Obtain Love, Loyalty, and Ride-Or-Die Devotion With My Step-By-Step System for Becoming "Breakup-Proof" for a Lifetime

Learn How to Satisfy a Woman's Deepest Subconscious Cravings and Completely Obliterate Your Competition

(and YES, Mindvana works just as well when video chatting)


Jay here…

Ever wonder why some men are absolutely WORSHIPED by the women in their lives?

Or what compels a woman to offer up a lifetime of love and devotion to her man?

What if I told you there's a "secret switch" that makes women loving, loyal, and eager to please you, both in and out of the bedroom?

When you flip this switch, you'll be protecting yourself from the #1 DESTROYER of romantic relationships - a SILENT KILLER responsible for nearly 600,000 annual divorces in the U.S. alone.

Scary, I know. I'll explain more in a bit, but don’t worry... you’ll soon be immune to all this.

Stick with me, because I'm going to show you exactly how to:

  • Obtain total loyalty and devotion from the women you desire
  • Induce a state of overwhelming sexual arousal on command
  • Turn a shy, inexperienced girl into a raging nympho who lives to please you
  • Eliminate nagging, whining, and disrespectful female behavior
  • Become “breakup-proof” and enjoy true relationship security

I’ve never shared this story before. It’s wild, uncensored, and extremely embarrassing. Quite frankly, it’ll probably make you nauseous.

But you NEED to know this...

So strap in… I’m about to blow your mind.

What Are Women Saying About The Mindvana Method?

Hey Jay,

I have been following you for a while. I am a female so I feel like I can say this...

You are a f-ing genius.

If guys thought for a second about WHY 50 Shades of Grey was so popular, they would understand the power in what you're doing.

Anyway, that is all. Carry on 😉

San Francisco, CA

How I Finally Solved The #1 Problem Men Have With Women

Let me ask you…

Have you ever had a woman crush your heart and vanish out of your life? And no matter what you did, she stayed icy-cold and REFUSED to give you another chance?

I’ve experienced this heartbreaking loss more times than I can count. The worst one happened when I was 19 and battling a severe illness. (I wasn’t sure if I would live or die.) And in the middle of my fight, my first love dumped me for someone else.

I felt like someone ground up my insides and set them on fire. I was heartbroken and confused. Worst of all, I felt absolutely worthless.

I didn’t even care about my health anymore. I just desperately wanted her back! But all my attempts to patch things up just pushed her further away.

When I finally gave up hope, the depression hit me HARD. I got sucked deep into the darkness and almost didn’t make it out.

But then something SNAPPED inside me...

A surge of anger shook me out of my self-pity and forced me to make a promise to myselfa “blood oath,” if you will.

If I survived, I would do everything in my power to become a stronger, wiser and more attractive man... and eventually find an amazing woman who would never leave my side.

That promise set me on the path to becoming the BEST version of myself possible. I jumped in headfirst and studied everything I could about psychology, self-help, and dating dynamics. I had to sift through A LOT of useless information and false promises... but I eventually learned tools that completely transformed the way I move through the world - tools I can't imagine living without.

I eventually found my life’s purpose as a dating coach and hypnotist - helping others overcome the same crippling challenges that almost destroyed me. Years later, I wrote my first book “Get Your Girl Back” and soon became known as the world’s top breakup coach – I was honored to have clients all over the world who counted on my support and guidance.

And Along the Way, I Realized That Men Are Facing A Massive Problem!

I realized that the biggest problem men face in their relationships is RETENTION – a.k.a. keeping a woman happy, loving, and loyal for a lifetime.

Almost every man struggles with this, ESPECIALLY the “pickup artists.” These guys are pretty darn good at seducing women, but GOD-AWFUL at retaining their loyalty and commitment. (I’m friends with many of them, so I hear all the inside dirt.)

The pickup lifestyle may seem desirable on the surface, but most guys prefer having the love and devotion of ONE amazing woman. They want to be treated like GOLD while knowing there’s NOTHING that would break their bond - not fights, hardships, illnesses, nothing at all!

If a relationship isn’t likely to last, then why bother? A breakup is a devastating experience which can cost a small fortune (when marriage is involved).

Well, I hate to break it you, but here’s the cold, harsh truth

You’re Practically Guaranteed to Experience a Heart-Wrenching Breakup In The Near Future

In the past, a man could easily expect to find a good woman to start a family with. He could also expect her to be loyal and supportive for his entire lifetime (with some exceptions, of course).

But things have changed

A new problem has been creeping up on us… a problem that destroys THOUSANDS of relationships every year.


Sadly, women in 2019 have extremely low boredom thresholds. And when they get bored in their relationships, they walk right out the door - GONE FOREVER.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is a MAJOR crisis. Marital discontent has skyrocketed. Divorces have shot up through the roof. Many women are flat-out ditching monogamy in favor of shallow flings and random hookups.

It’s BAD out there.

But in spite of these changes, men still want what they’ve ALWAYS wanted: fierce loyalty and loving devotion from a quality woman.

"My Brazilian beauty told me I have a power over her."

Jay, great news. Last night my Brazilian beauty told me that I have a power over her. That I am getting her to do things she never has done, things she never dreamed of. That her friends wouldn’t believe it. That she can’t believe how much she enjoyed being tied to the bed and blindfolded as we had sex.

The crazy thing? It was all done using Mindvana over texts. Her repeated orgasms, the S&M (used your 50 shades model you taught me), everything. WTF Jay?”

Jim P.
Dallas, TX

But In 2019, Your Odds of Obtaining Female Loyalty and Devotion Are Less Than 20%

Think I’m exaggerating? Here are the FACTS:

The average woman has DOZENS of thirsty men chasing her (thanks to dating apps and social media). She can order up sex like ordering a pizza and easily rack up many new sexual partners each year.

The more attractive girls use Instagram to have casual hookups with “internet celebrities” (like YouTube stars).

The girls get treated like sex toys and often fall head-over-heels in love. But then get CRUSHED when they’re tossed into the discard pile.

Women are becoming emotionally damaged by this behavior.

Girls who get used and cast aside by “alpha males” often turn into serial cheaters, cheating on their future boyfriends left and right. (I get propositioned by women like this and many are married.)

These innocent-looking ladies have more sexual experience than you could rack up in ten lifetimes. And as you’re wining and dining your date like a perfect gentleman, she’s fantasizing about the musician she had a threesome with.

