"Hypnotic Orgasm Workshop Videos - 2022 Edition"

"What's inside?"

These are the recordings of my most recent Zoom workshop where I taught the class nearly everything I know about Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Orgasms.

If you’re interested in learning the latest enhancements to Mindvana (along with many other strategies I’ve developed over the years), then you’re going to find an incredible amount of value packed into this training, which comes in just shy of 11 hours of content-packed, zero-fluff footage.

"Who is this for?"

Anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of Erotic Hypnosis will benefit from these videos, whether they already have years of experience under their belt, or they're a total beginner who's just beginning their journey.

"What will I be learning?"

  • The 5 main hypnotic triggers I use in my Mindvana sessions and how to properly set them up
  • Sneaky ways to "bargain" with a subject’s subconscious mind when your subject is not as responsive as you'd like
  • Downloadable word-for-word scripts for all of my best inductions and techniques, including step-by-step scripts for delivering hypnotic orgasms
  • The ins and outs of the “Instant Arousal Trigger” - which makes girls unbearable horny on command – You’ll learn how to set it up, how to avoid the common newbie mistakes, and how to link it to you (and ONLY you) so no one else can ever fire it off
  • How to use hypnotic roleplays to make your subject desire to do crazy things they've never done before (such as public sex, threesomes, etc.)
  • One of the secret framing techniques I use with the Mindvana girls which allows me to crank things up from 0 to 60 LIGHTNING FAST, even when we barely know each other
  • A secret list of words that have a covert ability to make women ridiculously horny without them having any idea how it’s happening
  • One little curiosity trick I use on my first dates that makes women follow me straight back to my place without any resistance whatsoever
  • The specific roleplay context that turns almost every woman on like crazy, whether she’s a repressed church girl or a staunch man-hating feminist
  • My entire system for troubleshooting every step of the Mindvana process, including what to do when you can’t seem to make your subject have an orgasm
  • The hidden power in the word "surrender" and how you can use this word to blow a woman's mind
  • A woman's take on the famous “shit test” and why giving in to a woman’s demands is one of the worst things you could ever do
  • The modifications you'll need to make when doing Mindvana sessions over webcam
  • The correct mindset you’ll need to have if you want to become a master at giving women hypnotic orgasms
  • Why using “gimmicks” (like magic tricks, poetry, massage, etc.) often backfire when trying to make girls interested in you sexually
  • The best way to practice everything you’ll learn, so you can become an expert as fast as possible
  • How to take away any and all pressure that your subject may feel to have a hypnotic orgasm on command
  • How to prevent subjects from falling asleep during your sessions
  • The cheat codes I use to make women think I’m the most dominant and powerful man they've ever met, even though I'm barely five foot, six inches tall
  • How to install a burning desire for sex... with YOU
  • How to create a pleasure dial in your subject’s mind that allows you to give (and take away) all of the feelings she desperately craves
  • The hidden test that tips you off to when your subject is ready to have a hypnotic orgasm
  • A Mindvana demonstration where I lead a new Mindvana girl through the hypnotic orgasm process over webcam
  • What to do if a girl calls you out for being too dirty or perverted during a session
  • How to activate a girl's submissive programming to make her crave submitting to a more powerful man (YOU!)
  • How guys accidentally create “invisible barriers” that turn women off, and how to prevent this from ever happening to you
  • The story of the time I royally pissed off a porn star (by giving her an orgasm without her permission) and how you can avoid making the same mistake I did
  • Why the concept of a “resistant subject” is mostly BS and how to succeed with even the most challenging subjects
  • All the ins and outs of the “Ice Cream Induction” and how you can use it in multiple contexts (even while texting someone)
  • The only way to "trick" a female’s radar system which can read your mind at any given moment
  • A simple tweak in your mindset that will make it incredibly easy for you to always know exactly what to say and do in your sessions
  • The proper way to tease women in your hypnosis sessions
  • How I use the "mirror technique" to essentially “force” an age regression out of a subject
  • How I increase a girl's sensitivity to my touch and make her crave to be touched by me again and again
  • Why allowing your wife to control and domesticate you is a death sentence for your relationship that will land you in divorce court
  • The reason why I need to incredibly delicate when teaching how to use Mindvana for seduction purposes
  • Three different ways to elicit hypnotic orgasms
  • The shockingly unusual trick I used to make Julia the Russian girl (from my youtube channel) have her first orgasm with me after I had already failed multiple times
  • How I use “cliffhangers” in my hypnotic roleplays to make women crave to see me again
  • One of my secret tips for making girls incredibly horny when I spend time with them
  • Is it possible to make a person under hypnosis do things against their morals and values? Yes, it absolutely is and here's how...
  • One way you can help a woman have her first orgasm, even if she’s never had one before in her entire life
  • The story of how I created my famous viral YouTube series
  • The one piece of catnip that no subject’s subconscious mind can resist
  • What to do when the sensations of pleasure get stuck in one area of your subject’s body
  • One silly thing many guys do that can deflate a girl’s arousal level and ruin their chances of successfully seducing her
  • The #1 reason why “50 Shades of Grey” has an incredibly arousing effect on women and how you can steal the technique the author used and add it to your hypnosis sessions
  • How to use the Mindvana techniques over text chat when you can’t see or hear your subject
  • My little trick that makes women feel super comfortable with you during your very first session together
  • How I use this material to make women all over the world (who I've never met in real life) desire to spend time with me in-person
  • The real secrets of great sex that make women addicted to you (hint: it's not about giving her orgasms)
  • A little trick that makes your re-induction trigger 10X more powerful
  • The devious reason why I want my subjects to CRY and will often encourage this to happen
  • A little trick that makes the “Elman induction” much easier to pull off effectively (most hypnosis teachers do NOT cover this)
  • A step-by-step sequence that near guarantees that your subject will start having hypnotic orgasms as quickly as possible
  • How to make a person's subconscious mind absolutely love you and be willing to do whatever you ask of it
  • One way that men accidentally annoy women (both during hypnosis sessions and in the bedroom) and how to make sure you’re not doing the same
  • The simple secret to always coming off like an expert who never gets rattled or loses their composure
  • How to avoid "state contamination" which can put the kibosh on your ability to make your subject feel incredible pleasure (or have full-body orgasms)
  • A common way that subjects “psyche themselves out” and stop themselves from going into hypnosis, and the 3-step sequence that ensures this will never be an issue for you
  • How to uncover and address potential problems and pitfalls FAST so you avoid wasting time
  • The REAL reason I never use the word “hypnosis” (no, I’m not trying to be sneaky) and why “framing” your sessions in a different way can make them much more effective
  • How to avoid “buyer’s remorse” after a session which near guarantees your subject will ghost you afterwards (even if you gave her full-body orgasms)
  • How to make hypnotic orgasms last as long as you want them to (even for 5 minutes straight!)
  • An under-the-radar, completely undetectable “cult brainwashing technique” that you can incorporate into your sessions for not-so-devious purposes
  • How to easily eliminate all pressure to perform by putting all responsibility in your subject's hands
  • How to start using the Mindvana techniques in your day-to-day life so you can give women a life-changing experience any time, any where
  • And much more...

