Introducing the "Loving Obsession Protocol" (AKA: The "Soul-Locking Seduction" Protocol)

Learn my entire "bag of sexual tricks" that will have the women you date completely addicted to pleasing you in every way possible.

What is this all about?

When a woman is head-over-heels in love with a man, she becomes a happy, loyal, sexually-insatiable partner who is fully invested in making her man's life better in every way. Bringing a woman to this level of "loving obsession" should be every man's #1 relationship goal.

Unfortunately, the average guy has no idea how to actively create the emotions of love and positive obsession and sustain these emotions for years.

Instead, he'll take his woman's love for granted until, one day, her loving feelings disappear and she "does a full 180," becoming nasty, spiteful, and vindictive. Unless you know exactly how to prevent this, it's a huge disaster just waiting to happen.

The main purpose of this protocol is to teach you how to fulfill a woman's sexual needs in a way that no other man can. And after you start giving her the best sex of her life, she'll start treating you like a king and do her absolute best to make you ecstatically happy, in every way possible. And you can easily keep this going for years on end, rendering yourself essentially "breakup-proof."

This protocol is the perfect complement to my Mindvana Method, which teaches hypnotic tactics and strategies to give women incredibly powerful emotions (along with hypnotic orgasms) BEFORE you have sex with them.

And after you understand the Mindvana techniques, you'll be ready for my "Loving Obsession Protocol" which teaches you the NEXT step:

How to blow a woman’s mind in the bedroom and make her overwhelmingly obsessed with pleasing you in every way possible

On top of this, I’ll also be teaching you what to do OUTSIDE of the bedroom to keep women completely addicted to your presence.

(If you’re not familiar with Mindvana, then you can read all about it here: Learn More About the Mindvana Method)

I'm warning you in advance that this product is NOT for everyone - many people reading this will NOT be allowed to purchase it. (The qualification process is listed down below.)

It’s also my most expensive product, but it’s easily worth at least 10X the investment fee.

I spent over two decades of my life testing out these concepts and strategies, until I figured out how to make them work reliably with 99% of women (of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds). And now you have the opportunity to learn a system that will give you a massive advantage over 99% of men, who have no clue how to give women a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Just consider how amazing your relationships will be when you have an ecstatically happy woman in your life who lives to please you. (And if this protocol ends up protecting you from a potential divorce, you can literally save a small fortune while avoiding the emotional trauma of a painful breakup.)

Who is this for?

  • Men who want to be the best lover a woman’s ever experienced
  • Men who have recently started dating someone (or wants to start dating again)
  • Men who are currently in a long-term relationship and want to make it 100X better.
  • Men who want to learn how to lock a girl down for good and minimize potential relationship problems
  • Men who want TRUE LOYALTY from a woman
  • Men who were cheated on in the past and want to prevent this from ever happening again.
  • Men who want to have a family and minimize the chances of having their marriage destroyed by greedy divorce attorneys
  • Men who want to experience what it’s like to be treated like an actual rock star or celebrity at least once in their lives
  • Men who want massive respect from other men and women (people will take notice of how well your girl treats you in public)
  • Men who want to ensure that sex will always be on tap whenever they desire it, without having to resort to threats or manipulation tactics
  • Men who want to experience a crazy sex life (including threesomes, public sex, bdsm, or anything else you desire) without having to settle for a girl who is emotionally damaged

Will this work for me?

If you do exactly what I will be teaching you, then the system will work for you, even if:

  • You’re unattractive
  • You’re struggling financially
  • You’re short (I’m only 5’6)
  • You’re not in great physical shape
  • You have trouble maintaining an erection
  • You struggle with premature ejaculation
  • You’re worried about the size of your equipment
  • You aren’t sexually experienced
  • You have a boring personality

The ONLY prerequisite is that you’re already sleeping with a girl (or have the ability to take things sexual with a new girl). This protocol does NOT teach you how to pick up women - instead, you'll be learning how to give women the best sex of their lives.

Who should NOT buy this?

If you fall into any of these categories, then the "Loving Obsession Protocol" is NOT for you:

  • Those who haven’t learned the Mindvana Method (or aren’t open to learning it)
  • Those who are squeamish and uptight about sex
  • Sociopaths (and men who want to abusively manipulate and control women)
  • Those who aren’t able to take things sexual with a woman
  • Those who aren’t willing to practice and risk making mistakes as they're learning
  • Those who want to get back with an ex-girlfriend who rejected them (although, if she’s open to sleeping with you again, you can use this protocol to blow her mind and lock her down for good).

Be warned, that you can easily crush a woman's heart if you use these tactics in a malicious way. Not to mention, using all the elements of this protocol on a girl you're not that interested in will, not only result in bad karma, but can very likely turn her into a stalker. This can easily be avoided by using what you're about to learn ethically (and only using the full protocol on women you care about).

