosity, excitement, arousal, etc.).

And when you take a woman out for dinner and drinks, and suffer through long stretches of boring conversation, you’re hoping to somehow activate these feelings and get them linked to you.

Since most guys have no idea how to effectively influence this process, they’ll pray for fate to intervene and grease the wheels all the way to the bedroom.

Regardless, it all comes down to emotions and whether or not you make her feel the way she wants to.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the guys who get the girls you want are just better at eliciting the feelings that women crave.

But let’s say you’re lucky enough to pull this off and you end up dating your new boo for a solid 6 months. The game is still FAR from over.

If you decide to keep her around for the long-term, you’ll still have DECADES left on the clock, which means you’ll need a reliable way to continuously INTENSIFY those feelings over time.

A woman doesn’t wake up one day and decide that she no longer wants to be with you. It’s a long, slow process of noticing the good feelings slowly slipping away (which they almost always do).

Once they’re gone, she starts to long for them. And that’s when very bad things start to happen.

So why play Russian Roulette with your relationships when you can easily add Mindvana to your toolkit?

If you’ve been reading my emails and watching my youtube videos, then you at least have some idea how powerful this stuff can be.

In the original Mindvana trailer you saw one of the girls (who just met me a few hours before the shoot) say, “I’ve never felt this way before, Jay.” And she wasn’t embellishing in the slightest.

As rare as this might be, you can use Mindvana to make women feel things they’ve never experienced (or at least intensify the best feelings they’ve ever had).

And while you can always open the barn doors and hook them up to a milking machine, there are much better ways to flood the women you desire with delicious love chemicals…

…such as learning all the tactics in my “Seduction Mastery Videos” which come bundled with the new Mindvana bonus pack.

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