Insidious manipulation attempts abound

Reader mailbag day:


“Do you have any recommended text game? So far I believe the best way is to make such an impact on her when I first cold approached her on the street, before getting her number so when I ask her out later I only have to text logistic, and if thats not possible then I would try to leave an audio message or call. But other than that I don’t believe I am able to text her into liking me.” – Sai


That’s correct. It’s a waste of time to attempt to use texting to increase attraction. Focus on having a solid initial interaction with the girl and then use texting to set up the date.

I cover the basics of texting in one of my Seduction Mastery vids, and I originally planned on creating a full module on text game. But it’ll be a big waste of time for most guys.


“How do I find subjects to practice on?” – Annette


I put out a video on this topic that you can find under week #3 of Mindvana and in the bonus section of the 7-Day Quick Start Course. Some of the strategies may no longer be viable at the moment (due to covid) but it’ll give you plenty of ideas.

One student who left me a review on Udemy said he’s been using Omegle (a video chat site) to find willing subjects. Most people are curious about hypnosis, so as long as you’re not socially awkward, you shouldn’t have any problems.


“Hi Jay, I’m curious. Do you show your youtube videos to girls before you hypnotize them? And if so, do you think it makes them more eager to work with you? I was thinking about filming some sessions and creating my own “trailer” so to speak.” – Kyle


My youtube vids are designed to appeal to men, not women (with the exception of the Julia and Maria vids). They actually tend to make things more difficult for me.

A trailer could be useful but I would keep everything PG.

Regarding Monday’s email about “hypnotizing strangers against their will”…


“I do have some strong words for those who try to say what you do with hypnosis is not ETHICAL.


They are doing it underhanded and deceitfully everyday if you watch TV or read these TV billboards.

I don’t very much so it doesn’t affect me. At least what you do is open and with the consent of the subject.” – John


There’s a war going on for our minds and 99% of us are blissfully unaware.

I saw an article today about how researchers can now reliably implant false memories (and then completely remove them) using “conversational techniques” (aka: hypnosis and persuasion tactics). I’ll probably write more about this next week.

In the meantime, the best defense against the dark side of hypnosis is a solid education, because you can’t protect yourself from what you don’t understand.

And the fastest way to get yourself up to speed can be found right here:

>>>The 7-Day Quick Start Home Study Course (now chock-full of extra bonuses and scrumptious goodies)

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