So my question for you is…

"How do you plan on competing against all the other men these women have access to?"

You’re going toe-to-toe with guys who are...

  • Taller than you
  • Wealthier than you
  • Better looking than you
  • More muscular than you
  • More well-endowed than you

Let’s face it… most guys have NO CHANCE of keeping a woman happy and loyal for the long-term.

Even celebrities and billionaires get crushed by the women they love. This means that average guys like us are doomed to be demolished, unless they take the steps I’m about to reveal.

So please stay with me because I’m going to hand you the solution to all of this. You’re going to learn how to dominate the competition, once and for all.

But first, you need to know what you're up against.

For instance, there’s ANOTHER monster problem heading your way…

"Sugar Baby Culture" Is Destroying Modern Dating

This is my friend Nathalie, who is NOT a sugar baby. But many girls who look like this are selling their bodies for cash.

In 2019, many attractive girls are signing up for the “sugar baby” lifestyle (aka: selling their bodies to wealthy men). This phenomenon is already huge in big cities and spreading fast. (Some of these girls are still in high school!)

It’s quite possible that the cute girl living next door to you is selling sex for gifts and cash. (What’s crazy is that some of these girls come from wealthy families and don’t even NEED the money… they do it for validation and bragging rights.)

I know many of these girls personally, since quite a few are amateur models (I’m a photographer on the side and occasionally date some of the girls I shoot). I also know a few men on the “Sugar Daddy Dating Circuit,” so I hear stories from both sides.

One 20-year-old model I know got $50,000 from a guy without even sleeping with him! Absolutely ridiculous!

But it's not just the sugar babies who are out of control...

Women today are spoiled rotten and expect the world from the guys they’re dating. And they have no problem withholding sex and commitment from good men, while quickly hopping into bed with jerks and douchebags.

Yes, not all women are like this, but the unicorns are getting harder and harder to find. And even if you hit the jackpot and stumble across an innocent, virgin church girl… how are you going to stop the boredom virus from infecting her, too?

(And what about all the guys constantly messaging her on social media? Yeah, it's ROUGH out there.)

(These are some of the CRAZIER parts of Mindvana. Definitely NSFW).

I Hate To Break It To You, But Most Men Have Only Two Options (And They're Both Awful)

  • Option 1: Traditional marriage (and eventually get destroyed in divorce court)
  • Option 2: Avoid women altogether (and stay celibate and miserable)

I don’t know about you, but both of these scared me to death!

If I chose option #1, I’d always wonder if I measured up to my wife’s old lovers. Plus, I’d be terrified of being replaced with a better option.

And the second option isn’t any better – giving up on love and sex GUARANTEES you a life of misery.

Thinking about all this CRUSHED my hopes of ever being happy.

I rarely share this, but I suffered from low self-esteem and massive social anxiety for most of my life - I never felt like I was good enough to keep an amazing woman around.

Look, I’m super short for a guy (5’6) and rather average looking. I’m certainly not tall, rich, handsome, jacked, or famous.

But I refused to give up and wallow in self-pity. Instead, I decided to learn everything I could about self-help and hopefully transform myself from the inside out.

Along the way, I stumbled onto something incredibly strange that would end up changing my entire life: a community of “pick up artists” who claimed to know the secrets of seducing beautiful women.

"If you want to absolutely dominate in the area of erotic hypnosis, this course will get you there."

A full half of the women I have worked with in "Mindvana" (Woman #17 and I start the work tomorrow) have made comments ranging from falling in love with me, to wanting to be my sexual slave! Talk about feeling powerful! Some of them bring me their sisters or girlfriends! I have been practicing hypnosis for quite awhile. I have taken other courses. But, none of those courses is anywhere near as complete as "Mindvana."

Let me share a couple of the WHY answers.

Jay does not sugar coat it.

1) Jay shares the process RAW. He does not leave the "failures" on the cutting room floor. Then, he gives you the tools to turn it into a raging success. ALL of the other courses of this nature I have taken have focused on ONE girl and that girl was not a first timer. This is the course that will take you from a total novice, to a skilled and competent erotic hypnotist. The other course will of course walk you through it from the induction, but, if you are not a hypnotist with some level of competence already, you will miss more than half the course.

2) Jay's setup is not a true indication of the power of this "Mindvana method" because the women he works with have NO IDEA what is going to happen to them. They come into it fresh and raw. Meaning, they do not know him, they do not know the process is hypnotic. One caught the hypnosis angle, but was not put off. When you do this with your partner, or a woman who is informed, things move right along, trust me!

3) Jay has anticipated each and every need a student will have and he also seems to have covered everything you might run into that could foul you up, or slow you down. I WILL find whatever it is you failed to teach us in the course Jay. Folks, don't hold your breath.

Before taking the "Mindvana" course, I got women into orgasm hypnotically, but it took a lot of work and I could never make them stay there. I had to constantly patter to keep them in state. The women I have used the "Mindvana" method with? I think I could trigger them to orgasm and go on vacation for a week and when I came back, they would still be writhing on the couch, thrashing, moaning and orgasming insanely! That is no BS folks!

As to the rest of the effects of "Mindvana"? Holy shit! I have one woman who came into it with angry red marks on her face from skin problems. 5 sessions and 2 weeks later, her skin was clear and smooth! Daddy issues? Mommy issues? Cleared permanently for the woman. They report a complete change of attitude, perspective and in fact life itself. You can feel their energy changing as you work through the process, and so can they.

I am a hypnotist. I have been for quite awhile. If you want to absolutely dominate in the area of erotic hypnosis, this course will get you there, from any starting point, quickly and powerfully. If you are foolish enough to think that ANY of this is fake or the women in the video's are "pretending," reach out to me. I will let you talk person to person with women who I have walked through this so far and then we will talk about it.

Put on your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside "Mindvana" at all times, it is a WILD ride for everybody.

Marcus Bash
Scottsdale, AZ

This Secret Community of Social Misfits Changed My Life

When I discovered this growing movement back in 1997, it still in its early stages. I jumped in headfirst, DESPERATE to find a way to fix my dating problems.

I then spent YEARS in the trenches, learning everything I could about women, dating dynamics, and becoming a more attractive man. Long story short, after dozens of failed relationships and TWO DECADES of pain and struggle...

I finally solved the #1 PROBLEM men have with women.

