Who Else Wants to Learn These Cutting-Edge Mind Programming Techniques?

Ever since I released my very first YouTube video, my subscribers have been begging me to teach them everything I know about “self-hypnosis” and how to reprogram their minds for success.

But while I do give away a basic self-hypnosis video to all “Mastermind Members,” I wanted to create something even more potent.

So I dug deep into my secret vault and put together the best collection of mind-enhancing, self-programming techniques you’ll ever come across.

And to welcome you into our community, I’d like to offer you this life-changing information for a tiny fraction of what it’s worth.



(How to Reprogram Your Mental Operating System)

Get Ready to Hack Into Your Mental Software and Condition Your Mind For Unstoppable Success

Why should this interest you?

If you’ve ever struggled to change a bad habit or accomplish a challenging goal, then you've experienced subconscious sabotage firsthand. These "mind viruses" work tirelessly around the clock, keeping you from achieving your hopes and dreams.

But what if you could dissolve your limitations by simply reprogramming your hidden mental patterns? Can you imagine the positive impact that would have on your life?

Going FAR BEYOND traditional self-hypnosis techniques, this video will teach you my very best strategies for "hacking into your mental operating system" and reprogramming it for success in all areas - from your finances to your personal relationships.

In this 83 minute video, you’ll learn my time-tested techniques for:

  • Decreasing stress
  • Fully relaxing yourself on command
  • Eliminating any unpleasant emotion
  • Blasting through procrastination
  • Generating positive emotions on the fly
  • Easily connecting with strangers
  • Shutting off the body’s fear response
  • Fortifying your self-esteem
  • Bouncing back from any and all setbacks
  • Eliminating negative mental habits

This video contains some of the most powerful self-programming techniques from my “Limitless Home Study Course” (currently selling for $495) in addition to brand-new strategies I’ve learned over the last twelve months.

And while you certainly don’t need this video to help you learn hypnosis fast, these techniques will help you become a much more confident (and highly effective) hypnotist.

These Self-Programming Secrets Will Enhance Every Area of Your Life

I went all out and jam packed this video with 46 TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES that are guaranteed to transform your life from the inside out.

In fact, my strategy for deeply connecting with strangers is so powerful, it’s worth at least 10X the price of this video (and works like gangbusters on female hypnosis subjects).

But my rapport secrets are just the tip of the iceberg...

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll be learning:

  • 2 powerful tips to help you get rockstar-like attention in all social interactions (47:50)
  • The simple secret to developing the mindset of a high-level executive – in 10 seconds or less (53:01)
  • Having trouble making your visualizations work? The “see-saw theory” explains why (along with the quick fix to this problem) (20:34)
  • How a Taoist sexual secret can make you smarter, more relaxed, more resilient, and much, much happier in all areas of life (78:26)
  • What the masters of Texas Hold Em’ can teach you about obliterating fear and hesitation (36:41)
  • Add up these five things and you’ll be able to predict your financial future with a level of accuracy that would embarrass Nostradamus (41:23)
  • What the 2nd most translated book in existence can teach you about the secrets of happiness (79:08)
  • My 4 best tips for blasting away procrastination and plain ol’ laziness (51:35)
  • No other negative emotion keeps people stuck like toxic guilt – and here’s how to rid it from your life for good (71:23)
  • Why “thought suppression” makes you feel worse (and what to do instead) (73:23)
  • How the questions you ask can keep you stuck in mediocrity (hint: the world’s most successful people ask themselves this question daily) (59:48)
  • How the horribly-named “toilet-paper technique” will be your secret weapon for removing negative emotions in 3 minutes or less (8:27)
  • Do all rich people have a similar mindset? Yes they do, and here’s how to develop it… (76:08)
  • How to use a stop sign to eradicate years of negative thinking (37:45)
  • What Bruce Lee can teach you about the illusion of limitations (44:48)
  • Can’t stop thinking about that awful experience? – use this technique to trick your mind into letting it go (14:45)
  • Developed by a neuroscience researcher, the "power yawn" is the best exercise you’ll ever find for reducing stress on a physiological level (6:38)
  • The secret I learned from “Papa Smurf” that quadrupled my productivity (55:42)
  • This simple mental hack developed by a Navy Seal generates motivation and courage out of thin air (33:54)
  • A simple protocol for quickly dismantling limiting beliefs (64:39)
  • The simple body shift that pulls you out of a negative headspace (13:08)
  • and much more...

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