Achieving hypnotic proficiency with a ridiculously un-sexy sequence

Yesterday, we talked about how solid plans are far more important than useless resolutions.

And if your goal is to finally become a proficient hypnotist this year, then you may find this simple plan to be super helpful.

But first off, let me remind you young whippersnappers that you have no idea how good you have it.

When I started learning this stuff in 1997, I had to proverbially walk 50 miles every day in the snow just to get to school.

Back in the day, there were only a select few VHS tapes you could purchase, and the bulk of them belonged in a dumpster fire.

If you were serious about learning hypnosis, you had to get your butt to a live workshop. And I hope you took some good notes because after your 3-day class, you were on your own.

Have a question? Good luck. None of the “gooroos” had email addresses and they certainly didn’t pick up their phones when you tried calling. If you needed help, you had to wait 6 months for the next workshop.

And since most hypnosis teachers were God-awful, you were guaranteed to waste thousands of dollars on useless trainings.

I figured I would be slick and bypass all the nonsense by interning for a local hypnotist.

But like most of these clowns, he turned out to be a clueless “scriptnotist.” He granted me the privilege of reading scripts to his clients while they snored loudly on the couch.

I quickly left that place and found another hypnotist who hired me as a salesman. This guy promised to eventually teach me all of his secrets if I stuck around long enough.

About 6 months in, I discovered that the only secret he was hiding was the fact he was another clueless scriptnotist.

I can go on and on about the good ol’ days, but the point is that all of you guys are LUCKY BASTARDS, considering you get to ask me infinite questions in our Teachable portal.

LUH KEEEEE, I tell ya.

So let’s say I was a new student who stumbled across someone’ goofy youtube channel and decided to learn this stuff as quickly as possible. Here’s how I would do things differently…

I’d start with the “7-Day Quick Start Course” and watch 1 video each day while taking handwritten notes (which I’d later add to a word doc for ease of reference).

Then I’d watch a demo session and break it up into chunks, starting with the induction. I’d memorize each chunk and then repeat it out loud, trying my best to match the teacher’s speed, tone, cadence, etc.

Once I had all the steps memorized, I would hypnotize my teddy bear over and over until his brains fell out of his head. Once I could recite the entire sequence in my sleep, I’d force myself to start testing this stuff out in the real world.

Since one of the biggest sticking points people have is the fear of “screwing up” and looking silly, I recommend avoiding the word “hypnosis” altogether. Just tell the person you’re working with that you want to show them a meditation (or stress reduction) exercise.

We’re not trying to be sneaky here. It makes things easier for both parties when it’s a relaxed environment with the bar set as low as possible.

Approach the session not as a “performance” that you’ll be graded on, but as a simple experiment. Your mindset should be:

“Hmmm… I wonder if this stuff works. It might be a big bunch of bupkis. I guess I’ll just go see for myself.”

If you approach your sessions with this attitude, then “failure” becomes a non-issue.

And once you’re on this path, you’ll pick up momentum and things will continue to get easier (and more fun) as more things begin to make sense to you (especially if you keep asking me intelligent questions).

The next thing you know, you’ll feel like you’ve been doing this stuff for YEARS, even though it’s only been a few months of concentrated effort.

(Btw, if you study the progression of Mindvana from start to finish, you’ll realize that it was just one long 14-month experiment. One that I plan on continuing at some point.)

Now, if you wanna be super lazy, skip the Quick Start Course for now and pick up Mindvana Lite (gold edition) which comes with the only script that works flawlessly 90% of the time.

If you have a willing subject, you’ll have them in trance on your very first attempt without having to study/practice for more than an hour, tops. Just read the script and watch the magic happen.

And you can scoop up that scripty goodness right here…

>>>Get the magic hypnosis script that delivers expert-level results

Tomorrow, I’ll be discussing an extremely important mindset shift that will supercharge your results and keep you from making the only mistake that’s nearly impossible to recover from.

Stay tuned…


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