Here’s how I did it…

I began taking workshop after workshop while studying with every pickup coach I could find. I also learned everything I could about self-help techniques, so I could fix my lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Once I finished working through my biggest issues, I began offering help to others facing similar challenges.

This eventually grew into a full–fledged coaching practice that now allows me to deliver life-changing results to clients all over the world (I don’t say this to brag, but when you're working with high-end clients who expect QUICK results, you're forced to master your craft or starve to death.)

Along the way, I eventually discovered hypnosis and started training with the best hypnotists all over the world.

Hypnosis Became My Secret Weapon

I eventually realized how powerful hypnosis is once I started using it in my romantic relationships. I’d help my girlfriends heal their emotional issues, increase their confidence, and overcome their biggest challenges. It felt great to have such a HUGE IMPACT on their lives.

But then I discovered something else which completely blew my mind...

After a ridiculous amount of trial and error, I learned how to give women “hypnotic orgasms.” These are REAL ORGASMS triggered solely on command, without any physical stimulation. (Everyone assumes they’re fake, but I assure you they’re 100% real.)

After learning this technique, I finally had a way to deliver an experience that less than 1% of men are capable of.

I felt like a total ROCK STAR.

I started showing them off in my Youtube videos and soon had guys all over the world begging me to teach them. That’s when I started offering live trainings and released a home study course for the guys who couldn’t make it to a workshop.

But now it's time to reveal something I've NEVER shared before... something NOBODY realizes about this technique...


Here's The Shocking, Never-Before-Revealed Truth About "Hypnotic Orgasms"

Hypnotic orgasms are NOT the Holy Grail!

I bet you weren't expecting that - especially not from the guy who helped make them famous. But here’s the thing…

Even as a master-level hypnotist, there were many times when I just couldn’t get a woman to experience a hypnotic orgasm. I’d try everything in my bag of tricks, but would still come up short.

This is because some women need a LOT of practice before they can unlock this ability (it’s kind of like learning to ride a bike). Sometimes, I didn’t have enough time to spend, or the girl wasn't willing to put in the effort.

But there was an even BIGGER problem…

I Was Making A Huge Mistake And Losing Great Girls Because Of It

Even when I was consistently giving a woman hypnotic orgasms, it didn’t always increase her attraction for me. In fact, many girls would just say “thanks” and disappear out of my life completely.

You have no idea how much this pissed me off!

I spent years learning to become a vibrator with feet, thinking this was enough to have women fall in love and never leave. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

But when I gave it some more thought, everything finally clicked.

Yes, orgasms are important… but a woman can give herself orgasms whenever she wants. She doesn’t need any help.

So I started thinking BEYOND orgasms...

Ultimately, I wanted nothing less than ABSOLUTE LOVE, LOYALTY, and DEVOTION from my girlfriends. I knew other guys were getting treated this way, so there had to be a process for making it happen.

So I asked myself, “What do SUCCESSFUL ALPHA MALES offer women that other men just can’t provide?”

And then it finally dawned on me…

I realized that every woman needs 3 THINGS to feel absolutely satisfied in a relationship. I call them the BIG THREE:

Give a Woman These 3 Things and She'll Worship You Forever

  • 1

    She needs to be with a man who displays “alpha behaviors.”

    This does not mean he needs to be an actual “alpha male.” BIG difference.

  • 2

    She needs to feel beautiful, special, and DESIRED by her man.

    But the average male behavior (buying gifts, saying "I love you," etc.) does NOT make a woman feel special and desired. In fact, these things will often OBLITERATE her attraction for a man.

  • 3

    She needs to be “sexually dominated” in the bedroom.

    This one is EXTREMELY important but very few men do it properly.

Ever wonder why “50 Shades of Grey” (a horribly written erotic novel) was such a huge phenomenon? (It wasn’t because of the handcuffs or the “Red Room of Pain.”) Dominant sex, in general, has a powerful effect on women and can bond them very deeply to you. This is why so many women pine after abusive men who give them mind-blowing sexual experiences.

But even THIS isn’t enough…

Great sex will keep them hooked for a while... but things will eventually fizzle out.

You’ll have the same problem if you act like the ultimate alpha male, but forget to mix in some of #2. This is an issue for guys who try to learn “game” on the internet - they become so afraid of acting “beta” that they go too far in the other direction.

Look, I think it’s fantastic that anyone can learn how to act more “alpha” by reading a few articles - this information completely changed my life.

But if you want to keep your woman loving and loyal for a lifetime, you’ll need to give her the BIG THREE in the correct amounts. And that’s because she needs a balanced mixture of intense emotions before she’ll fall head-over-heels in love with you.

Think about it… When you make her feel sexy and desirable, she gets to feel EMOTIONS. When you make her feel safe and protected, EMOTIONS. Mind-blowing sex… yes, more POWERFUL EMOTIONS.

"I thought Jay was a fraud selling snake oil."

Jay in all honesty when I first saw you on youtube I thought you were a fraud and charlatan selling snake oil to the masses. I couldn't believe any of what you were showing could be real. But I just wanted to tell you that I finally got the orgasm technique working! I didn't understand what I was doing wrong at first but your tips really helped.

But now I feel a bit weird because the girl that keeps coming to me for more orgasms is only 19 (I'm 55). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Just find it unusual, is all. But I'm happy I gave you a shot because this stuff actually works!

Mark W.
London, UK

This Is The "Secret Key" That Unlocks A Woman's Undying Devotion

Women value their emotions above all else. And the smartest men know that women need a FULL RANGE of emotions (yes, NEGATIVE emotions, too!). If you only give her positive emotions, she’ll eventually get bored and her attraction for you will fade.

Simply put, whoever gives a woman the emotions she craves will get the VERY BEST she has to offer. If this is YOU, she’ll happily crawl over broken glass to make you happy.

"So… how do we do this, exactly?"

Easy. We’ll use the most effective method for giving a woman the emotions she craves, consistently and without fail...

It's HYPNOSIS, hands down.

My famous video "How To Hypnotize With Your Phone" was #1 on 9GAG.tv for 2 days and immediately went viral.


It might be more accurate to say “hypnotic principles.” Let me explain…

If you’ve seen my infamous YouTube videos where I pretend to “control” a girl using my cellphone, then you already understand this concept.

With hypnosis, we can help a woman access ANY emotional state and then attach it to a “trigger” (a word, sound, touch, or anything else we want).

