Sleazy seduction tips from a seasoned LA gigolo

I watched an old Ashton Kutcher movie over the weekend where he plays a broke gigolo who mooches off wealthy women in LA.

While most flicks in this category have nothing of substance to offer, this one has some solid lessons embedded throughout.

It’s obvious that the writers know a few things about “the game.”

For example, as AK’s driving home some cutie he just scooped up at the club, he starts goofing around with her while narrating the play-by-play to the audience:

“Roll the windows down, turn the music up, and make an ass of yourself. It puts them at ease.”

This is important when “pulling” the girl because if the vibe gets stale on the ride home, she might decide to call it a night, rather than invite you up for sexy time.

I mentioned yesterday how I go into “self-amusement mode” during my “reset dates” to stay non-reactive while raising the energy of the interaction.

Staying playful and self-amusing is useful in many situations, since women will respond to your vibe and get sucked into whatever mode you happen to be in.

I also try to stay in this mode throughout most of my Mindvana sessions, in order to demonstrate that I like to have fun and don’t take myself too seriously.

Leading a girl with your emotional state is an important piece of the persuasion process, whether you’re hypnotizing someone or trying to convince your date to join you on the next adventure.

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P.S. I’ll be sharing more seduction tips from the AK flick over the next few days. Stay tuned…

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