The relentless hypnotist who helps women google their way to orgasmic bliss

Here’s an example of how an expert-level hypnotist approaches a potentially insurmountable problem…


“Jay, this past weekend a woman came down from Cancun who I had enticed with the Mindvana Lite protocol. She was hot for it, believe me!

I spent 2 days with her and got a lot accomplished. The first day, I took her to the beach and we had a good time, but, conversation was limited.

Now the thing you have to understand is, her English is almost as bad as my Spanish, so we were up against a language barrier too. So, HOW do you overcome that? WWJD? (What Would Jay Do?)

Well, I prepped her through the translator in a long and detailed pre-talk. Then I used a pattern interrupt, instant induction I use in street hypnosis all the time. Bingo! Trance.

With some work, I got her into open eyed somnambulism, got her seated in from of the computer and we went to work via the online translator. We worked for about 30 minutes.

(Jay, this is again adding up to like 80 to 85% o-gasm the first time I call for it, I am analyzing to figure out how I get such a high rate of first try success.)

The result? O-gasm first call, then I set all my standard anchors. O-gasm, time limited o-gasm, power level adjustments, and my kinky version of “parts work” where, when I name the part, (I.E. nipples) and then they (the nipples in this case) burst into o-gasm all by themselves. Fun game! FUN game.

I have tested it all and can get the effects via voice, text and even hand gesture triggers.

Yup Jay, you are a life destroyer bud. And I am loving every minute of it.

So are the women I play with, and as you warned, they are telling their friends! LOL This one was in text telling her daughter all about it this morning before she left.” – Marcus


If you’re new around here, you might find yourself shaking your head in disbelief.

But if you play around with this material long enough, you’ll eventually see things that will blow your mind and completely shift your frame of reference for what’s possible.

(For example, you might recall that video of Steffa I sent out a few months back where she spontaneously regressed to infancy, complete with baby noises and full amnesia afterwards. Freaky.)

Witnessing the “crazy stuff” will encourage you to start looking for creative ways to get the effects you’re after.

For example, since some talented hypnotic subjects can be hypnotized via text chat quite easily, Marcus’ approach is certainly one way to get around a pesky language barrier.

The guys who get exceptional results don’t have magical abilities or a mythical method that nobody else knows about….

They tend to be religious experimenters who continue to persist until they eventually get the results they’re looking for.

And this applies to every area of life…

Successful people convince themselves that every problem has a solution and it’s their job to uncover it. Whereas, the average person will come up with excuses as to why something is impossible before giving it their best shot.

I hope Marcus’ story inspires you to start thinking outside the box.

But you gotta walk before you can run and all that.

And when it comes to standing up on your wobbly little legs, Mindvana Lite is the absolute fastest way for a total beginner to get some guaranteed wins under his belt and wipe away his stubborn skepticism for good.

All you have to do is watch the fr-ee video, write down the steps, and read them to a willing participant.

And you’ll get to see how easy it is to create instant trance and trance phenomena (like eye lock and arm levitation).

You can watch me demo the entire process right here…

>>>Watch the fr-ee Mindvana Lite tutorial and start hypnotizing total strangers like a pro on your very first attempt

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