There’s nothing strange about this - it happens all the time in everyday life. For instance, phobias are created when a negative emotion gets linked to a stimulus (ex: you experience airplane turbulence and suddenly develop a fear of flying).

Now the idea here is to create triggers for positive feelings, so you can fire them off any time you want.

And once you do this…

You Will Literally Have a Remote Control for Your Girl's Emotions

This is exactly what I was hinting at in my YouTube videos - but almost everyone missed it (or couldn’t believe that it's possible).

But not only is this 100% real, I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it, step-by-step.

Can you guess what I'm whispering in her ear?

Imagine this….

You pull your girl close and speak a few words into her ear.

INSTANTLY, a rush of soothing warmth floods her chest, as her cheeks spread out into a warm smile.

She looks at you with sparkling, puppy dog eyes and says, “Thank you, baby.”

You whisper another short phrase. She tenses up and gets VERY quiet

Gazing up at you with shy eyes, she gasps…

“I’m so horny for you right now.”

Yes, this is 100% possible and EASY to do when you know how. And it sure beats buying expensive gifts or acting “alpha” every second of the day.

I’ll admit, after learning these skills, I’ve gotten incredibly lazy. I don’t need to do anything special to give women what they crave (powerful emotions!), repeatedly and consistently.

Once you know how to do this, you’ll be head and shoulders above 99.9% of other men. But this is still just the tip of the iceberg…

What if you had the power to:

  • Deliver total relaxation and peace on command - wipe away your girl’s stress as easy as waving a magic wand.
  • Give her powerful full-body orgasms without even touching her - orgasms so intense, she’ll tremble like she was struck by lightning.
  • Lead her through mental fantasies so vividly real and erotic, that she begs to experience them in the real world – with YOU.
  • And because you’re satisfying her completely, all she wants to do is please you and make you smile. Your happiness becomes HER happiness (the way it should be).

All of this is EASY when you know how to wield hypnotic influence.

And there’s nothing weird about hypnosis even though it’s gotten a bad rap (thanks to Hollywood). It’s just a way of using words to influence the thoughts and feelings of another person. Plus, it’s happening all around us, whether we notice it or not. For example...

  • Movies...
  • Books...
  • Music...
  • Religious sermons by charismatic Sunday morning preachers...


These are all examples of hypnotic principles in action. But there’s one misconception that always freaks people out, so let me clear this up right now…

Most people assume that hypnosis allows you to “control” someone against their will. And before I worked through my neediness and insecurities, part of me hoped this was true.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I spent a long time trying to find out if this was possible.

But after many years in the trenches, I realized that you simply can’t use hypnosis to manipulate someone against their will. It requires cooperation and consent from start to finish.


After lots of experimentation, I was able to create an ETHICAL hypnotic persuasion system that makes the women in my life DESIRE to do whatever I ask of them.

ZERO manipulation required.

I've been enjoying the results of this system for a few years now but I was hesitant to release it due to 2 big problems:

Problem #1: It was very complicated. I wasn't sure that I could teach it to beginner hypnotists.

Problem #2: It required lots of conditioning. I didn't know if it would work on women who didn't have lots of experience being hypnotized.

I was able to solve the first issue by simplifying everything and creating a step-by-step system that anyone could learn.

But it still had to pass one final test - it needed to work with total strangers who had no idea what to expect.

I Ran A Little Experiment... And These Girls Were Losing Their Minds!

So here’s how I tested it…

I reached out to some models who agreed to be videotaped for an upcoming product on relationship enhancement. (I'm a photographer on the side so I have access to lots of beautiful women.)

I explained that I'd be walking them through a guided visualization process while pretending to be their boyfriend. I didn’t mention anything about hypnosis and kept the details a secret.

After quick chat, I would take them through my new, updated sequence (including “hypnotic sexual experiences” with me as their lover).

And then, some interesting things started to happen...

The Girls Flat-Out Asked Me To Sleep With Them!

I chose some very sexy girls for this project.


All of the girls experienced overwhelming sexual arousal - one had to run to the bathroom to remove her soaked underwear.

I made one girl so insanely turned on, that she started moaning in complete ecstasy as I lightly kissed her cheek. (She nearly had an orgasm from that slight physical contact, alone.)

Many said that our "pretend sex" was some of the best sex they ever had.

Some of them tried persuading me to have ACTUAL sex, right then and there. (A few of the bolder ones started kissing me while the camera was still rolling.)

Experiences like these typically only happen to professional athletes and other celebrities - not to average guys like you and me.

But my system is a GAME CHANGER. And I'm going to teach you how to get the exact same results I just described.


INTRODUCING THE MINDVANA METHOD – A Step-By-Step Sequence for Sexually Satisfying a Woman’s Subconscious Cravings

So let me quickly break down how everything will work. There are 3 main “pillars” to my approach….

Pillar #1: Deep Relaxation & Bliss

In this stage, you’ll learn how to relax a woman completely from head to toe. All of her stress will magically vanish and she’ll feel like she’s floating on a cloud of air. You’ll also be able to bring her right back to this peaceful state with a snap of your fingers.

Pillar #2: Feeling Sexy & Desired

Every woman loves to feel beautiful and sexy. When you can make her feel this good about herself, her inhibitions melt away and her desire to please you shoots through the roof.


Pillar #3: Mind-Blowing "Mental Sex"

Finally, you’ll be walking her though vivid hallucinations of toe-curling, sheet-ripping sex – complete with multiple hypnotic orgasms that will have her shaking uncontrollably and gasping for breath.

I'll also be sharing all of my "Ninja-Level" hypnotic techniques" such as...

  • Creating INSTANT AROUSAL by shifting the tone of your voice
  • Generating mind-blowing levels of sexual desire using hypnotic dirty talk
  • Implanting “thought viruses” which compel your woman to fantasize about you all day long
  • And much, much more...

Remember: sex is the glue that holds a relationship together. If your woman is not in LUST with you, then she won’t be in LOVE with you.

And since sex for a woman is 90% mental, ravishing her mind in this way will lead to incredible sexual experiences - you will literally become a SEX GOD in her eyes.

And I don’t care how bad your bedroom technique is or what other insecurities you have. The Mindvana Method makes all of this obsolete.

In other words, you can feel absolutely secure in the fact that you're completely satisfying your woman. And once you're doing this consistently, she'll be so happy and grateful that all she’ll want to do is please you in return.

