My answers to your Mindvana questions

Here are my answers to some of the questions sent in last week…


Q: I have no background in hypnosis, the goal is to give my wife better orgasms just for fun, is Mindvana for me? What is the success rate for me to learn this?

A: Yes, Mindvana is designed to teach a total beginner how to hypnotize women and bring them to incredible states of pleasure.

There’s no such thing as a “success rate” since everyone can be hypnotized. But hypnosis isn’t a magic pill and you’ll have to invest some time to learn the techniques. If you watch all the videos, practice often, and ask questions when you run into challenges, then you’ll get great results. If not, you won’t.


Q: I would like to know, during foreplay or during se-x how I can use what I learned from your course

A: Everything you see me do in my videos can be considered foreplay. As long as you have the person’s consent (and you got their consent BEFORE the session started), you can start having se-x in the middle of a hypnosis session and continue to use all the same commands, triggers, etc. It should be self-explanatory.


Q: You mentioned that you might release the rest of Katie’s sessions at some point as a Mindvana add-on. Since you’re working on some enhancements to Mindvana, would you consider making them available as an add on purchase? I’d gladly pay for them. I learned the most by watching Helena’s sessions and really wanna know Mindvana’s full potential with Katie’s sessions.

A: Yes, I’ll probably release Katie’s sessions at some point in the future (I think there’s 9 of them). Besides Helena, the other great subjects were Kym, Ashlee, Diany, Katie, Masha, and Ceserina.


Q: Master, What are the powerful hypnotic induction words..I am from INDIA .

A: Try this: “I’m a billionaire who wants to pay off your student loans.”


Q: I’d like to know how to induce, I’m not so sure if with normal induction to hypnosis can work too, for example if after a woman was successfully hypnotized but only to relaxation, can she be inducted to Mindvana or she’ll figure it out? And about the 0-gasms, how can we make her feel the intense one if she hasn’t had sex?

A: You can use any induction for Mindvana and any induction can be used to elicit any trance effects you want – there’s no such thing as “hypnotized only to relaxation.”Also, the trance induction is actually the least important part of hypnosis.

Regarding o-gasms, even virgins have masturbated to climax. And even if she’s never had one in her life, it’s still technically possible to induce a hypnotic one. But just like with any other girl, you still have to test out different approaches because most girls don’t get there on their first attempt.

I would start with what’s preventing her from having an o-gasm during sex or masturbation. Is it religious guilt? Negative thoughts? A control issue? Once you figure out the reason you can work on addressing it.


Q: Can a person be hypnotized or under the influence of hypnosis for a specific time? I have seen in hypnosis videos (yours and others) that during hypnosis the person is given a suggestion, and then induced into a trance again, and then given another suggestion and induced into a trance again, etc. Once the session is over, the person is told to wake up alert, happy, joyful, etc, etc. The question is, can one leave the person without completely “waking up” him/her for later, say the next day, to give him/her some other suggestion without having to go through the process of hypnotizing him/her again? I know that the person will wake up by himself, but, if the next day we do give him the suggestion to enter into a trance; do they will respond?

A: You can leave someone in trance as long as you want, although if you stop talking to them they will just pop out of trance on their own accord.

Instead of trying to keep them in trance for months on end, just use a simple re-induction trigger (a phrase or gesture that you set up during their first session) to drop them back into trance quickly whenever you want. The purpose of a re-induction trigger is to take someone from a fully conscious/aware state into a trance state without having to repeat the induction process.


Q: The Elman induction is more overt hypnosis and I’m looking for more covert methods. For example. My wife likes when I give her massages….I want to be able to slip in covert methods to help her relax and go into trance without her knowing and not using terms like hypnosis or trance. Will I be learning these kinds of things later?

A: The Elman induction is covert if you frame it as a relaxation exercise and avoid using any hypnosis terminology (watch how I do this in my sessions). You can use any trance induction you want, though. Doesn’t have to be the Elman.

Once your wife is conditioned to go into trance, you can shift into your “hypnosis tone of voice” when talking about the weather or anything else, and she’ll start to slip into a trance state, automatically. That’s the ultimate convert induction.

But on a side note, most people are completely misinformed about how covert inductions work. In Mindvana, I show how to make the Elman covert by never mentioning the word “hypnosis” and framing things as a “meditation exercise.”

But as far as using some ninja-level conversational technique that’s undetectable, drops anyone into a deep trance, and allows you to plant hidden suggestions and produce spontaneous amnesia… there’s no such thing.

Sure, it’s possible to use conversational techniques to induce a trance state, possibly even a deep trance depending on the subject. But this takes lots of practice to master and is much harder than anything I teach in Mindvana. It’s very difficult to sound “normal” when doing this.

But here’s the real problem… if there’s no context for your induction, your subject will realize that something weird is happening. They’ll feel “off” and start to get suspicious. And once they think you’re doing something sneaky, their defenses go up and you’ll completely destroy any rapport you have.

Remember, all of the conversational hypnosis protocols you might have heard of were originally designed for therapeutic interventions. In other words, people are expecting their therapist to hypnotize them, so they’re mentally primed to be influenced.

But let’s say your sneaky induction worked and was undetectable. There’s still no guarantee that any suggestions you give will take effect. Your subject can still reject everything you say, even if their critical faculty is bypassed.

Guy are always asking me how they can hypnotize their wives and plant suggestions without them knowing. Again, this is a terrible idea because women aren’t stupid. The second they catch on to what you’re doing (and they will), all their trust in you goes out the window and nothing else you attempt to do will work. You can forget about trying to hypnotize them in the future and you might even ruin your marriage.

Don’t fall prey to the marketing hype. Just set things up the way I teach in Mindvana and you won’t have any problems.

P.S. Implanting IDEAS and EMOTIONAL STATES in a normal conversation works much better than trying to do sneaky trance inductions. I demo’d this approach in the podcast I did with Johanna.


Q: Is there a way to use Mindvana to pick up girls? Once this lockdown is over, there’s gonna be lots of horn-y girls looking for new boyfriends.

A: While Mindvana is designed to enhance existing relationships, there are a few ways you can use it to seduce brand new girls.

I’ll send out another email about this tomorrow.

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