Cult tactics part 1 – Getting women to guzzle your kool-aid

I took one of my buddies to the range yesterday for a private class (you can’t hang with me if you can’t shoot) and, afterwards, we got to discussing the fastest ways to hook a girl you’re super interested in.

And it should come as no surprise that the method I shared would elicit a respectful head nod from any cult leader worth his salt.

Now, as any upstanding megalomaniac will tell you, in order for a cult to survive and thrive, their recruitment department needs to be on point. Without happy, obedient members, your growing movement will end up dying on the vine.

But the problem is that most of the people walking through your doors won’t be easily convinced to give up control of their lives to a raving madman. So you’ll have to take things one step at a time.

The first step is to simply get butts in seats. Any and all butts are fine at this stage, because a certain percentage of these people will end up being your target audience – namely, people who are suffering in some way and are looking for a method to help alleviate their pain.

Ideal cult recruits will be struggling with se-xual abuse issues, insecurity, massive anxiety, drug addictions, low self-esteem, or a general disillusionment with life. Many of them have already tried (and failed) to fix things via traditional routes (e.g., brute force willpower, medication, therapy, etc.) and are desperate for a way out of their pain.

In other words, an ideal recruit is actively seeking a solution for a major problem (it’s a mistake to think that everyone wants to solve their problems). With these elements in place, it becomes much easier to wedge your foot in the door.

The next step is offering a viable solution (or at least a path to an eventual solution). Most cult-like organizations offer up solid personal development knowledge and self-programming techniques that actually work (at least to some degree). Your recruits will be more likely to stick around if they feel they’re legitimately being helped.

The final step is blitzing them with your techniques and ideologies until they become completely sold on your brand and start moving themselves up the ladder (e.g., volunteering to help out, paying for another workshop, etc.).

If you don’t blitz them, you’re going to have a lot of attrition due to the fact that people get distracted quite easily. They might have had an amazing time at your 1-day workshop, but if you won’t be seeing them more than once a month, they’ll eventually find a shinier object to chase after.

This is why most culty organizations will offer an initial 3-day training to potential new recruits. Some orgs will go beyond this and offer events that span multiple weekends (which isn’t hard if they can get you to pay in advance). The more facetime they have, the more likely they are to suck you in.

Getting back to yesterday’s lunchtime discussion, I mentioned to my buddy that the best way to lock a girl down, in my humble opinion, is by blowing her mind in the bedroom.

As I teach in my Loving Obsession Protocol, one 4-hour session of marathon se-x will usually do the trick. But it’s even better to think like a cult leader and keep your unsuspecting target in your proximity for 3 days straight, which equates to a minimum of 12 hours of se-x in a 72 hour period.

An awful lot of work, fo sho. But if you do exactly what I lay out in the protocol, by the end of 3 days your girl is near-guaranteed to be completely hooked on your brand of kool-aid. There are some things which happen during this type of marathon event (both physically and psychologically) which can’t be replicated any other way, so you’ll be stacking the deck massively in your favor.

And yes, I get that very few guys think they’re physically capable of pulling this off. But rest assured, there are some legit tricks to making this happen. Even guys in their 60’s can easily pull this off without a hitch when they utilize my tactics – tactics which took me nearly 20 years to figure out.

Again, blitzing a girl with non-stop se-x is a lot of work. But after putting the work in up front, you’ll be able to relax later on while enjoying the attention of a lovingly infatuated woman who’s absolutely addicted to your presence.

Consider what happens when you choose NOT to do this…

In the initial stages of dating, most guys are treading on razor-thin ice. One perceived flaw too many and you’ll get ghosted without warning, since women have dozens of other viable options lurking in their dating apps.

But when you’re the best a girl has ever had in the bedroom, your margin of error becomes large enough to swallow a planet. Her addiction (to you) makes her open to forgiving all sorts of “flaws” and deal-breakers. In fact, many women will start seeing your flaws as “endearing quirks.”

And this exact same process happens to cult members. Once they’re consistently chugging the kool-aid, everything the leader does becomes tinted pink via the complimentary rose-colored glasses.

This is one of the many reasons why I recommend adopting the focused and disciplined mindset of a madman with a branding iron, at least when it comes to your dating life.

To refresh your memory, part 1 of the recruitment process involves finding people who need help and are looking for a life change.

Luckily for you, almost ALL women are seeking something. They all want more happiness, a deeper emotional connection, a spiritual awakening, bdsm-style se-x, etc. So your first box is already ticked.

If you’ve been studying Mindvana, then you have “solid tech” you can offer them. It’s insanely easy to relax their mental chatter, set up some pleasure triggers, and start blowing their minds. Box #2 tickety-ticked.

And once a woman becomes ripe for a full seduction (whether it takes days, weeks, or months), you can then use the strategies in the Loving Obsession Protocol to make her completely addicted to your endless fountain of loving while she ponders the very nature of reality itself.

Blitzkrieg complete. Devastation total.

OR… you can leave things up to chance, like every other guy does, and simply hope and pray that your dream girl somehow figures out that you’re the perfect guy for her without ever bothering to DEMONSTRATE this to Little Miss Oblivious.

Not only is this approach laughably ineffective, but it reeks of utter LAY-ZEE-NASS.

Look, I’m all about being as lazy with women as a man could be, but you have to EARN this privilege by putting in the work UP FRONT so you can coast like a boss later on. Keeping a positive addiction going indefinitely is much, much easier than creating it from scratch, but that boulder ain’t gonna start rolling itself.

So, if you’re the kind of man who scoffs at laziness and truly desires power and abundance with beautiful women, then you might want to get your hands on the program that 9 out of 10 cult leaders wholeheartedly recommend.

But be warned: once you click this link you may very well be hooked forever. Tread carefully.

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