Are You Ready To Obtain Absolute Loyalty And Devotion From The Women You Desire?

If so, here are just some of the things you’ll be learning…

  • How to unleash the primal triggers of raw female sexual desire and turn any woman into your willing sex toy.
  • The little-known billion-dollar industry that captivates women’s minds with pieces of paper (and how to ethically steal their strategies).
  • The MOST IMPORTANT sexual technique that you ABSOLUTELY MUST use if you want your woman to stay in love with you for a lifetime.
  • How to make a woman's body SO INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE that it'll take less than 30 seconds of intercourse to bring her to orgasm (you'll never wonder if you're satisfying her ever again).
  • Eliminate all paranoia about the way you look, the money you earn, and how “alpha” you are.
  • Wipe out all nagging, whining, and disrespectful behavior by flooding your girl with “happy hormones” that turn her into a bubbly little sweetheart.
  • Experience total respect and TRUE RELATIONSHIP SECURITY. Watch your girl laugh in the face of any man who dares to flirt with her.
  • Use this 15 second technique to direct your girl to fantasize about you whenever you’re apart.
  • Effortlessly coax sexual pleasure from a woman’s body like a master pianist performing a symphony.
  • Create a "universal remote control” for a woman's emotions that switches off bad moods and opens up pathways of ecstasy and bliss.
  • Crank up the intensity of her orgasms to dizzying new heights (after this, she'll toss all her sex toys in the garbage).
  • Feel secure and confident in the bedroom, while knowing you’re the best lover your girl has ever had. (She’ll know it, too!)
  • How to use mind-blowing sex as a master key for unlocking a woman’s deep, undying love for you. (Use this to make a new girl develop feelings for you or to make your current partner fall even deeper in love.)
  • Snicker to yourself as you notice your partner's friends staring you up and down like a slab of meat. (Your girl will be bragging about your sexual magic to anyone in earshot!)
  • Watch your girlfriend become “low-maintenance” and easy to please, saving you a small fortune on dinners, shows, and expensive gifts.
  • Perform real-life “Harry Potter” tricks, like producing orgasms with the snap of your fingers. (Be a benevolent magician and make her orgasm whenever she brings you a cup of coffee!)
  • Override any and all resistance your girl may have to being hypnotized with this one simple line. (This approach can save you MONTHS of wasted time and effort.)
  • Eliminate the need for foreplay by creating a “push-button” for a girl's horniness levels. (This will give her a voracious sexual appetite, so be careful).
  • Enjoy “sex on demand” whenever and wherever you want it. (You'll never hear complaints about “not being in the mood” ever again.
  • Use this paradoxical “pleasure trick” to crank her up desire by taking away the one thing she’ll be begging you for.
  • How to use hypnotic techniques in the bedroom to take your sex game to uncharted levels.
  • Make her excited to share her deepest sexual fantasies and experience a compulsion to live them out with YOU.
  • Give her the gift of a “mind massage” and wipe away all of her stress in less than 15 seconds. She’ll feel like she just had a day at the spa and she’ll be eager to show her gratitude.
  • Has her sex drive dropped off? Follow these simple steps and she’ll be as horny as a teenager again.
  • Give her earth-shattering orgasms with almost no effort at all.
  • Learn the REAL secret to unlimited hypnotic power. (It’s not sexy, but this skill will set you apart from every other hypnotist out there.)
  • Be the alpha male every woman secretly craves by making these small tweaks to your behavior.
  • After applying the Mindvana Method, your girl will happily transform herself into a “Stepford Wife,” cooking, cleaning, and pleasing you every way she can think of. (She’ll be proud to be the “perfect wifey” you’ve always wanted.)
  • Quickly remove the root cause of her deepest issues with my “hypnotic therapy” methods, and save her 10+ years of weekly therapy sessions.
  • Wake up every morning to breakfast in bed and a side of oral sex. (She’ll beg to go down on you once you train her with my methods.)
  • How to condition even the most resistant and stubborn woman to fully let go and experience mind-blowing sexual pleasure.
  • How to "hypnotically program" your girl during sex to change her behavior and carry out tasks for you. (You'll have fun coming up with new ways for her to please you.)
  • The unusual way of speaking to a woman that shoots her arousal level through the roof.
  • My easy-to-follow recipe that compels your girl to please you. (If you can bake a batch of cookies, then you can follow this simple formula.)

But you won’t be the ONLY one who benefits. The Mindvana Method is designed to make a woman’s life better in so many ways.

For example…

  • She’ll love and respect herself while radiating positive energy 24-7.
  • She’ll feel sexy and desirable in your presence (which translates to hotter, kinkier sex).
  • She’ll be free of emotional blockages, insecurities, and past traumas so she can float through life’s challenges with ease.
  • She’ll feel compelled to take care of her body so she can stay beautiful and sexy for years to come.
  • She’ll experience life-changing levels of happiness and bliss which guarantees an amazing future for the both of you.


You'll be safeguarding your relationship for a lifetime!

By giving your woman a constant stream of powerful emotions, you're massively reducing the chance that she'll ever leave you. This means you'll BOTH get to avoid the horrific pain of a breakup.

Not only that... but if you decide to have a family together, you'll also be saving your future children from the emotional trauma of a divorce! Consider this an insurance policy for your relationship that protects everyone involved.

The Mindvana Method will also help reduce many common relationship problems, such as explosive fights, passive aggressive behavior, and lack of sexual desire.

Not in a relationship at the moment? Then this is the perfect time to learn these skills so you'll be ready to find your perfect partner.

Learn The Secrets of Hypnotic Influence From The Best Teacher in the Industry

I was certified as a Master Trainer back in 2011.

A few years ago I launched a home study course called "The 7-Day Quick Start Course" that’s taught hypnosis to hundreds of people all around the world. I may not be a super genius, but I have a knack for breaking down difficult concepts and making them simple to understand.

I assure you that hypnosis is EASY to learn if it’s taught to you properly.

And while there are many other hypnosis programs on the market, they're all either missing some very important pieces, or just too complicated for beginners to understand.

(Go check them out if you have the time and money, because you'll definitely learn some cool tricks. But to save you time, I've incorporated everything that's useful into the Mindvana Method and left out anything that will confuse you or slow down your progress.)