Is this product downloadable?

No, it has not been recorded. We’ll be setting up a private 1-on-1 phone call so I can teach you the protocol, personally. You’ll have plenty of time to take notes and ask questions.

Why is this program restricted to Mindvana students only?

There are 3 reasons why this is ONLY available to Mindvana students:

1. Only Mindvana students will have the proper framework to understand some of the techniques I’ll be teaching.

2. The average guy won’t be able to handle some of the concepts I teach. This new protocol is simply too shocking and over-the-top for a regular Joe who hasn’t at least been exposed to the Mindvana Method.

3. You'll be able to use most of these techniques and strategies IMMEDIATELY after learning them. But there are also a few techniques that need to be practiced until you get the hang of them. Mindvana students have already shown a willingness to study and practice, because they understand there's no such thing as a magic pill.

How can I qualify for this?

You’ll need to become a Mindvana student (if you’re not already) by purchasing a Mindvana membership. (NOTE: this protocol is INCLUDED with the "Platinum level"  of Mindvana, so you can choose to purchase a Platinum membership today and receive this protocol as a free gift).

You can become a Mindvana member by selecting your desired membership level at the bottom of this page: BECOME A MINDVANA MEMBER HERE

For existing members:

Silver Members need to have been a member for at least 3 months. (If you're a brand-new student and you want to skip ahead a few months in the program so you can become eligilble for this, sent me a message HERE.)

Gold Members may purchase this protocol immediately.

Platinum Members will receive this protocol as a FREE GIFT. Just send me an email and we’ll set up your call.

If any of these instructions are unclear (or you have additional questions) please send me a message: CONTACT ME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS

Here's what I'll be teaching you...

