Give Me 3 Days and I'll Have You FEARLESSLY HYPNOTIZING Complete Strangers LIKE A PRO, with ZERO Risk of Failing or Looking Foolish in Front of a Crowd

Join me at my next "Quick Start" Hypnosis Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona - May 11-13, 2018 and become a Fearless and Effective Hypnotist in Only 3 Short Days

A sneak peek at some of our workshops...

Oh, and Expert Hypnosis Instruction for both beginner and intermediate-level hypnotists? I guess I might as well throw that in, too. 🙂

Keep reading to learn why this workshop will be the most fun you've ever had at a hypnosis event...

What's This All About?

In this 3-day "Quick Start" Workshop, you'll learn how to hypnotize others with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in all situations (parties, on the street, etc.) even if you're a total beginner. I'll be covering the 4 applications of hypnosis most people are interested in learning: Hypnotic Inductions, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Stage/Street Hypnosis and Erotic Hypnosis.

After practicing for 3 days in our relaxed, zero-pressure classroom, you'll know exactly how to:

  • Drop 90% of people into a Deep Trance on your first attempt
  • Generate hypnotic trance effects (Hand Stuck to the Wall, Memory Loss, Frozen Body, etc)
  • Produce Erotic Responses on command (such as sexual arousal, "hypnotic orgasms," etc)
  • Utilize hypnotic "therapy" techniques to help people Overcome Stubborn Challenges
  • Make others feel better than they've ever felt before

Why Is This the MOST IMPORTANT Training You'll Ever Attend?

Simply put, I'll be teaching you the little tweaks that will get you BIG RESULTS in the real world, so you'll never have to suffer the embarrassment of disappointing your subject or looking foolish in front of an audience.

Even if you've had other training in the past, you'll be learning bleeding-edge strategies and techniques that you won't find anywhere else.

What Makes This Workshop Different?

One of the things I’m best known for is getting RESULTS for my clients. For the last ten years, I've been coaching people worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds. And if there's one thing I know, it's how to break down difficult-to-grasp concepts and make them super-simple and easy to apply.

If you've purchased my "Quick Start Course," then you know how quickly I get new hypnotists up to speed by leaving out all the fluff and focusing ONLY on what matters in the real world. And this class is designed to get you up to speed Even Faster.

My primary goal is to have you absorb these skills in only 3 short days so that you'll be able to hypnotize complete strangers with absolute confidence. Because this is a hands-on workshop, you'll be hypnotizing your classmates (and our beautiful demo subjects) all throughout the weekend. This means that as soon as the training ends, you'll be fully prepared to walk up to a total stranger and drop them in a deep hypnotic trance like clockwork.

Not only that, but I'll also be saving you thousands of dollars and YEARS of your precious time . It's well known that 90% of hypnosis programs and workshops over-complicate their teachings and flat out FAIL to turn you into the FEARLESS HYPNOTIST you've always wanted to be.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Are you brand-new to the world of hypnosis? Fantastic! I specialize in transforming COMPLETE BEGINNERS into REAL-WORLD HYPNOTISTS faster than they ever dreamed possible. This workshop is the perfect way for you to develop a powerful foundation, without becoming overloaded with theory, useless jargon and ineffective techniques.

Have you had some training in the past or are currently a member of my online Mastermind Program? This workshop will help you become even more comfortable using your skills while teaching you powerful new hypnotic tools and strategies.

Are you an intermediate level hypnotist? You'll also benefit from this training because I'll be teaching some advanced techniques you might not have seen before (such as Erotic Hypnosis Applications, Deep Rapport Secrets, Sneaky Anchoring Tactics, and much more...) which will help advance your skill-set and skyrocket your confidence level.

"I've been attending hypnosis workshops since the late 90's and the LHF workshop is, hands down, the best experience I've ever had at a live training. The best part is knowing that you've internalized the skills and can perform on command wherever you are."

John K., Sparta, NJ

Why Train With Me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jay Cataldo and I’m a seasoned peak-performance coach and an expert on personal change. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of self-help and I’ve been studying hypnosis since 1997. I'm also a certified master hypnosis trainer for the IACT.

I’ve helped clients, all over the world, overcome their biggest challenges -- from losing over 200lbs to ending addictions to drugs and alcohol (if you want to read what my clients have said about me, go here:

In addition to working with people 1-on-1, I recently launched the best hypnosis home study course on the market, "The 7-Day Quick Start Course," which is designed to get beginner hypnotists up to speed FAST. Many of my students requested live training, as they felt it would help them acquire this skill-set even FASTER.

But beyond that, literally hundreds of men have been begging me to teach them the Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis ever since I started my youtube channel. So, if you have even the slightest desire to learn this skill, then keep reading so you can decide if this workshop will be the right fit for you.

What Should I Expect?

This training will be light on theory and heavy on technique. This means that I'll be teaching you only the Key Points you'll need to succeed while leaving out all the fluff and useless theory. Rest assured, you're only getting the good stuff (along with some sneaky Jedi Mind Tricks).