The Mindvana Method is THE program I wish I had 20 years ago when I started my self-improvement journey. I designed it so that EVERYONE will benefit, from total newbies to advanced-level hypnotists. In fact, it's even BETTER if you're a beginner, since you won’t have to unlearn any bad habits.

Here’s what you can expect…

If You're A Total Beginner...

    • You’ll learn how to drop anyone into a hypnotic trance without ever mentioning the word "hypnosis."
    • You’ll be able to easily create “instant triggers” for any emotion or feeling you want a woman to experience.
    • You’ll be taught the fundamentals by one of the best teachers in the businessnobody is better at getting new students up to speed fast!
    • You’ll have a solid foundation for your hypnosis skills, as well as your romantic relationships.
    • You’ll start wielding hypnotic influence IMMEDIATELY, while shaving YEARS off your learning curve.
    • You’ll avoid a tremendous amount of heartbreak and humiliation.

If You're An Intermediate-Level Hypnotist...

    • You’ll sharpen your skills and experience more CONSISTENT results.
    • You’ll understand exactly where you've gone wrong in the past, and know exactly what you need to do instead to achieve solid results.
    • You’ll finally be able to master hypnotic orgasms, and know how to troubleshoot them when they don’t seem to work.
    • You’ll massively increase your confidence, both as a hypnotist and with women, in general.

If You're An Advanced Hypnotist...

    • You’ll be learning sexual applications of hypnosis you’ve probably never seen before.
    • You’ll learn how to blur the line between your normal life and your “hypnosis life.”
    • You’ll take your therapy skills to new heights while using these methods to help paying clients.
    • You’ll have an expansive understanding of female sexuality that will skyrocket your confidence in all areas.
    • You’ll be able to effortlessly use your hypnosis skills in the bedroom to add a new dimension to your sex life.
    • You’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to begin making money with your skill set.
    • You’ll have insider access to all of my new “hot off the press” discoveries and strategies.

And, of course, EVERYONE will learn how to safeguard their relationships and become “breakup-proof.”

I’ll also be showing you how to “cloak” what you’re doing so you’ll never have to mention the word “hypnosis.” Set things up the way I’ll show you, and nobody will know that you’re using hypnotic techniques.

Sure, you can tell them if you want, but you don’t have to. Feel free to be mysterious.

Ok, I know you’re excited so let me show you exactly what you’re going to get

Here's The Breakdown of the Mindvana Method...

In order to make this program affordable for ALL of my students, I’m offering a monthly subscription service so you can learn at your own pace and discontinue your membership at any time, for any reason.

Each week you’ll receive at least one new training video that will walk you through a component of the Mindvana Method. You’ll get to see me performing the techniques on many beautiful girls and listen to them share their opinions afterward.

All of the footage is uncensored and unedited – you’ll be seeing the inner workings of my sessions so you’ll know exactly what to expect in the real world.

You’ll also receive my detailed session notes that walk you through each video and explain exactly what I was thinking each step of the way. (This is an invaluable teaching tool and will get you up to speed VERY quickly.)

I’ll even be sharing my mishaps and screw-ups so you can learn how to quickly and gracefully recover from them on the fly.

Use My "Rapid Changework Secrets" To Fix Your Girl's Problems and Save Her A Fortune On Therapy

You’ll also be learning my closely-guarded secrets of RAPID THERAPEUTIC CHANGEWORK so you can help the women in your life overcome lifelong emotional challenges, such as low self-esteem, crippling anxiety, painful insecurities, and more.

Removing her negative mental programming ensures you can both enjoy a happy and healthy relationship. (This will also prevent her from sabotaging your relationship unconsciously.)

In addition to the lessons and notes, you’ll have unlimited access to me, personally, so you can get quick answers to any questions you may have. I'll be in your corner every step of the way, guiding you down the path of success.

But I don't just want you to be successful. I want to ABSOLUTELY BLOW YOUR MIND and completely transform your love life from the ground up. So I’m including SEVEN ADDITIONAL BONUSES that will supercharge your results...



Bonus #1

"How To Find Practice Subjects" (Video)

($25 value)

This video was created to answer the common question, “How do I find subjects to practice on?” I’m going to show you numerous ways to find eager and willing practice subjects who will happily volunteer to be hypnotized.

Bonus #2

"Model Interviews" (Videos)

($47 value)

Before I chose which girls I wanted to work with, I made sure to interview them and get a feel for their personalities. These girls opened up about their sex lives, their likes/dislikes, their hottest fantasies, the biggest mistakes guys make, and what turns them off completely (you’re gonna be shocked by what you hear).

You’'ll get to see how I incorporate their answers into my approach, along with how I “prime" them for flawless hypnosis sessions. These interviews are a useful learning tool, especially if you plan on working with women you’re not already in a relationship with.

Bonus #3

"Ninja-Level Relationship Management" (Video)

($97 value)

This video is from my "Seduction Mastery Coaching Program" and is only available to my private coaching clients. It outlines my most advanced relationship strategies to ensure that you'll retain an amazing woman for the long-term (with minimal effort and drama). These strategies perfectly complement the Mindvana Method.

Bonus #4

"Ultimate Sexual Escalation" (Video)

($97 value)

This is another video from my Seduction Mastery Coaching Program. This teaches everything you need to know to quickly progress to sex when you're with a new woman.

You'll learn how to make her feel comfortable and safe with rapid escalation, while ensuring she comes back for a repeat performance. I've also included a bonus section on training a woman to LOVE giving oral sex. This one is another perfect companion to the Mindvana Method.

Bonus #5

"Unreleased Session with Patrika" (Video)

($97 value)

I’ve never mentioned this before... but I filmed a follow-up session with the model from my famous “How To Hypnotize With Your Phone” series on YouTube. I never planned on releasing it since it’s WAY too wild for public consumption. (I did some ridiculous skits like turning her into a man and making her masturbate her imaginary penis). This video is an EXCLUSIVE bonus and not available anywhere else.

Bonus #6

30min Coaching Call w/Jay

($160 value)

I will personally hop on the phone with you and help you with any challenges you're having learning the material. This won't be a lame chat (or a sales pitch for additional services) but a personalized strategy session for getting you over your biggest sticking points.

Bonus #7

"NYC Quick Start Workshop Videos" (Platinum Edition)

($745 value)

If you're curious about what it would be like to attend a live training, then you'll enjoy these videos which captured all the action at one of my workshops. You'll feel like you're training with me in person as I demonstrate my techniques on multiple female demo subjects.

