Building a harem of hypnosis hotties the easy way

Here’s the question I promised to answer today:

Q: Is there a way to use Mindvana to pick up girls? Once this lockdown is over, there’s gonna be lots of horn-y girls looking for new boyfriends.

A: So there’s a couple of things that come to mind. But first, let me tell you about some of the Mindvana updates that are just around the corner.

Some of my students worry that they’re not understanding the “correct” Mindvana sequence, since there’s lots of different steps and many directions you can take things.

There’s really no “correct” sequence, since you can stack all the pieces together in multiple ways on the fly. But yes, this can be a little confusing.

So I’m working on a document that outlines an easy-to-follow sequence to help keep you on track. I’ll also be including a troubleshooting guide for each step of the process, because as anyone who uses this material knows, things rarely go smoothly in the real world.

Once this is done, Mindvana will be as close to “paint-by-numbers” as possible. I hope to have it wrapped up and uploaded into Teachable by next week.

On top of that, I’ve also finished, what I consider to be, the most important video I’ve ever created in the last 5 years.

The core purpose of Mindvana isn’t only about making women feel amazing. It’s about ensuring that you’ll have lasting relationships with the women you choose to bring into your life. And a huge part of this is how you interact with your girl in-between your Mindvana sessions.

Unfortunately, 99% of guys are clueless when it comes to relationships. This video is going to SHOCK them wide awake.

For starters, it’s incredibly politically INCORRECT and will act as a signaling beacon for the feminist horde.

This is the “dark stuff” that very few people know about, and the ones who do are rarely comfortable discussing it.

If the SJWs get wind of this, their screeching won’t stop until my websites get shut down and I’m locked away in a prison cell. Not even exaggerating.

Sadly, no one seems to care about the thousands of men whose lives get destroyed by exes (and their teams of sociopathic attorneys). It’s up to men to protect themselves.

So if you’re even considering the possibility of getting married one day in a western country, then what you’re going to learn is the most valuable insurance policy you could ever get your hands on.

The good news is that the video will be available for fr-ee to all Mindvana Gold members.

The bad news is that my audio guy has been stuck in some foreign country due to the lockdown, and won’t able to do any work until the end of the month.

So the vid will be in limbo until then. But I’ll send out another email once it goes live on Teachable.

And finally, I have another video going up on youtube later in the week, so stay tuned for that.

Anyhoo, getting back to the question…

Here’s the easiest way to use Mindvana with a girl you recently met:

At some point on your date, start talking about psychology, meditation, or any other similar topic. Then say, “Most people’s minds are far more powerful than they realize. Wanna see something cool?”

Then you can show her the ice cream induction (taught in Mindvana) or you could start with the pre-induction exercises (if you have the 7-Day Quick Start Course).

If she’s enjoying the process and wants to see more, move on to the Elman and then work on creating a pleasure trigger. After you have the trigger working, take her out of trance and keep firing it off throughout the rest of the evening.

That’s really all you need to do. Super easy stuff and your girl will love it.

(Secret for lazy bastards: since your girl will already be in trance after the ice cream induction, the Elman is unnecessary. To save time, you can immediately start creating the pleasure trigger. Do it this way and the whole sequence will take about 7min.)

Now I know a lot of guys are thinking…

“But what if I don’t have any dates lined up? Can I use Mindvana to meet and seduce new women?”

Yes, absolutely.

I try to keep a low profile and stay as private as possible, but I’m sure it’s obvious that I’ve dated some of the girls you’ve seen in my videos.

And other than Yosmi (who I worked with one time before), I didn’t know any of the girls prior to interviewing them for the project.

I set things up in a way that allowed me to use Mindvana as my personal matchmaking service. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I made a ton of mistakes over the last couple of years and found many bugs that needed tweaking. But I finally have it running like a well-oiled machine.

It’s not rocket science. Anyone can do what I did, even if they’re just getting started learning hypnosis.

So here’s my offer… if you’d like to learn how you can use Mindvana to meet and date model-quality girls, most of whom may be decades younger than you, then let me know.

I can’t teach this publicly because I’ll get scrubbed right off the internet, but I’m bringing this up for the first time today because the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Covid-19 has created an interesting and unique situation: girls all over the planet are worrying about their finances and their futures. And many of these girls are beautiful amateur models who haven’t yet been signed to an agency.

What this means for you: you have an unprecedented opportunity to meet beautiful girls that you’d never come across in your normal day-to-day life.

I’ll warn you right now that you’ll need some cash to pull this off. It won’t be cheap, so if covid has you worried about your finances, then this isn’t for you.

But if your money situation is solid and you’d like to learn how to open up your man cave to a swarm of horn-y cuties without having to waste money on food, alcohol, and dates that go nowhere, then reply to this email with “I’m interested” in the subject line.

Talk soon,


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