I'll start off by explaining each technique and then demonstrating it so you can learn by watching. Next, you'll pick a partner and practice exactly what you just witnessed so you can learn by doing, as I watch you in action and coach you over-your-shoulder.

After you've finished being both the hypnotist and the subject, I will debrief you so you'll be able to make sense of your experiences and know what corrections need to be made.

We'll be repeating this sequence many times over until you can perform all of the techniques with ease.

This is by far the fastest way to learn these skills. After hypnotizing your classmates multiple times throughout the weekend, you can expect the skills to be fully integrated into your mind and body.

And the best part is, you'll be learning in a comfortable environment as I break down each and every piece into easy-to-follow steps. If you've had trouble absorbing the information in other workshops, I guarantee you that everything will make PERFECT logical sense to you, this time around.

"I took 3 other hypnosis workshops before attending yours, and believe it or not, I had not hypnotized a single person before training with you. On the way back home, I felt confident enough to hypnotize a TSA Agent in the San Francisco Airport after I landed. I could not have done this without your training. I will always be thankful that I got trained by you, and I mean that in all sincerity. Thanks for everything, Jay."

Ron Lance, San Francisco, CA

Here's a Quick Breakdown of the 3 Days of Training...

  • On Day 1, you'll be learning (and practicing) all of the basic techniques to ensure that you have a solid foundation.
  • On Day 2, we'll be covering some intermediate-level material. You'll also be working with your fellow classmates to eliminate problems, limiting beliefs, etc. while installing in the mindset of a confident and competent hypnotist.
  • On Day 3, We'll cover some advanced applications while the students practice their new skills on our beautiful female demo subjects who have volunteered to help us out.

You'll spend the first 2 days (and part of Day 3) getting up to speed, so you'll be ready to work 1-on-1 with these women on your last day. This opportunity will prepare you for working with real-world subjects when you get back home while giving you invaluable feedback about your technique.

In addition, I've also made some advancements in the material over the last year and I plan on teaching some advanced material that I've never shown before. Essentially, I will be packing in as much awesome material as I possibly can into these 3 days so it will be worth every penny, and then some.

What Exactly Will I Be Learning?

  • How to reliably drop anyone into a Deep Trance State
  • How to generate Hypnotic Phenomena (Frozen Body, Amnesia, etc.)
  • How to give off the vibe of an Expert Hypnotist
  • Many Powerful Induction Methods (the "Elman," the "Instant-Drop," the "Bamboozler," the famous "Ice-Cream Induction," the "Twister," "the Manipulator," etc.)
  • How to create Hypnotic Orgasms in your subjects (how to introduce the concept, how to build arousal and desire, how to elicit pleasure, how to set orgasmic triggers, etc.)
  • A foolproof way to Hypnotize Anyone and Everyone Without Fail
  • A full breakdown of my famous "How To Hypnotize With Your Phone" youtube series (you'll learn exactly how to Set Up Hypnotic Triggers Using Your Cell Phone)
  • What to do when "blind therapy" doesn't work
  • How to get your subject to trust you completely
  • How to make your subject Excited to be Hypnotized By You again and again
  • Covert ways to communicate with a subject's subconscious mind
  • How to get your subjects to give you Free Advertising
  • Sneaky Hypnotic Anchoring Techniques which don't require an induction
  • How to master your own states and Generate Confidence on Command
  • How to make people think you've had years of hypnosis experience
  • A sneaky way to hypnotize others without ever mentioning the word "hypnosis"
  • A powerful "Non-Verbal" Induction that doesn't require you to say a single word
  • How to perform every skit you've seen in my youtube videos
  • The FAIL-Proof "Immaculate Perception" Protocol so you'll know exactly what to do when things don't work
  • How to make people line up to be hypnotized by you in public settings
  • How to verify that someone is in a hypnotic trance
  • How to access positive emotional states in yourself at will
  • How to quickly gain a Deep Level of Rapport with your subjects
  • How to get your subjects to follow your every instruction and command
  • How to use hypnosis to Enhance Your Relationships
  • How to entertain at parties and gatherings
  • How to overcome your fears of performing hypnosis publicly
  • What to do when your subject "resists"
  • How to find practice subjects
  • How to perform "Instant Hypnotic Inductions"
  • How to help your subjects overcome stubborn problems and challenges
  • And much more…

"I attended the LHF 3-Day Workshop in New York and wow was this weekend packed with great material! Not only did we learn basic foundations of hypnosis, but we also were indoctrinated with many practical, and immediately usable, hypnosis techniques. We then applied them on site to each other and to outside subjects who stopped in to join us. Jay Cataldo was superb in conveying his knowledge and demonstrating it to us first hand. By the middle of the workshop all students had already hypnotized each other, and several other subjects they had not met before. In my opinion, there is no program better to learn hypnosis fast!"

Ronald H., Cherry Hill, NJ

Where Is It Being Held?