Take Advantage Of These 2 Big Discounts!

Discount #1: 50% Off All 3 Purchase Options (Special Launch Discount)

During the launch period, you’ll get 50% off all 3 Mindvana package options and save BIG. You’ll also lock in this discounted rate for as long as you stay a member, so you won’t ever have to worry about the price jumping up.

Discount #2: Save An Additional $300 (When You Sign Up For The Full 14-Month Program)

Would you prefer to sign up for all 14 months of Mindvana, as opposed to staying on a month-to-month trial? If so, you'll save an additional $300. The entire program will UNLOCK COMPLETELY during the first month of your membership, so you'll be able to watch all the training videos at your own pace. Plus, you'll get some incredible bonuses that aren't available to silver members.

Now... would you prefer to train with me directly, one-on-one, so you can absolutely guarantee that you'll master this system? If so, I have great news for you...

For a limited time I’ll be offering private 1-on-1 training (over webcam). This is your chance to learn directly from me without having to travel to a live workshop.

So if you want to go ALL IN and learn everything as quickly as possible, sign up for the PLATINUM VERSION below...

(All 3 levels include LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the videos and bonuses.)


$47 $97

per month

  • Monthly Access to Mindvana
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • Bonus #1 - How To Find Practice Subjects


$467 $1397

one-time payment

  • 14 Months of Training (over 100 Weekly Videos)
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • Bonus #1 - How To Find Practice Subjects
  • Bonus #2 - Model Interviews
  • Bonus #3 - Relationship Management Video
  • Bonus #4 - Sexual Escalation Video
  • Bonus #5 - Session w/Patrika
  • Bonus #6 - Coaching Call w/Jay
  • Additional $300 discount


$2,997 $6197

one-time payment

  • 14 Months of Training (over 100 Weekly Videos)
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • All of the GOLD Bonuses
  • The 7-Day Quick Start Course ($67)
  • High-Level Self-Programming ($97)
  • The Katie Sessions ($277)
  • The NYC Workshop Videos ($450)
  • The 2022 Orgasm Workshop Videos ($650)
  • The Loving Obsession Protocol ($1997)
  • 3 Months of Private Training With Jay
  • Additional $300 discount

(Need a PAYMENT PLAN? Contact our support team and we'll help you out.)

And now I want to address the BIG, FAT ELEPHANT in the room...

"Jay... How Do I Know If This Will Work For Me?"

I'm EXTREMELY CONFIDENT that you'll achieve amazing results with my system. And here's why...

Before I decided to record these videos, I thought about all the possible concerns my students might have.

And the BIGGEST one was this...

“Jay, you’re a dating coach and a photographer… you hang out with beautiful women, you have a successful coaching company, and an office in an expensive area in NYC. You are NOT an AVERAGE GUY by any means - these girls would notice your social value and be attracted to you REGARDLESS of your hypnosis skills.”

And while this is a bit of an exaggeration, it’s certainly a fair point. So here’s what I did…

I decided to handicap myself in order to perform a TRUE TEST of the method. This meant making things as DIFFICULT as possible by hiding every bit of information that could give me an advantage.

My System Also Works On Total Strangers And I'm Going To Show You The Proof

Here's how I did this...

I gave the girls my FIRST NAME ONLY, so they weren't able to look me up online. (They couldn’t find my websites, companies, books, or products. Nothing at all.) And since they didn't see my social media accounts (which show me hanging out with sexy girls), I had ZERO social proof to help me out.

On top of that, I never told them I was a hypnotist and most had no idea I was using hypnotic techniques (the ones who figured this out had prior experience with hypnosis).

I even said my office was rented just for the day.

Now picture this...

When the girls walked in, they saw a guy who’s 5’6, balding, and wearing inexpensive clothes from H&M (a discount store). I acted very professional and kept the flirting to a minimum.

After wrapping up the shoot, I’d feel them out to see if they wanted to grab some food. If so, I would take them somewhere CHEAP - I spent very little money and didn’t buy them any alcohol.

While we were eating, I'd fire off the anchors I set earlier... bringing back all of the powerful emotions they had just experienced.

Once we finished up, I'd try to take them somewhere more private (like back to my office). And things would transition naturally from there.

This Is The Exact Blueprint I Use To Hook Up With Beautiful Models HALF MY AGE

Keep in mind that some of these girls are not only taller than me, but also HALF MY AGE (I’m 41). We have almost nothing in common.

On top of this, I’m 50% deaf and wear hearing aids. Since I only hear bits and pieces of what they say to me, I spend a lot of time nodding like an idiot.

Why am I telling you all of this? Simple...

...to show you that your insecurities JUST DON'T MATTER.

Believe it or not, men can be considered “very sexy” to women without being conventionally good looking. I’m slightly above average looking (at best) and have dozens of things “wrong” with me. But I still have model-tier women thinking I’m sexy and fantasizing about having sex with me.

This can be YOUR REALITY, too, when you carry yourself with confidence and start giving women the feelings they CRAVE. (You can do this easily by firing off the emotional anchors you'll be setting up in your Mindvana sessions.)

Now granted, my little test doesn’t matter much because this method is designed to be used on someone you’re CURRENTLY DATING.

However, I wanted to show you that you absolutely CAN use the Mindvana Method on a total stranger and have her fantasizing about sleeping with you. And you'll get to see exactly what this looks like when you watch the videos.

Here are 2 more questions you might have…

"How Long Will This Take Me To Learn?"

While there's lots to learn, I specialize in making sure my students pick things up FAST! I've removed all the filler and fluff so you'll only be learning exactly what you need to know to get results.

You can expect to be confidently hypnotizing your partner (or your practice buddies) during your first week of training. With every week that goes by, you'll be adding new pieces of the Mindvana Method to your foundation, until you're eventually wielding hypnotic influence like an expert.

You should expect to stay in the program for at least 3 months in order to fully grasp the system, but the longer you remain a member, the more advanced strategies and concepts I'll be able to teach you.

"What If I'm Not In A Relationship And Don't Have Anyone To Practice With?"

No problem. I’ve got you covered.

There are plenty of women who are dying to experience something like this. And they’ll happily volunteer to be your “test subjects” if you approach them the right way. I'm throwing in a bonus video that will walk you through multiple ways of finding women who are willing and eager to plop their butts down in your hypnosis chair.

