A terrifying way to make a woman fall in love

After sending out yesterday’s “weaponized se-x” email, a ton of questions rolled in about the Loving Obsession Protocol.

In a nutshell, the LOP is a collection of my most powerful bedroom tips and tactics, along with a detailed roadmap for using the Mindvana Method in the bedroom.

Now there’s a very good reason for why I only teach this material over a private phone call, as opposed to making an audio or video product.

Let’s just say that if the feminists found out what’s covered in the LOP, I’d be immediately labeled a se-xual terrorist and locked up for life in Guantanamo.

Anyhoo, today I’m gonna gift you with one of my patented, top secret finishing moves from the LOP, which is guaranteed to make any girl you hook up with replay the experience in her mind for days while desperately craving a repeat performance.

It’s the kind of thing that’ll have her calling up her friends and saying, “OMG you’ll never believe what just happened to me…”

I can share this one publicly because it’s on the tame side compared to the rest of the LOP tactics, but it’ll spike your girl’s emotions like you wouldn’t believe.

Let me share another story from my crazy weekend…

Somewhere in the middle of Sunday night’s marathon Monopoly session with Chica Celosa, she found herself down on her knees in front of me after graciously offering to lace up my sneakers.

And before she could put the finishing touches on the double knots, I grabbed her by her ponytail as I simultaneously opened the door and began to shove her, buck naked, into the hotel hallway.

A terrified shriek reverberated throughout the room as her fingernails stripped paint off the walls. As she struggled to claw her way back inside, I took the opportunity to hoist her by her throat and finish her off with a colossal choke slam that vaporized the once-sturdy bed frame into a pile of sawdust.

You’ve heard me constantly harp on the importance of giving a woman a range of emotions all throughout your relationship and especially in the bedroom.

I recommend that you start doing so IMMEDIATELY (i.e., the very first time you sleep with her) and then continue this indefinitely.

In my younger days, I used the old school PUA tactic of taking them to a haunted house or to ride a roller coaster. But then I realized that buying tickets to Six Flags is a waste of time when you can easily turn your bedroom into a theme park.

Look, if your girls aren’t saying, “Thank you, Mr. Grey” as they kiss you goodbye, then you’re not doing it right.

Luckily, the Loving Obsession Protocol will teach you dozens of ways to rectify this problem and make a woman feel things with you that she’ll never feel with anyone else.

Ok, time out. Since we’re in the age of #metoo, I need to throw in a little disclaimer:

You’re not REALLY going to shove your girl out the door naked. You’re only going to make her THINK you are which will spike her adrenaline through the roof.

Although, you will occasionally come across a girl whose dopamine system is so desensitized that tossing her into the hallway and locking the door will elicit a tiny giggle, at best.

These girls usually don’t make for good long-term partners, but they can be lots of fun for the short term. Just don’t fall in love.

And speaking of falling hard, if you want a near-foolproof roadmap for making nearly any girl fall head over heels for you, then you might want to take a few minutes to read about the devastating effectiveness of the LOP:


P.S. Stay tuned for Monday’s email because I’ll be sharing some details about my new secret vacation spot that makes a trip to Vegas look like a day at the zoo by comparison.

I’ll not only be posting pics and videos, but I’ll also be giving you the opportunity to live the very same adventures I just did. It’s the kind of experience that every man on the planet needs to enjoy at least once before he dies.

Stay tuned…


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