Are you boring women to death with this “happy-face” mistake?

Some questions came in about yesterday’s email regarding female emotions. If you missed it, I said:

“When it comes to making women attracted to you, we know that it’s important to stimulate their emotions.

But what a lot of guys don’t realize is how much women enjoy ALL of their emotions, including the ones we perceive as “negative.”

Women, believe it or not, occasionally enjoy feeling confused, impatient, agitated, self-conscious, etc.”

And while trying to come up with the best way to expand on this, I found a little blurb in my notes that does a great job of laying it all out.

(I’m not sure where this came from – probably from some book I was reading – and I wish I could give the author credit because he’s on point.)


If you only seek to elicit happy-face emotions in a woman, she will feel bored. She will feel unchallenged. She will feel as if the relationship is incomplete, and that she’s not pushing
herself and not developing herself.

And the negative emotions she experiences as part of a relationship often validate the depth and importance of that relationship for her. “Oh, if he can make me feel Negative Emotion X and yet I still love him, this must be a really important relationship! This is the real thing! This is fate! This was meant to be!”

A woman tends to yearn for a sense of safety—she therefore is drawn to “strength” (e.g., dominance), and often needs to feel that the man she’s with is strong. Oftentimes “bitchy” behavior is an attempt to elicit a show of dominance from you.

Because a woman wants you to be “strong,” she will also typically provide opportunities for you to demonstrate strength and earn her respect; she can do this by playing the needy, helpless, Lost Little Girl; by teasing you and inviting you to tease her in return; or by seeming argumentative, hostile, and uncooperative.


So the next time your woman “misbehaves,” instead of floundering in frustration, ask yourself if she might be craving a dose of your dominant masculine energy.

Something else to consider is that every woman needs SOME level of drama in her life. And if you’re not the one providing it, she’ll find some other way to fill that void (which often leads to disastrous results).

But when you’re the one dishing it out, you’ll have CONTROL over it to a large degree.

This is most certainly an advanced relationship tactic, but one that will save you a tremendous amount of aggravation, since, as you now know, all girls love their “silly buggers.”

Yes, EVERY girl. It’s only a matter of “to what degree.” But you’d better believe that silliness is on the way so prepare yourself.

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