  • An astonishingly simple way to secure the “#1 lover spot” in a woman’s mind, no matter how many past partners she may have had. (When you’re #1, they NEVER forget you and will frequently reach out for random booty calls, sometimes YEARS after you’ve officially broken up.)
  • The Mindvana-esque “mental enslavement” suggestions that I give to every girl I have sex with. (Due to the current political climate, I was forced to leave them out of my home study programs because they’re WAY TOO DANGEROUS for me to put on video.)
  • The technique I accidentally created during one of my Mindvana sessions (with Kymberly) that coaxed her into falling completely in love with me. (NOTE: She actually caught me using it and complained after the session. But it still worked like gangbusters, regardless!)
  • The absolutely shocking “seDUCKtion secret” (requiring a serving of Duck a l’Orange) that I learned from a medical doctor whose license would immediately be revoked if anyone found out he uses this tactic in his personal life. This secret explains why his dozens of ex-girlfriends constantly reach out to him for booty-call sex, including ones he hasn’t seen in over a decade. Many of these ladies are currently married but still can’t stop thinking about him. (This becomes the norm when you can give women the best sex of their lives.)
  • Why “obsession” trumps love every single time, and how to create an auto-pilot obsession generator that continuously intensifies a woman’s feelings for you with each passing day.
  • How I use the Mindvana Method to make a woman think, feel, and believe that I have the biggest package she’s ever seen or felt inside her. (This trick works like magic whether you’re barely average-sized or even on the small side.)
  • A secret Italian lovemaking technique which lets you have sex for (literally) hours on end, while exerting almost zero physical effort. (This comes in handy when you want to make a woman sexually addicted to you. And it requires so little energy that an 80-year-old man with a heart condition can easily pull it off.)
  • The “unorthodox” technique I learned from an Orthodox (and extremely unattractive) Jewish man, that compels a woman to see you as a rock star, even if you’re ugly, bald, talentless, and don’t deserve a lick of her attention!
  • The “Genghis Khan-inspired tactic” that uses the emotions of “hate” and “disgust” to activate a woman’s buried primal bonding mechanism which forces her to pledge her sexual servitude to an “aggressive” lover. (Warning for “nice guys”: This one is shocking and will make you extremely uncomfortable. But not using it will ensure that you keep “finishing last” with women, forever.)
  • The simple “escalation ladder” that you can use to make a shy virgin achieve “porn star levels of kinkiness” and fulfil your wildest sexual fantasies. (Virtually no one ever does this, much less understands HOW to do it. But it’s the easiest way to “train” even the most inexperienced girl to fulfill all of your sexual desires.
  • A “nuclear option” for sucking up all of your girl’s attention and focus as she convinces herself that you’re the most important person in her entire life.
  • How to avoid one of the biggest relationship mistakes that almost all men make (including those who are rich and famous), by taking a series of small, weekly steps to inoculate yourself from this destructive quirk of the female mind. And the worst part is, the more you care about your girl, the more LIKELY you are to make this fatal error. (This mistake killed my 8-year relationship dead. Please take this opportunity to learn from my screw-ups so you can avoid a similar fate.)
  • The counter-intuitive technique I learned from a legitimate Tantric sex master (who’s slept with hundreds of women and has a harem of girls who live to please him), that even a team of sexual research scientists would never figure out. (This one is extremely easy to understand and begin using, yet complicated to master. But it’s one of the secrets that will cement your status as the best lover a woman has ever had.)
  • How to activate every woman’s dormant (but God-given) ability to have powerful vaginal orgasms, even if she’s never experienced even a single lowly clitoral orgasm in her entire life.
  • My no-fail recipe for beating out men who are much taller, wealthier, and better looking than I am. (Once you start using these strategies, you’ll have ZERO competition and will never have to worry about being cheated on.)
  • My undetectable conversational anchoring technique that I learned from an incredibly annoying and downright goofy (yet highly skilled) NLP trainer, which lets you create mini-triggers for a woman’s most desired emotions, put them on a “remote control,” and then activate them whenever you wish, just by saying one simple word. (And the best part? Unlike how I teach this in Mindvana, this version doesn’t require any hypnosis - the entire process is conversational and completely undetectable.)
  • The one female (not-so-hidden) fantasy that most guys are terrified of tapping into. (This is one of the cornerstones of making a woman completely obsessed with having you in her life. It’s also a surefire way to “flip the script” and have a woman working for your affection and approval.)
  • The one mistake at least 50% of men make AFTER having sex, that destroys a woman’s desire to ever see them again.
  • The REAL reason most guys feel nervous in the bedroom, and what you need to do to eliminate your nerves instantly. (By not using this, you risk letting performance jitters move all your blood to your head and away from the area that needs it most. This approach teaches you exactly what to do in this situation to stop it from ever becoming a problem for you.)
  • The technique I learned from a grade-A player (and clinical sociopath) about making women completely obsessed with you and willing to do anything you ask. (I had to modify this one so that a non-sociopath could pull it off without feeling like a garbage human being.)
  • A simple 3-step technique that allows you to last as long as you want in the bedroom. (This teaches how to lower your arousal level so you can keep up the same pace without having to stop and rest.)
  • How to completely shift the unspoken “sexual power dynamic” in all of your relationships, so girls consistently harass and beg you for sex on a daily basis. (And while this may seem like every guy’s fantasy, when a woman is this obsessed with sex it can become EXHAUSTING for you, so be careful with this one.)
  • A sneaky way of using hypnosis to make up for any perceived physical shortcomings you may have (e.g., height, age, bodyfat, penis size, etc.).
  • The sexual technique I use when NOT having sex, which gives me unlimited energy, amazing creativity, and tons of raw sexual power that women can palpably feel (and get turned on by) whenever they’re in my presence. (This is something that can’t be measured, or even scientifically explained, but as soon as you experience it for yourself, you’ll be a true believer.)
  • The “animal training process” I walk women through that makes Cesar Milan seem like a clueless hack in comparison.
  • How porn is preventing you from being the lover that every woman craves . (I’m not the anti-porn morality police, but if you want to be a sex god, then it’s incredibly dangerous to watch porn on a consistent basis. I’ll teach you how to avoid the debilitating side-effects and what you should be doing instead.)
