Why hypnotic orgasms can easily blast through a language barrier

I just put up another batch of pics and vids on instagram. But before you head over there, I have another vacation story for you that shows you what’s possible when you master Mindvana.

Like making a girl o-gasm on command without knowing a lick of her language.

On the last day of my trip, I was in bed with a cutie who spoke only a tiny bit of English so I couldn’t use any of my Mindvana weaponry.

But as you know, I’m always experimenting. So I decided to test something out.

In the middle of sexy time, I whispered in her ear:

“Baby, I want you to have an o-gasm for me. Right now.”

And she did. Instantly. Zero hesitation.

Now, we can certainly chalk this up to my godly powers of hypnotic influence. But let’s break down what happened to see if it can be reconstructed.

First off, if you’ve studied the 7-Day Quick Start Course, then you already understand one of the most important laws of the mind, which is…

What the mind expects to happen, tends to happen.

Now this particular girl just so happened to stalk me online before we met. She found all of my books and websites and devoured all of my youtube videos.

Which means she was well aware of the things I do and was very curious about what it would be like to experience them.

And even though I didn’t use ANY of the Mindvana techniques with her in advance, I did teach her a few English words in our text convos. So when I told her to o-gasm for me, she understood what those words meant.

(Side note: having to use google translate to communicate with a girl in the bedroom really puts a damper on the mood. 2 out of 10. Would not recommend.)

If you’ve been a long-time reader, then you’ve heard me explain multiple times how se-x creates a natural trance state that increases a woman’s suggestibility (which is why the material I teach in the “Loving Obsession Protocol” works so well, even without a formal trance induction).

But the secret sauce that made her o-gasm happen was that she EXPECTED it to happen.

At the time I gave her the command, she was already extremely turned on. But more importantly, she believes that I possess a magical ability to make any woman o-gasm, simply by snapping my fingers (thanks youtube!).

This is actually FAR from the case. In fact, I was 90% convinced I would NOT be able to pull this off with a girl who doesn’t speak English.

But I gave it a shot and it worked like gangbusters.

Again, the girl did all the work. While I was unaware of it, she had already primed herself for success.

The lesson here is that it’s vitally important for you to manage your subject’s expectations before you start your sessions.

What you should NOT do is model how I set up my Mindvana sessions – aka telling your subjects as little as possible and then “surprising” them once the camera starts rolling.

But I set things up the way I did because I wanted to show my students how their sessions will look in the real world (along with other reasons that I’ll eventually write about).

And my approach has gotten me a lot of flack from clueless newbs online who say things like…

“Jay sucks balls! He can’t make any of these girls o-gasm. X hypnotist ALWAYS gets results and is the REAL master.”

Lol To that I would say, don’t drink the kool-aid.

What 99% of newbs don’t understand is that most of the other hypnotists you see on youtube are only posting their best material.

And many also do a few other things to give off an air of guru status (like only doing demos with pre-conditioned subjects and some other sneaky tricks I won’t get into right now).

But in reality, even the self-proclaimed “master hypnotists” have tough sessions that go nowhere.

On a side note, something else my long-time readers already know is that my sessions are never about the o-gasms.

In other words, I could care less if they happen or not (and many times, they will not happen in a girl’s first session).

Why? Because my approach has always been about making each girl crazy about me and interested in seeing me again. And giving them an o-gasm on camera can sometimes be counter-productive (that’s a topic for another time).

But what I want you to understand is that there is no magic to any of this.

In fact, you can get the EXACT SAME RESULTS the “gurus” do if you put some time and effort into learning and practicing what I teach in the Mindvana home study course. Everything you need to know is in the program.

And if you’d like to enjoy the same type of LIFESTYLE I’ve been enjoying lately, where you have multiple girls all competing for your attention and texting you all hours of the day…

…then you might want to head down to my secret vacation spot where it’ll be 100X easier for you to pull this off.

If you want to learn more, then reply to this email with “tell me more” and I’ll shoot you over all the details.

In the meantime, you can check out the pics and vids on my Instagram stories.

Go to my page (@jaycataldo) and click on my profile picture to see them.

I’ll be posting more of them tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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