Cult tactics part 2 – Sowing the seeds of doubt

As every successful cult leader knows, it’s vitally important to instill doubt in the minds of potential recruits.

Once you can get someone to doubt their life choices, for example, it becomes much easier to sell them on a new life path – in this case, becoming a member of your exciting new movement.

But even if you have no desire to mentally enslave those around you, I still recommend that you master this core tenet of persuasion because you’ll be using it on a daily basis.

Speaking of “Tenet,” if you wanna convince your buddy, who’s not a Nolan fan, to check out his new flick, you’ll need to first loosen up the existing belief that’s in the way (e.g., Nolan movies are too long, too hard to follow, etc.).

Good salesmen also use this approach. They’ll make you doubt any concerns you might have about purchasing a product (e.g., you don’t need it, you can’t afford it, etc.) while creating a sense of urgency to buy today.

One of my old mentors (a sales trainer) teaches his students how to create an undetectable anchor/trigger for the state of doubt, so they can fire it off whenever a customer brings up an objection. A sneaky but useful trick, for sure.

And just like with all persuasion tactics, planting seeds of doubt can also be done for nefarious purposes.

For instance, a skillful manipulator knows that if someone is made to doubt their ability to make good decisions, they’ll be more likely to defer to the manipulator’s judgement.

But what might happen if you go one step beyond that and make them feel like they completely screwed up their PAST decisions, like their choice of career, choice of spouse, and their most important life values?

Well, we can assume they’d end up extremely confused and ripe to be manipulated.

If you take a look at NXIVM’s se-x slave division (lol), all of those girls had their agency methodically removed over time. They were conditioned to second-guess all of their beliefs and gut instincts so they could then be trained to ask for permission to do the tiniest things (like eat a cookie).

Unscrupulous people have been using this approach to enslave others since the dawn of time. Women, for example, can get trapped in abusive relationships when made to believe they don’t deserve better and would be completely lost if they tried to move on.

Make someone doubt they could ever be happy without you, and they’ll be too afraid to ever try. And like all successful megalomaniacs, the NXIVM guy took this approach to another level.

Consider that many people attending an initial NXIVM workshop were already doubting their life direction to some extent. An organization can then expand on that doubt while offering up a more appealing vision for the person’s future (which might include status and respect, a like-minded community, and a way to fulfill their highest life values).

Once the recruit has fully bought in, they’ll tend to look to others in the organization for guidance as they work to “prove themselves” to their superiors. And since they’ll need plenty of help navigating the cognitive dissonance that arises from adopting an entirely new life direction, it won’t be hard for the culty chieftains to eventually foster a complete dependency.

And don’t think this process only happens in crazy se-x cults. Whether you consider yourself to be right wing, left wing, pro-2A, a tantra practitioner, or a climatologist, you’re part of a group that has an established ideology, along with clearly defined “rightthink” and “wrongthink.”

And each tribe influences their members to think in a certain way and mindlessly repeat the approved talking points, rather than consider things from multiple angles and formulate their own conclusions.

Because if you were encouraged to think for yourself, you’d quickly discover that no one group has all the answers.

You might also realize that something is a bit off when your beloved guru, who’s been promising to impregnate you for over a decade, once again reneged on his promise because you failed to recruit another batch of sorority girls for the weekly orgy.

(Then again, perhaps it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse. Anyone who screws up a se-x party should be sent to the gulag.)

Like I’ve been saying, I obviously can’t hold a candle to this guy. But what I CAN do is help you turn a girl you’re dating into your own personal se-x slave while making her doubt she could ever find another man who makes her feel this incredible.

But let me warn you… my se-xual slavery program is as “white hat” as it gets. It’s so squeaky clean that Keith Reneire wouldn’t trust me to mop the floors of his se-x dungeon.

So if you’re ok with using ethical manipulation tactics (like making a girl feel so amazing that she pursues more time with you of her own volition), then this might be right up your alley…

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