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"What's inside?"

The Secret Lab is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to dozens of hours of unreleased footage.

Many of these videos were meant to be included in new courses which I never got around to finishing. Since I now have over 100 hours of footage collecting dust on my hard drives, I've decided to make some of these videos available at a ridiculously low price.

"What's special about these videos?"

I named this collection “My Secret Lab” because I’m always experimenting and testing out different approaches.

These videos will showcase a mix of Mindvana erotic hypnosis and therapeutic techniques, along with new tactics and strategies that haven’t been demonstrated in any of my courses.

I also use material from my Seduction Mastery Videos as I create attraction and interest with girls from a wide variety of backgrounds, including fetish models and porn stars.

Lastly, you'll also get to see how I modify my techniques for webcam, since I was forced to film many of my sessions over Zoom after covid hit.

"What will I get in this program?"

Ever since I launched the Mindvana Home Study Course, students have been wondering how I use the Mindvana Method to have girls all over the world interested in spending time with me in-person. And these videos will give you a sneak peek at exactly how I do this.

In other words, you’re going to get a glimpse into the Mindvana lifestyle and see firsthand how I connect with girls from all over the world.

After you sign up, you'll receive 4 videos immediately. Afterwards, another 4 videos will unlock every 30 days for as long as you remain a subscriber (and you can cancel your subscription at any time).

"Why is it so inexpensive?"

Yes, $5 a week is ridiculously inexpensive for what I’m offering you. Here’s why…

You'll only be receiving the raw videos of my private 1-on-1 sessions. There’s no teaching materials, such as accompanying session notes or voice-over lessons.

In other words, they’re not instructional videos. Therefore, I didn’t need to do much besides edit out some personal info and upload them to my server, so I can offer them to you at a discounted rate.

While I prefer to create teaching content, there are hundreds of existing students who already have my programs and are familiar with my techniques, and these videos will help them take their skills to the next level.

There are also plenty of guys who aren’t ready to start learning and practicing just yet, but enjoy my YouTube videos and constantly ask me for new footage. Since I rarely update my youtube channel, this is right up their alley, as well.

No matter where you are in your hypnosis journey, you can expect to get lots of value from watching me in action.

"Is this really only $20 a month? With no catch?"

Yes, that’s correct. At least, for now. But I’ll most likely be raising the price soon.

So go sign up today and lock in your discounted rate for as long as you decide to remain a subscriber.

This subscription comes with a a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just shoot me a quick email and I’ll refund your payment, no questions asked.

Just say the word and it’s donesimple as that.

Subscribe to "The Secret Lab"

$40 a month

Only $20 a month

(cancel anytime)