How I LOCKED THE SOUL of a Russian yoga hottie

I just got back to NYC after a crazy weekend in Miami with my new Russian girl. And I’m happy to report that her soul is officially LOCKED. (I posted some video clips to my Instagram Stories if you’re interested. Insta: @jaycataldo).

I won’t bore you with the play-by-play, and I won’t even try to describe what happened in the bedroom (because, without video proof, you’d think I was lying through my teeth).

But I do have something interesting to share…

This was actually the first time I tried using Mindvana techniques while having se-x with a girl who I didn’t hypnotize prior.

This equates to jumping right in to the core Mindvana components during sexy-time (e.g., setting up triggers, playing the “tell me game,” using sensory-based eroti-c languaging, counting up to o-gasm, etc.) without using an induction or any prompting, whatsoever.

And I’m happy to report that it worked beautifully.

Of course, the triggers you set up on the fly may not be as powerful as ones set up during a formal trance session.

And counting your girl up to 0-gasm won’t always work (it’ll bring her close to the edge, but not all the way there unless she’s highly responsive).

But you’ll still be able to give her the best se-xual experience of her life, without much effort.

Most guys don’t understand that great se-x is mostly psychological. It’s less about bedroom acrobatics, and more about the way you stimulate a woman’s mind.

And contrary to all the feminist BS the media spouts, women tend to be highly attracted to men who exert power and control over them.

Especially when a man demonstrates that he can control them se-xually.

(For all the screeching manginas out there, “control” in this context equates to making a woman feel intense feelings that she rarely feels with anyone else, thus compelling her to WILLINGLY do anything and everything you ask of her.)

Interestingly enough, this woman (who’s now head-over-heels in love with your favorite D-list cult leader) isn’t just a yoga teacher, but also a se-x coach for women.

She literally teaches women how to have better se-x and more powerful o-gasms, using secret Russian vaginal technology forged in the frosty gulags of Siberia.

Her students end up with nuclear-enhanced poonanies, lovingly-powered by pierogis and potato vodka.

Or something like that.

And this lusty soviet snow-bunny is now obsessed with some douchebag from Manhattan who isn’t tall enough to kiss her without a stepstool.

Thank God for cheat-codes.

She’s a bit older than the girls I typically date, but she’s way sexier than most 19yo’s. And even with all of her experience and se-xual knowledge, 3 days of marathon Mindvana se-x was all it took to make her obsessed with me.

Again, I don’t share my escapades to brag, but to inspire you.

It’s no secret that women have been using se-x to enslave men since the dawn of time.

But you may not know that Mindvana allows you to “flip the script” and turn the women of your choosing into your sexy slave girls.

And considering that I happily teach my students everything I know about becoming a se-xual superstar, all that’s standing between you and the exact same experiences I write about it is a bit of practice time.

Yoga girl is flying out to see me next weekend. She’s been texting me non-stop and calling me every night to describe all the things she can’t wait to do with me (finding other girls for 3-somes, etc.).

And every time she hears my voice over the phone, she feels compelled to start touching herself.

Let me remind you again that, for most of my life, I was clumsy and clueless with woman.

But now, when I take a new girl out on a first date, there’s a 70% chance we’ll end up in the bedroom.

And if we sleep together, I know there’s a 90% chance she’ll want to be my girlfriend. It goes down like clockwork. Tick tock.

But again, I’m not special. In fact, you can use the following formula to acquire the same skill-set and easily replicate my results:

Top-Secret Magic Formula: Get Mindvana… study and practice… ask me questions when you get stuck… wash, rinse, repeat.

And in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying the exact same experiences with women who adore you and live to please you.

The only sad part about this story is that I didn’t have time to see poor Kymberly before I left Florida.

My womanizing skills may be on point, but I’m God-awful at juggling.

Shameful, I know.

P.S. Just some quick updates…

I re-released 2 of my old products which can be purchased on

Product 1: My book “Get Your Girl Back” (which you can get for fr-ee when you purchase the 7-Day Quick Start Course)

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I also have a new video coming your way early next week. One of our members decided to make me look like an amateur by keeping a woman in extended o-gasm for MINUTES, without any breaks. If you’ve never seen with this looks like, then keep your eyes peeled for this video (and make sure to check your spam box, since the powers that be love to send my emails straight to e-prison).

Talk soon,


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