  • The eye contact trick used by the world’s most dominant leaders and warriors that activates a woman’s innate need to completely submit to a man.
  • How to easily give a woman every "type" of sex in just ONE sex session. (This is something 99% of women have never experienced before but near-guarantees that your girl will be bragging about you to all of her girlfriends and anyone else who will listen.)
  • A simple conversational approach that leads a woman to believe you’re her star-crossed soulmate. (Never underestimate the female desire to have a “fated connection.” This technique will show you how to make this an absolute reality in her mind.)
  • How to ensure that a woman truly believes that sex with you makes her life better in every way possible, and that losing you would be dreadfully and unbearably painful (and not worth the risk).
  • The physiological trick you need to do IMMEDIATELY AFTER sex that ensures your woman bonds to you on a very deep level. (This one takes less than 10 minutes and hijacks her body’s natural bonding mechanism to ensure she bonds to YOU and you ONLY.)
  • An extremely risky (but ethical) technique that maybe .0001 of men have the balls to pull off. Yet, it’s the fastest way I know of to make a woman dream of spending the rest of her life by your side. (This one will also have her dreaming up new ways to please you on a daily basis.)
  • The only 2 sex toys you’ll ever need. (Hint: One of them is as hard as a rock; the other is incredibly soft and squishy. And you’ve probably never heard of either of them.)
  • The surprisingly simple technique that I learned at a convention in LA (from an actual male porn star and retired gigolo), that helps you keep a woman present and immersed in every sexual act you unleash upon her.
  • How I combine Mindvana with "real" sex. (My students have been asking me to teach this for months now - I’ll finally be explaining how you can hypnotize a girl during sex in a completely covert way to bypass any and all resistance on her part. She’ll never see this one coming but she’ll thank you for it later.)
  • A detailed explanation of how to use your fingers that, not only gives her incredible pleasure, but opens up a woman's latent ability to feel even MORE pleasure in future sex sessions.
  • How I continue to have “sex” with girls over the phone while making it feel almost as good as the real thing. (NOTE: This skill is MANDATORY if you decide to get into a long-distance relationship, since you’ll be able to keep your girl’s passion for you at a blazing level of intensity!)
  • An admittingly sneaky (but very clever) trick that ensures every girl you sleep with has (at least) one orgasm during intercourse. It’s definitely considered “cheating” but a woman’s body doesn’t know the difference, and you’ll get to reap all the benefits. (Yes, I teach one version of this in Mindvana. But this is a different application that doesn’t require any hypnosis whatsoever. In fact, it works without you having to utter a single word.)
  • The funny-looking, downright peculiar sexual position (which requires a yoga mat) that will cement your status as a sex god in her eyes while making her feel submissive and “subservient” to her one true king. (That’s you!)
  • The incredibly sneaky (but completely ethical) trick I learned from a much-hated hypnotist, that leads a woman to see a compelling future with you and only you. (This one is invaluable if you’re ready to give up the player lifestyle and create a deeply fulfilling long-term relationship).
  • Another ballsy (and extremely counter-intuitive) technique involving a woman’s tears that only .0001 of men have ever attempted to pull off (or even have the stones to attempt), but it’s one that all women enjoy, since it compels them to accept that they’re absolutely, irrevocably in love with you.
  • How I use my cell phone to remotely administer a drug-like cocktail of emotions that keeps a girl completely hooked on my unique concoction of sexual medicine. (Just like with actual medicine, keeping your girl in a blissed-out state requires administering a frequent dose of “love chemicals” at just the right times and in just the right amounts. My secret recipe spells it all out for you.)
  • A completely offensive secret about female psychology that absolutely horrifies the feminists and how using this secret ensures the deepest levels of female “enslavement.” (This is yet another technique that would get me banned from the interwebs if I ever taught it publicly.)
  • The “2 to 1” rule that MUST be incorporated into your relationships if you want to ensure your woman’s love grows stronger over time. (Most guys have this ratio backwards, which ends up slowly erasing every drop of love your woman's ever felt for you!)
  • How to use one simple phrase to make your girl immediately drop to her knees and feel an overwhelming and irresistible desire to service you.
  • The real reason I refer to this as my “SOUL-LOCKING PROTOCOL” and how to bring a woman to a level of loving obsession where she happily “enslaves herself” and enjoys every minute of it.
  • Contrary to what all the “sex experts” will tell you, it’s possible to remove cervical pain during intercourse and make the cervix sensitive to pleasurable touch. (This allows you to be as rough as you want to be in nearly any position, without having to worry about causing your girl any pain. And then you can stimulate her cervix to give her a powerful new type of orgasm she's never had before.) Yes, there’s a method to making this happen and I will teach you exactly how.
  • The RIGHT way to fulfill your girl’s innate craving for love and romance without risking her seeing you as just another lame “nice guy” or simp. (Most guys do romance all wrong, and waste a ton of money in the process. This principle alone will easily save you THOUSANDS of dollars over the next few years.)
  • The dangerous game you can play with a woman’s fertility cycle to cement your status as the only man she can’t stop thinking about. (After you learn this one, you’ll fully understand why I have a screening process and don’t want to put any of these tactics on video.)
  • The safe, tame versions of the enslavement techniques that pimps use on their hoes. (These modified techniques work just as well to make a woman sexually addicted to your presence.)
  • A step-by-step blueprint for making any woman realize you’re the best she’s ever had, the very first time you sleep with her. (Due to changes in the modern dating landscape, if you screw up your first sexual encounter with a woman nowadays, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a second chance to make up for it.)
  • How to use the unusual combination of “loving fierceness” to make a woman feel “skewered” by your energy. And by “skewered,” I’m referring to the unique feeling of being "emotional penetrated" by a man who “uses” a woman for his pleasure. (Contrary to what the rest of society has been tricked in believing, being “used” in the RIGHT way makes every female feel like the happiest girl in the world.)

(Please make sure that you meet the requirements before purchasing this protocol. If we determine that you do not qualify, your payment will be promptly refunded.)

Only $1995

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