The pessimist’s guide to suffering your way to success

Gonna do a quick reader mailbag before we get down to biz.

Regarding the Amaida video…


“Wow…… that was quite a satisfied customer….. bet it got quite hot in there as she put in a lot of effort to return the favor…. ,😅” – Aman

“I think she was waiting for more. A lot more. Lol” – Steven

“You can see from the way she was touching you that she was very into you. I think you could have done anything you wanted to her and you didn’t even give her any o-gasms, which I find interesting. I see now why you say that the o-gasms are far from being the most important step in the sequence when it comes to hooking them.“ – Lee


Regarding the NYE email…


“One of my favorite sayings that is so easy to remember that deals with what you’re saying…. ‘Inch by inch is a cinch…yard by yard is much too hard..” – Ross

“I am glad i found you. you taught me so much. i have had girls orgasm easily. your stuff is the best i have tried its so dam easy to do. First attempt didn’t work i found out why easy. The second one i tried worked like gangbusters. Its so good no one should be scared to try it for first time. i am trying other stuff now with the grounding you gave me so thank you.” – Mark

“Wow Jay Black Phillip show is blowing my mind! I really love it and I can feel the affect on my wit, both in term of speed and funny. Just want to say one more time thank you. You are fu*king genius. ;)” – Dan

“Hi Jay, From your email you seem to have been born in the 1920s like me Hehe! I used to walk 30 miles to work and back each day after I left the farm in Southern Ireland believe me I wish now I had stayed there!!! Life was hard physically but oh! was I fit and strong and for the most part happy.

Coming back to this God forsaken country (UK) was the worst mistake of my life apart from meeting you of course as you are a great guy who really is trying to educate the wimps of this world.

I hope and pray I can meet you face to face one of these days.” – John

“Folks, don’t listen to this guy! I have been performing hypnosis for a couple of decades or so. I agree, MOST “hypnotists” don’t know how really awful they are.

That being said, I took Jays 7 day quick course to refresh, because it had been some years since I used hypnosis. This started a long fall down the rabbit hole and ultimately destroyed my life!

Mindvana was my third big investment in “erotic hypnosis” because I had been doing hypnotherapy long enough I KNEW I needed some specialized training to get good at it.

Honestly, I had thought I learned some good stuff from the first two “instructors” till I took the Mindvana course. After Mindvana, my life fell apart. I had women demanding I work with them, my nights became sleepless as I played with those who demanded it.

Now I have a lesbian couple moving into my bedroom and another woman allegedly arriving in Cancun tomorrow who wants to be with me forever. She says she will do absolutely anything I tell her to do. But she is only 25, so she is a bit young to be world wise. (I am 57!)

My life has been destroyed because of Jay! I don’t look at women and think “hey, that could be fun” anymore. It is horrible!

I look at them now and think “Could she be worth my time and attention?” And somehow, they seem to feel that or read my mind or something and they do incredibly silly sh-it to win me over.

The knock out waitresses stop at my table, bend over and show me their ti-ts and chat 5 or 6 times an hour! It is SO annoying!

They actually demand to put their number into my phone! OH the HUMANITY! AVOID Mindvana if you like your life the way it is now, it is guaranteed to completely destroy your life! Just like it is destroying mine right now!

Oh, and Jay has never failed to answer my questions. Email, the forum, whatever, he has been a rock! I look forward to screwing up today, it means I might get some sleep tonight!

The wise will heed my warning! (couldn’t help myself Jay, happy new years dude!)” – Marcus


Happy New Year, everyone. I appreciate all the love.

Alrighty, so let’s discuss the biggest error that almost everyone makes when they start learning this stuff.


Straight up sacrilege, right there. “How absolutely DARE you, sir?”

It’s stupid simple, but as long as you DON’T do this, you’ll eventually become a phenomenal hypnotist, especially since you have ME in your corner.

It’s pre-ordained, my brother.

Also, please please please avoid the zig-zaggy BS I did for almost 2 decades.

Start, stop, start, stop, start again.

There were periods where I got so fed up that I shelved everything for YEARS. A massive waste of precious time.

But sadly, all too common, since most of us rely on markers of improvement to keep ourselves motivated and on track.

But here’s the rub…

The road to MASTERY requires us to keep pushing through long stretches where gains seem to be non-existent.

The average person who relies on those progress markers is likely to give up during one of these long stretches when they might be just inches away from a major milestone.

On a side note, I just had a chat with a buddy who’s developing a piece of software to help him manage his business.

He’s using Quick Base’s platform to turn his excel spreadsheet (with hundreds of pages and thousands of formulas) into something he can eventually sell.

After investing 100+ hours into the coding process, Quick Base started returning an error message, c-blocking his sexy formulas and making their support team miserable trying to figure it all out.

After a few days of attempted troubleshooting, they threw up their hands and said, “What you’re trying to do just can’t be done with our product. Please leave us the F alone.”

My buddy’s entire program relies on this key formula that’s gumming up the works, so he’s as livid as you can expect. He spent another 2 weeks working on an alternate solution before deciding to scrap the whole thing and become a connoisseur of cheap jug wine.

But 5 days (and 5 jugs) later, he decided to take one last crack at it. And that’s when the lightbulb went off.

Not only did he find a suitable workaround, but he also “accidentally” solved a separate business problem that’s been plaguing him for the last 15 years – a fix which made his software 10x better than he could have ever imagined.

And this would have never happened if he wasn’t slammed headfirst into that wall and forced to dig his way around it.

Moral of the story?

The universe is constantly testing you.

Every single day. Non-stop.

And it never ends.

Sometimes, you’ll be blocked from leveling-up until you force yourself to suffer through challenging circumstances.

Suffer, suffer, suffer some more. Eventually get rewarded.

Sounds fair to me.

The software snag is a good example, but similar examples can be found across all endeavors.

With women, it might be the pain of hundreds of cold-approach rejections before you’re able to spark attraction with just eye contact, alone.

With hypnosis, it’s dozens of failed attempts where the subject complains “I don’t think I was hypnotized” or throwing every snazzy therapeutic tool in existence at them without making a dent in their problem.

These tests are everywhere (2020 was one giant shit-test after another) and they exist to HELP us.

You have to simply decide to push through these uncomfortable times. There’s no other way to become exceptional and, eventually, legendary.

Not only that, but some of life’s greatest discoveries are birthed during times of massive struggle.

(Truth be told, Mindvana came about because I was flat-out PISSED that I couldn’t get hypnotic o-gasms working the first 5 times I tried, and became desperate to figure out what in the heck I was doing wrong.)

And while the thought of perpetual struggle blows donkey balls, the good news is that 99% of people give up at the drop of a hat, so it doesn’t take much to surpass them all.

Create a plan. Stick to it. Expect everything under the sun to go wrong, but refuse to stop moving until you end up where you’re supposed to be.

When it comes to 2021, it would be wise to prepare yourself for even more insane lockdown restrictions, 50 new mutated covid strains, everyone you know to have nervous breakdowns, and your favorite burger spot to go titties-up.

But you should also DECIDE that your 2021 is gonna be freaking awesome and do whatever it takes to make this a reality.

You have more power and control than you think. Go put it to good use.

Happy New Year


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