"Anything else I should know?"

In addition to all of the tactics you'll be learning, you'll also receive a downloadable version of the class manual which contains word-for-word scripts for all of the inductions and techniques.

You'll also receive all of the class exercises, so you'll be able to practice them on your own to speed up your learning.

Just be aware that there will be NO REFUNDS given for this product, so if you're not an existing student, then you might want to start with either Mindvana or Mindvana Lite so you can be introduced to the quality of my work (both products have full money-back guarantees).

And lastly, these videos are available to Platinum Mindvana Members for FREE (along with many of my other products, such as the "Loving Obsession Protocol"), so you might want to consider a Platinum Membership.

"Jay, you’re a rock star teacher and that was a kick ass weekend! Totally real, honest and upfront, while also gentle and encouraging. This two-day workshop really cemented in so much of what I’ve been learning and studying over the past several months. Having just finished your 7-Day Quick Start Course, this was an absolute perfect follow-up. You made the learning easy, amusing, and immediately applicable.

I really appreciate how you are able to break it down into bite size pieces and then put it all back together in a cohesive, easy to duplicate and customizable way. Brilliant.

It was helpful to have the demonstrations as well as the Q&A time, and especially, the practice with each other.  Being both the subject and the hypnotist, in turns, was its own learning experience.

Being the only female in the class had it’s advantages, ego boost, and was also fun. I love to learn from others’ experiences and hearing what did and didn’t work from the other students’ practices was helpful, as well as you’re reflections and insights on those things.

Another quality I thought was valuable, was how well you were able to convey the needs of the whole person (woman) and not just the sexual and sensual. I hope that the men really heard what you had to say about giving more than orgasms, because it’s so true, women don’t need men for that. And if you don’t have more than a di*k, women are going to get bored real quick. You smoothly layered in some of your years of coaching insights. Gems for anyone who truly intends to get what they want.

At the end of the weekend, I had zero doubt about my blooming skills and direction I am headed with this. I feel entirely confident that I will master what you taught (given time and practice). You've laid the path, and all I have to do is walk it.

Thank you! I’m going to go slay now."

- Sarah H., Portland, OR

"I think the workshop is very beneficial whether you're a beginner or advanced student. Sometimes mining for that one gold nugget can make it all worth it if you've been stumbling for a long time.

If you're a beginner, I think Jay's programs provide an excellent foundation for session progression - his Mindvana program is especially excellent to witness it all come together in application. If you're advanced, well... cross-training is extremely valuable and Jay certainly has the experience and unique perspective.

Great explanation of the hypnotic voice! Some people seem to overemphasize it, turning it almost into a film caricature. Jay's explanation really cut away the frills and boiled it down to the essentials which definitely resonated with me.

Some other things that stood out for me about the workshop: Practice partners giving you insight on what to do and what not to do; Pleasure escalation and troubleshooting. It doesn't even necessarily have to be sexual pleasure, you can evoke and intensify ANY emotive response state with the same technique set; PDF notes inclusion which is great for quick referencing.

Probably a lot of other things I'm forgetting. Anyway, I learned a ton so the workshop was definitely worth it for me personally."

- Ming Z., Greenwich, CT