On top of this, I've thought of every challenge you might run into and every concern you might have and made sure to take care of them all. I'm even offering you a full money-back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Mindvana a shot.

Your Happiness Is Fully Guaranteed!


I am INCREDIBLY CONFIDENT that the Mindvana Method will transform your dating life and help you create the relationship you’ve always wanted. So I’m offering you a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get the program today and dive right in. You’ll have access to my 20+ years of hypnosis experience to help you blast through any challenges you may face.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just shoot me a quick email and I’ll refund every dime you invested, no questions asked. Since it’s a digital product, there’s nothing to mail back. Just say the word and it’s donesimple as that.

WARNING: This Program May Not Be For You...

Unfortunately, there are some people out there that I won't be able to help. So please do NOT purchase this system if any of the following are true:

  • You want immediate results and refuse to practice

    Sadly, there’s no quick fix or magic pill. You have to study and practice to achieve results in any human endeavor. If you’ve never hypnotized anyone before, then you’ll have to practice a bit before you’ll feel comfortable with the material. But I promise I will help you get up to speed quickly.

  • You’re looking to manipulate women against their will

    First off, hypnosis is NOT mind control. And this isn’t one of those weird programs that claims to help you hypnotize a woman into bed without her consent. Everything I teach is 100% CONSENSUAL and makes women feel absolutely amazing.

  • You’re under the age of 18

    This product contains sexual content so if you’re under the age of 18, please close this page now.

  • You're uptight about sex

    In case it’s not obvious, there’s a ton of sexual content in this product (and I use a lot of naughty words). If you’re squeamish or uptight about sex, then this won’t be a good fit for you.

  • You want to get revenge on women who have hurt you

    If you’re looking to “teach women a lesson” or harm them emotionally, then this is not for you.

Are You Ready to Have Incredible Relationships and Get Worshiped Like A Rock Star?

Look, there are certainly other ways to achieve this level of success with women...

For instance, you could spend 10+ hours a week at bars and clubs learning how to pick up girls - it's worth the time investment but it'll take you YEARS to become good at this.

Being wealthy might get you there, but without the proper mindsets to back it up, you’ll attract lots of gold diggers who will end up leaving you for someone even wealthier.

Fame is another way… but becoming a celebrity is a pipe dream for almost everyone.

OR… you can learn my systematic way of making women feel things they've never felt before...

And make your competition completely obsolete.

Is this skill-set worth a few hours of weekly study and practice?

Is it worth the cost of a daily cup of coffee? ($1.60 a day, to be exact)

Please understand that I almost didn’t release these videos (when you see them you’ll understand why). There's some embarrassing content inside (like simulated sex) so, believe me, I’m still not 100% comfortable putting them out there.

But the only way for you to fully learn my method is to watch the full, unedited videos from start to finish. If you do, you’ll understand everything and be able to reproduce my results.

The Mindvana Method will give you such a massive advantage that it allows you to be “weak” in other areas (like fame, finances, verbal charisma, etc.).

In fact...

The Mindvana Method Lets You Compete Against Anyone For The Woman Of Your Dreams

This is the exact protocol I wish I had back when I thought I wasn’t “good enough” to attract a quality woman. So many guys go through life feeling just as hopeless as I did, and either settle for a girl who’s a terrible match, or end up alone and miserable.

Look, it would be absolutely awful if you’re never able to find a good woman. But what’s even worse is having the love of your life leave you for someone else.

Divorces hurt EVERYONE, especially children. Your immediate family also suffers as they watch you get chewed up by the divorce machine, suffering massive emotional and financial devastation while your ex moves on with another man.

I hate to be so gruesome but I've seen this scenario play out so many times. NOBODY is safe. We all have to take steps to actively protect ourselves - and I created this system for this exact purpose.

So instead of heartache and misery, you can wake up every day next to a loving, committed woman who lives to make you happy... someone who supports you and pushes you to be the best man you can be... who sticks by your side through thick and thin...

...while you're enjoying the sex life of your dreams.

When you learn this skill, you’ll become the most attractive man your girl has ever encountered and be able to satisfy her on a level that she never imagined possible. This drops the chances of her ever leaving you to NEARLY ZERO.

Who could she possibly replace you with?

And when you become the Sex God she’s always wanted, you’ll be treated like the King you were born to be. Expect jealous stares from strangers and your friends and family harassing you to share your secret.

And all you have to do to make this happen... is decide that RIGHT NOW is the time to pull the trigger.

So my last question for you is…

Are you ready to make all of this a reality?

I’ll see you on the inside.

- Jay Cataldo
Professional Hypnotist, IACT Master Hypnosis Trainer and Success Coach

(All 3 levels include LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the videos and bonuses.)


$47 $97

per month

  • Monthly Access to Mindvana
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • Bonus #1 - How To Find Practice Subjects


$467 $1397

one-time payment

  • 14 Months of Training (over 100 Weekly Videos)
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • Bonus #1 - How To Find Practice Subjects
  • Bonus #2 - Model Interviews
  • Bonus #3 - Relationship Management Video
  • Bonus #4 - Sexual Escalation Video
  • Bonus #5 - Session w/Patrika
  • Bonus #6 - Coaching Call w/Jay
  • Additional $300 discount


$2,997 $6197

one-time payment

  • 14 Months of Training (over 100 Weekly Videos)
  • 50% Off the Original Price
  • All of the GOLD Bonuses
  • The 7-Day Quick Start Course ($67)
  • High-Level Self-Programming ($97)
  • The Katie Sessions ($277)
  • The NYC Workshop Videos ($450)
  • The 2022 Orgasm Workshop Videos ($650)
  • The Loving Obsession Protocol ($1997)
  • 3 Months of Private Training With Jay
  • Additional $300 discount

(Need a PAYMENT PLAN? Contact our support team and we'll help you out.)

Disclaimer: Contrary to how the media portrays it, hypnosis requires a person's full consent and cooperation. None of our products will help you influence another person against their will, nor is it possible to use these techniques for the purpose of manipulation. The people you'll be working with must give their consent before and during the process, and they can easily rescind their consent at any time. The GOOD news is that there's no reason to ever have to manipulate anyone. The process is so enjoyable that women happy line up for the chance to experience it. Please see either our terms of use or our purchase agreement for additional information regarding this.