How to ruin everything with that one special girl

Some kid wrote in to ask if Mindvana Lite would help him with that one special girl he likes.

My advice:

“The best advice I can give you is to go date 5 other girls first. If not, she’ll pick up on your neediness and be completely turned off, no matter what you do.”

Sadly, 99% of men refuse to accept the harsh truth of the matter, and he was no exception.


“Thanks. But I don’t want to date other girls. Even if I felt like I could, which I know I can’t. I’m not interested in finding or dating another girl. I just want her.

One reason I like her is that she is the only girl I’ve ever met, that has liked me somewhat, she is the only girl that I’ve felt like I could be myself with. She’s the only girl I’ve ever been able to talk to, and she’s the only girl I’ve ever felt comfortable with. Not just the only girl, the only person.

I’ve never had a girlfriend, even so much as a real friend. I don’t need a friend, and don’t try to show neediness to her, although maybe sometimes I can show some neediness in the sense that she is the only person in my life really. But I don’t need her.

But unlike everyone else I have met in my life, she is my friend, and I am in love with her. I just want her. And my heart is absolutely breaking right now.”


Grab your hazmat suits. We’re dealing with a potentially lethal strain of oneitis.

I’ve been down that road, myself. Back when I was a kid, I believed all the horseshi*t spoon-fed to us about love, marriage, and the nature of women. Learning about TRUE female nature was one of the toughest red pills I ever had to swallow.

All the younger guys need to learn that life doesn’t work the way those cheesy rom-com’s lead you to believe. In real life, the odds of hooking up with your crush are about .00001%.

In other words, allowing yourself to be infatuated with a girl will near-guarantee that you’ll never have her.

One of the reasons women are disgusted by a guy who crushes on them is because they know it’s not REAL.

When you’re infatuated with someone, you’ve created a fictional representation of what you want them to be. It’s a fabricated fantasy that has no basis in reality.

In other words, you made the girl special without her actually earning it. What do you think that says to her about your standards and sense of self-worth?

Crushes are for girls to have. They’re not for you.

Here’s what you should do instead…

Step 1 is realizing that you CREATED this fantasy by thinking about the girl you like for hours on end. Doing so made you addicted to her attention and affection (and no matter how hard you try to hide it, women can sniff out your neediness and desperation).

Congrats. You’re a junkie now. But force yourself to stop thinking about her and the addiction will eventually fade.

Along with constantly pushing those thoughts out of your mind, you should be testing out Mindvana Lite to get some quick “wins” under their belt.

(If you’re looking to generate some attraction and curiosity, rather than just doing it for fun, then you’re better off using the method on new girls, since girls you know already have you categorized. Since their perception of you is resistant to change, it’s a much better use of your time to start things off on the right foot with a new prospect.)

Next, you’ll progress to the full Mindvana Method while practicing as often as you can until it all becomes second nature.

Eventually, you’ll be able to deliver an experience that every woman craves but so few men can deliver. At that point, being single and lonely will no longer be an issue for you, especially once the word gets out in your social circle.

But the kid who wrote in needs a different approach, since his issues run much deeper than not having a girlfriend.

He should spend his time improving his social skills (and his self-esteem) before even thinking about his dating life. He also needs to toughen up, both physically and mentally, if he wants to have any chance of surviving the ups and downs of this crazy universe.

Life is gonna kick you in the nuts every chance it gets. You need to build strength and resilience so you’ll be ready to FIGHT.

Or you can relegate yourself to being the shoulder a girl cries on when she’s ignored by the guy she likes.

Girls love their emotional tampons. Just remember that she’s so se-xually turned off by guys who play this role that she’d rather lick her used tampons than put her tongue anywhere near you.

Harsh truths need to be told.

Luckily, you can squelch this horrific habit of pedestalizing women. The bonus videos I added to Mindvana Gold will completely change the way you see women and help you interact with them in a much more attractive way.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to know how to make them feel powerfully addictive feelings on command.

Mindvana will show you the way. But for now, go check out the fr-ee Mindvana Lite tutorial and find out just how easy is it to make women feel incredible with a quick little exercise.

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