Are you looking for 1-on-1 hypnosis training or do you need help overcoming a personal challenge?

Before Jay created, he worked as a peak performance coach in NYC for close to ten years.

He's helped many of his clients...

  • Overcome emotional difficulties (anxiety, bulimia, addictions, etc.)
  • Scale their businesses
  • Explode their dating life
  • Overcome shyness and social anxiety
  • Build massive amounts of confidence
  • Sculpt their bodies and become healthier in the process
  • Eradicate procrastination
  • Marry their ideal partner
  • Achieve their biggest dreams in record time
  • Massively increase their overall life satisfaction and happiness

If you’re looking to overcome your obstacles and challenges and get what you REALLY WANT in life, or if you’re interested in private hypnosis lessons, Jay is here to help.

Visit his personal coaching site at: