The evil persuaders attacking our friends across the pond

Most people believe that hypnosis is all about swinging watches and making animal noises in front of a drunken audience.

The conspiracy theorist in me likes to think this is all by design. A secret weapon for covertly influencing people will work much better when kept secret.

Case in point, the Russian news site, RT, is calling attention to a Sunday Times article (a British paper) about a persuasive blitzkrieg that’s soon to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting Brits.

Since I’ve been told that the Russians know an awful lot about social influence (and election hacking), I made sure to pay close attention.

Some choice blurbs from the British article…


“According to a report in the Sunday Times, ministers are preparing to launch a massive public information campaign to convince people to take the jab. Behind the scenes, however, the Times reported that the British Army has mobilized the 77th Brigade’s Defense Cultural Specialist Unit to monitor and counter ‘online propaganda against vaccines.’”

“The unit was formed in 2010 and worked alongside psychological operations teams in Afghanistan, studying the behavior of the civilian population and giving cultural and linguistic advice to ground troops, according to the brigade’s own website.”

“However, according to a number of media reports, the unit counts at least one Twitter executive among its ranks, and is said to create and manage fake social media profiles to shape public opinion.”

“The media discovered that the 77th Brigade’s specialty, according to a plaque on the wall of its Berkshire base, is creating ‘behavioral change.’”


In case you were completely unaware that all of your opinions, beliefs, and behaviors are being carefully shaped behind the scenes, this might help wake you up.

Just stop and think about this for a sec…

They’re using a branch of the British military to convince their skeptical population that it’s a brilliant idea to jab themselves with a mystery vaccine that was rushed to production.

The average person is ridiculously susceptible to even low-grade persuasive efforts. What do you think a military branch of this caliber will be able to pull off?

It’s scary to think about. But remember kids… manipulating public thought is only bad when the Russians do it.

As I constantly try to remind everyone, there’s a battle going on for your mind. The powers that be do not want their populace engaging in critical thought and would much prefer to spoon-feed you establishment-approved mindsets with your morning oatmeal.

And this isn’t anything new. They’ve been doing this for years with ALL forms of media (TV shows, movies, newspapers, books, blogs, you name it).

One of my exes used to work for an NYC college and was responsible for reading and reviewing the latest books to hit the shelves. Since I’m a fast reader, I’d often help her out.

You wouldn’t believe how many authors found a way to mention what a horrible and evil president we had (back in 2017 at the start of Trump’s term) and how he was going to be the worst dictator the world has ever seen.

These books had NOTHING to do with politics, mind you. But, for some reason, their editors all looked the other way.

This isn’t some random coincidence. When dozens of different sources all preach the same message, you’ll be much more likely to believe the message is true.

Even worse were the books on “social justice” they aimed at children. They would use 200 pages of indoctrination to convince kids to show up to protests and “make their voices heard.”

Imagine guilt-tripping 12-yo children into attending events that routinely erupt in violence.

Sadly, this approach works all too well, even when attempted by garbage-level persuaders pushing an obvious agenda. So just imagine what a skilled persuader (or team of persuaders) can pull off with unlimited government resources.

And don’t think you’re immune to outside influence. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met are hopelessly brainwashed about a number of issues. IQ points, by themselves, won’t protect you.

The best form of self-inoculation is first understanding how these weapons are being used against you on a daily basis. If you still don’t understand how hypnosis works, then you’re at a massive disadvantage.

Once you can see their attacks clearly, you’ll be better able to defend yourself. And if you can free up a few hours to watch some easy-to-follow videos, then my comprehensive crash course in hypnotic influence will get you up to speed even faster than twitter can ban you for thought crimes against experimental medicine.

Go check it out…

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