A broke playboy’s secret arousal hack for bringing women to the point of no return

It’s election day in the US and people are already starting to lose their minds.

It’s gonna be an interesting ride, for sure. Hopefully, they’ll finish counting the votes sometime before Christmas.

Enough about that. Let’s talk about something even more exciting – namely, getting beautiful women lining up to have their ballot boxes stuffed with your dragon energy.

When it comes to this, today’s little tip is one of the most important things I could possibly teach you.

And this simple tip is simply this…

Get a woman aroused enough, and she’ll do nearly anything you ask of her.

Arousal… it’s the master key that unlocks a thousand boxes.

The good news is that almost all women crave good se-x. You don’t need to sell them on the product.

The bad news is that they have a mental gatekeeper in the way which prevents them from acting on their carnal desires (due to possible negative consequences, like social shaming).

The gatekeeper is insidious and will ruin many an attempted seduction, even when the women genuinely likes the guy who’s doing his level-best to bypass her defenses.

Most guys try to get around the gatekeeper by drowning it in hard liquor until it passes out with its head in the toilet.

But what works even better than copious amount of alcohol, is copious amounts of arousal.


Get a woman aroused enough, and she’ll do nearly anything you ask of her.

But it’s not so simple to pull off. While most guys will get turned on if a woman so much as smiles at them, females happen to be wired a bit differently.

The 3 things that tend to be most arousing to women are (in ascending order) looks, fame, and game.

I’m not tall, chiseled, or handsome enough to make women swoon with my looks alone, and being moderately youtube famous is nothing like being a professional athlete or A-list actor (although, my goofy vids have occasionally helped me score an unexpected hookup).

So I was always forced to rely on “game,” which is, essentially, a way of interacting with women which causes them to perceive you as an incredibly attractive man.

If you’ve been on my list for a while, then you know I’m a life-long student of everything that interests me. I’ll learn from anyone I can, and I try to read at least 2 books a week.

Which brings me to the “underground pickup artist” you’ve never heard of and his series of “mastery-level” books.

For over a decade, this guy notoriously spent over 100k training with the top pickup teachers in the world (guys who make Neil Strauss look like a clown) and compiled all of his best discoveries in a series of massive books – books he claimed would dramatically shorten anyone’s learning curve.

We’ll call this guy “Peter.”

Being a student of game for most of my adult life, I was excited to see what he came up with.

But once the pdfs popped up in my inbox, I realized I’d be forced to sift through 800 pages of disjointed, adderall-fueled ramblings.

He might be great with women, but when it comes to writing, he makes Tolstoy look like Dumas. His aspie monstrosities were so boring to read, it took me over 6 months to slog through them all.

But I finally unearthed one little gem that made up for all the monotony.

Like most guys who spend enough time in the game, Peter realized that chatting up a beautiful woman in a club can be incredibly easy.

The much harder part is getting her in bed that same night.

After testing out hundreds of different strategies, he eventually realized that the most important factor for “same night lays” was, quite simply, how turned on the girl became.

You could have a hottie immersed in a 4-hour-long convo, spitting out her deepest, darkest secrets while flashing her sparkly Cheshire smile…

…but if you’re not also TURNING HER ON LIKE CRAZY, she’ll thank you for the chat and end up going home with some dude who barely said 2 words to her.

When it comes to “ninja-level” game, Peter says it’s all about cranking up a woman’s arousal level without her realizing you’re actively trying to do so.

Because once she notices what you’re doing, her protective mind will tend to put the kibosh on the process (remember the gatekeeper) by putting up obstacles to prevent a would-be-seducer from turning her on too much.

They will literally shut down the entire process, even if they like a guy, since they’re very much aware that se-x is near-guaranteed to happen if their arousal levels reach the red zone.

Women are literally their own worst co*kblockers.

Luckily for Pete, he eventually figured out a way around this. And it’s something that’s so simple, there was actually nothing to figure out. He ended up stumbling upon it by accident.

This technique gets implanted inside a seemingly innocent conversation to help you slip past the radar of a woman’s protective mind in order to bring her to point of no return.

And you can use it in any environment – it’s not just for bars and clubs.

(The guy was nearly broke after all those workshops, but he said that discovering this was worth every penny.)

Remember the scene in the second Matrix where the woman ate a cake full of malicious code, and had to rush off to the restroom to start touching herself?

Yeah, it’s something like that.

And while I’m no Oracle, I bet you’re wondering…

“What, pray tell, is this secret arousal hack that women have no defense against?”

Interestingly enough, it was a technique that I was already aware of – one you can see me using extensively in my Mindvana sessions.

I didn’t stumble upon it until much later in the course, but you can see it in action starting around the Helena sessions.

If you go read my session notes, you can’t miss it.

And for anyone who hasn’t come onboard yet, but secretly desires to be a hypnotic pastry chef who can easily concoct tasty verbal confections that drive women crazy with lust…

…then go check out my brand new, totally fr-ee, Mindvana Lite tutorial so you can see what all the fuss is about.

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