The culty coach sneaking powerful orgasms into his zoom calls

I received an interesting email from a woman who was “forced” to have o-gasms against her will by her sneaky coach…


“Love your work Jay. I found you on YouTube while trying figure out what a guy had done to me (triggered off mind blowing o-gasms for 3 full days) while I was taking his online coaching course for growing my coaching business. So now I want my boyfriend to learn mindvana.

Question – how do you stop women getting utterly obsessed with you? I have found it really hard to stop my mind continually thinking about that man that triggered all those orgasms… totally creates neural pathways of bonding & attachment & made me quite obsessed until I found your method and realized it’s not unique to that guy & he doesn’t have superpowers.” – Jennifer


So many sneaky cult leaders out there, up to no good.

When I first read this, I thought to myself, “Ok, this is definitely possible. But it is LIKELY? Definitely not.”

So I had a chat with her so I could investigate a bit.

The context: She’s taking an online training to learn how to be a better coach and to learn how to grow her coaching biz.

The coach seems to be very successful and has studied hypnosis, NLP, sales techniques, and all that jazz.

And while my students are well aware that it’s absolutely possible to elicit o-gasms over video chat, it’s extremely difficult to do this COVERTLY and in the context of a life coaching seminar, without using any overt trance inductions, and without a handful of students flipping out at the inappropriateness of it all.

But here’s her take on it…

“He was using a combination of imagery and suggestions to elicit o-gams and then anchored them to his eyes and kept firing them off for days on end.”

Hmmm. Possible? Maybe. Plausible? Definitely not.

She also admitted to having “strong neural pathways for o-gasms,” which I’ll assume to mean that she o-gasms easily and can probably think herself to climax if she concentrates hard enough.

Here’s my best guess: this guy was trying to elicit strong emotions (like joy, freedom, success, etc.) and link them to the completion of the students’ homework or the end result of having a successful business. Pretty standard fare for NLP trainers.

And this woman, who happens to be a great hypnotic subject (and also highly o-gasmic) responded with se-xual arousal and o-gasmic states. Afterwards, she convinced herself that the coach was doing it on purpose, and just to her, using sneaky hypnotic techniques that the rest of the group couldn’t pick up on.

Possible? Maybe… especially if he had already worked with her one-on-one and set up triggers for all this (which he did not).

Plausible? Definitely not.

We have to also consider the hidden elements in place that would set the stage for these types of feelings to emerge.

This guy is an authority figure teaching this woman how to grow her business. He’s successful with a large following and is someone she looks up to. There are other women in the class who show him positive attention (and who are obviously attracted to him).

In other words, the context he’s operating in gives him a rock star vibe, right from the get-go.

This woman’s husband, comparatively, is extremely passive and submissive. Covid has probably magnified his perceived flaws, since they’re most likely spending too much time together at home without having the kind of se-x this woman is craving.

In her words: “My husband is totally passive and lets me run the show. But my coach just totally takes control, not just during class but also during our coaching calls.”

Yes, women are starved for men who know how to lead and “take control” so that they (the women) don’t have to. If you can’t do this outside the bedroom, women will assume you can’t do it INSIDE the bedroom.

So… now that all of this is in place and we know she’s starved for a powerful se-xual experience, this guy shows up, does his song and dance, and the woman’s mind does all the rest.

This reminds me of my Mindvana sessions with Kymberly. She was PRIMED to have a powerful se-xual experience way before she met me. She was researching hypnosis, se-xuality, spirituality, etc. And then she meets me, who she perceived to be an expert in these areas, felt an initial attraction, and was totally open to learning anything I was willing to show her.

CONTEXT is everything. And once you set up the right context, you’ll have fertile soil for making magic happen.

The placebo effect, as we know, is extremely powerful, since it’s essentially just self-hypnosis.

For example, when a stage hypnosis participant expects to drop like a rock, their expectations are usually fulfilled. The hypnotist doesn’t have to do much at all.

(Check out my “Ice Cream Induction” for a great example of this in action. It’s still one of my favorite inductions of all time and has a near 95% success rate).

When I explained all this to Jennifer, she had an “ah-ha” moment and laughed at the layers of rationalizations she came up with. I also gave her some homework to help her determine if this dude really does have an insane level of covert hypnotic skill, or if she’s been the one driving the bus, all along.

There are 2 important lessons here:

The first is that it’s not so easy to wield these fabled mind control tactics COVERTLY, even though that’s how most of these goo-roo guys market it (e.g., “Learn to hypnotize total strangers without them even knowing to make them fall completely in love and do whatever you want, forever and ever!”). Remember, these trainers benefit greatly from people thinking they’re wizards with magic powers.

Luckily, you don’t need to be covert, since women will happily line up to have the experience (as I demonstrate over and over again in my videos).

The second lesson is that women will tend to become incredibly attracted to, and infatuated with, men who can elicit powerful emotions and se-xual sensations, especially when they’re also displaying attractive male qualities (like confidence and dominance).

And this is why I added those extra bonus videos to Mindvana Gold which lay out how you should be acting with women OUTSIDE OF your hypnosis sessions so they start looking at you with googly eyes.

Remember that just doing hypnosis with a woman creates a tremendous amount of rapport, even if it’s just a simple relaxation session. Add in powerful emotions like arousal and ecstasy to the mix, and many girls will start to become crazy about you. But why stop here and leave things up to chance?

As I’ve said many times, it’s not JUST about giving them hypnotic o-gasms. With some girls, yes, that could be all it takes to make them obsessed. But most girls need you to go beyond o-gasms and give them all the other things they’re starving for.

And if you don’t, women will start LOOKING ELSEWHERE to get these needs met. Best case scenario, she develops a strong crush on someone and never acts on it. Worst case scenario, she cheats on you for years and then eventually divorces you.

Can you imagine being oblivious to the fact that your wife is o-gasming in the next room during an online class, while fantasizing about banging her teacher?

I hate to the bearer of bad news, but this is the cost of not knowing how to deliver these feelings on command.

So you can choose to take this massive risk by leaving things up to chance…

OR you can spend $1.60 a day and learn how to make your woman ecstatically happy, while rendering your competition (including coaches, goo-roos and wannabe cult leaders) completely irrelevant and impotent.

All the fancy-schmancy details are right here:

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