Using weaponized sex to conquer all the chicas

My new 23yo Latina girl has been telling me at least twice a day that I make her feel things she’s never felt before.

One of these feelings is the sensation of nervous butterflies whenever I lock eyes with her.

And while you might chalk this up to the fact that’s she’s crazy about me, it actually happens rather predictably with almost every girl I make eye contact with.

If you re-watch my youtube video with Diany (the Dominican girl), you’ll see this happening at the beginning where she quickly looks away and says…

“You’re making me nervous.”

To which I reply…

Yeah, I’m a rock star.”

And just an fyi, Diany’s girl band (think Destiny’s Child) was signed to Epic Records, so she’s used to performing on stage and getting hit on by famous rappers.

Yet, here’s douchy ol’ me making her too nervous to even look in my direction.

And while many women compliment me on how “beautiful” and “sexy” my eyes are, if you saw me in person, you’d see that there’s nothing special about them.

But that doesn’t stop women from finding them (along with my entire presence) absolutely captivating and magnetic. (This is way before I introduce them to any Mindvana magic, mind you.)

So… how exactly do I do this? And how can YOU learn to do it just as powerfully?

Step 1 is training yourself to be comfortable with unwavering eye contact.

There are many ways to train this in, but I used to practice by approaching beautiful girls on the streets of NYC and holding laser eye contact throughout the entire interaction, as nerve-racking as it was.

The 2nd piece to this is being completely relaxed and present in the moment without any agenda in your head. You’re essentially putting yourself in a trance state where your mind is calm and your complete attention is on the person in front of you.

And the final (and most important) piece is emanating an energetic charge that magnetically attracts women and makes their bodies respond with attraction and arousal in your presence.

Now to keep things real with you, I have no friggin’ clue if it’s an actual “energy” that’s being transmitted, or whether it’s pheromones or voodoo pixie dust or what have you.

But I do know that SOMETHING is being communicated on an unconscious level. And, more importantly, I know how to teach this to others so they can get the same results.

In fact, I teach a very simple way to create and project this “energy” in my “Loving Obsession Protocol.”

If you haven’t heard about the Loving Obsession Protocol, think of it as the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially for those who like to eat delicious sandwiches in the bedroom.

Someone recently posted a comment on my yt channel, suggesting that I teach people how to use Mindvana in the bedroom. And that’s exactly what the LOP is all about.

In fact, it teaches you how to “weaponize” se-x in a way that makes women think about you constantly and crave your attention and affection.

It’s actually a standalone protocol that works incredibly well, even if you haven’t learned any of the Mindvana teachings just yet.

I was forced to use a stripped-down version of it this past week, since none of my chicas spoke any English. And I’m proud to say it works flawlessly even when you take away all the hypnotic elements.

However, when you add Mindvana into the mix (and I explain exactly how to do this) it becomes a thermonuclear weapon incapable of being defended against.

Now while the LOP is rather expensive and certainly not for everyone, you’ll be learning how to give women an experience that only a tiny percentage of men can deliver. So you’ll have to decide what having this ability is worth to you.

I’ll even go so far as to say that the LOP makes women view se-x with other men as mediocre by comparison and just not worth the hassle.

It also makes them fall for you HARD, like Miss Chica Celosa who was telling me how much she loved me after our second night of, uhhh, playing late-night Monopoly in the hot tub.

I didn’t name it the OBSESSION protocol for nothin. And you can learn how to get women hooked on the hard stuff right here:


Ciao for now.


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