Scottsdale, AZ

This workshop will be held at a spacious home in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. You'll receive venue information and directions after you reserve your spot.

Even MORE Reasons To Sign-Up Today...

Everyone who invests in this workshop by the early-bird cut-off date will receive the following 7 bonuses:

Bonus #1

"High-Level Self-Programming" (Video)

($97 value)

This is a power-packed instructional video which teaches 46 of my favorite change work techniques that you can use on yourself to create massive life changes. You'll learn a variety of strategies for eliminating negative emotions, squashing negative thinking, blasting through procrastination, and much more. You'll receive access to this video 2 weeks before the start of the workshop (this video can be purchased for $97 if you miss the cut-off date).

Bonus #2

"Erotic Hypnosis w/Julia" (Video)

($97 value)

In this video, I show you what's possible with erotic hypnosis and hypnotic orgasms. You'll see me incorporate them into a therapy session to help Julia make powerful life changes even faster than she imagined possible. You'll receive access to this video 2 weeks before the start of the workshop (this video is currently not for sale and can not be purchased if you miss the deadline).

Bonus #3

"The 7-Day Quick Start Home Study Course" (Videos)

($67 value)

This is the course that started it all. If you haven't already purchased a copy, you'll get complimentary access to the course, as a gift for signing up for the workshop. You'll receive access to these videos after the workshop is over (this program can be purchased for $67 if you miss the cut-off date).

Bonus #4

"How To Hypnotize With Your Phone" - Unedited (Video)

($97 value)

This is the one everyone's been waiting for. My "How To Hypnotize With Your Phone" series on YouTube has now received over 2,000,000 views. Over the past year, I've gotten hundreds of requests for the unedited session which shows exactly how I created all of the triggers. And now, you can finally get your hands on the unedited footage and learn how to get the exact same results yourself. You'll receive access to this video after the workshop is over.

Bonus #5


($745 value)

You'll be getting the platinum version of 2016's NYC seminar, along with all of the bonus videos. This video set was filmed in high-def and will act as a refresher course whenever you might need it. You can check out the description page for these videos here: // You'll receive access to these videos after the workshop is over.

Bonus #6

1-Hour Conference Call w/Jay

($150 value)

One of the biggest hurdles most new hypnotists face is keeping their momentum going after a workshop has ended. So for purely selfish reasons (because I'm super vain and want to be known as the BEST hypnosis trainer in the world 🙂 ), I'm going to host a free private conference call two weeks after the seminar for all the attendees. This way, I can help you troubleshoot any and all issues you might be having before they discourage you to stop practicing.

Bonus #7

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the training you'll receive a certificate that you can proudly display on your wall, which shows off your new credentials as a Consulting Hypnotist. NOTE: As of 1/2018, this term is perfectly acceptable to use in the USA, whereas other labels (such as: hypnotherapist) are not considered legal and valid in some states. We recommend that you always check your local laws before adding any of these terms to your website or business cards.

You’re Fully Protected By My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

I want you to feel completely comfortable with your investment in this workshop. Therefore, I’ve decided to take 100% of the risk to ensure that you have ZERO reservations about attending. If, by the end of the first day of the training, you feel you were unable to hypnotize at least one person in class, or you’re unhappy for any reason, then just let me know and I’ll gladly refund every dime that you paid. No hassle, no worries!

Reserve Your Spot Today!

If this all sounds like a fit, then go ahead now and reserve your spot before the class fills up. I purposely limit attendance so I can give you hands-on, personalized instruction.

To put things in perspective, I charge a minimum of $5000 to train someone 1-on-1. So, right now, you have the opportunity to get personalized instruction from me for a fraction of the cost of a private training package. Not to mention, the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of one of the most impressive hypnotic techniques ever discovered: the "No-Touch" Hypnotic Orgasm.

If you've ever imagined having the confidence and magnetic charisma of a hypnotist... to have beautiful women lining up for a chance to work with you (I'm not kidding... they literally scream "I'm next! Do me! Do me!"), then this might be the opportunity you've been looking for. I highly recommend that you act now before you miss out.

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We still have seats available for our Hollywood, California and Monmouth County, New Jersey workshops

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To your success as an expert-level hypnotist,

- Jay Cataldo
Professional Hypnotist, IACT Master Hypnosis Trainer and Success Coach

P.S. There are only a limited number of seats available, so if you feel this workshop would be right for you, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get these skills under your belt.

Common Questions

Can I pay by check or money order?
Yes, please email us at: to arrange this.

What if I'm a beginner with no hypnosis experience?
This workshop was designed for a total beginner so I'll be getting you up to speed fast!

Do you have a cancellation policy?
You can cancel with no penalty up to 3 weeks before the event starts. Inside of the 3 week mark, there is a 25% cancellation fee. There will be no refunds for anyone who cancels within 24 hours of the start of the workshop.

Do you have other financing options besides a 2-payment option?
Please email us at: to discuss.