Why making women obsessed could save you from hell on earth

A reader wants to know what all the fuss is about…


“Jay what is the point of Mindvana? It looks like you’re doing a bunch of things besides giving them o-gasms. Is it basically a way to turn your girlfriend on faster? And can this be used with a girl you just started hanging out with?” -Sal


In a nutshell, Mindvana is a set of tools you can use to make the women in your life feel absolutely incredible.

“Ok, but why bother?”

Lol Good question. Well, for starters, when you can consistently make women feel amazing in your presence, they’ll naturally want to spend more time with you. And when you’re able to give them incredible pleasure and stronger emotions than they can get anywhere else, they’ll start becoming addicted to you.

The first thing you’ll learn in the program is how to guide women into a trance state (without ever mentioning “hypnosis”) for the purpose of eliciting powerful emotions and sensations (like happiness, self-love, arousal, etc.).

You’ll then create “triggers” for these feelings so you can instantly activate these emotions whenever you want, just by saying a few words.

Some examples of natural happiness triggers would be buying a girl gifts, taking her to see a show, or cooking her favorite meal. And while there’s nothing wrong with any of this, wouldn’t it be useful to make your girl feel just as happy, in an instant, without having to DO anything specific or spend any money on her?

You can also use your triggers to train her to enjoy everything she does when she’s with you, from se-xual acts to doing the dishes. Eventually, her brain will start associating the good feelings to each specific context until she starts responding this way automatically.

Take a look at most relationships and you’ll notice that the exact opposite tends to happen. As a relationship progresses, negative feelings inevitably start to pop up in certain contexts. And if they keep growing unchecked, they’ll eventually start overpowering the good feelings.

You can use Mindvana to repair this problem and to also prevent it from happening in the first place.

You’ll also be able to make a woman feel beautiful, desired, and highly aroused, while cranking up her physical sensitivity to the point where the slightest touches send waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Again, why bother? Well, it’s extremely important to increase her receptivity for a number of reasons.

Think of it like this… when you’re not in the mood to be touched, even an expert massage feels uncomfortable. When a woman isn’t in a receptive state, se-x doesn’t feel as good, so she’ll eventually start associating lukewarm (and potentially negative) feelings to the act of being intimate with you.

Sadly, this is the norm for almost all women and it leads to an overall disinterest in se-x, since most guys have no idea how to make their girl CRAVE their physical advances.

Sure, she’ll occasionally have days where she’s crazy turned on and begging for it. But instead of leaving this up to chance, you can create a trigger that makes her instantly aroused on command. And, believe me, this is exactly how she WANTS to feel when she’s with you.

Diany laid it all out in my latest youtube video when she said: “I want to crave you so badly that I can’t stop myself from jumping on top of you.” Mindvana will teach you how to bring a woman to this point consistently and without fail.

And, yes, there’s lots more you can do, such as training her to have hypnotic o-gasms (without being touched), to have multiple o-gasms, to be more uninhibited and adventurous, and to please you se-xually in every way possible.

And when a woman is having the best se-x of her life, she can’t help but fall completely in love with the man who delivers it. Terrible side effect, I know.

Going beyond the se-xual aspects of the program, you’ll also learn how to make your girl’s life better in so many ways, by teaching her how to experience full-body relaxation on command, to feel more comfortable and confident in her skin, and to wipe away stress and anxiety in just a few moments.

Ultimately, when you can affect a woman so powerfully, you’ll end up holding all of the cards. You’ll be enjoying se-x on tap with a girl who lives to please you and treat you like a king, which is something every man deserves. Not to mention, it will completely wipe away any scarcity/thirst on your part (which often leads to major relationship blunders).

This is what I mean when I say that Mindvana can “breakup-proof” your relationships.

And while Mindvana was originally designed to be a relationship enhancement program, you can most certainly use it with a girl you just met to make her crazy about having se-x with you.

And one more thing… because you’re the one in the driver’s seat being pursued for a relationship, you’re less likely to make a bad decision by choosing to be monogamous just because the se-x is good. You’ll be able to scrutinize a woman’s character and weigh all of your options before making a decision.

Remember that the #1 key to a successful relationship is MATE SELECTION. Even with Mindvana in your toolbelt, it’s nearly impossible to be happy with a bad egg, so choose wisely, lest you experience a divorce from hell.

And make sure you choose a girl with a sense of humor, since it’s miserable dealing with someone who lacks it, like this next guy who was appalled by the email I sent out last week…


“I find it very disturbing that you consider yourself any sort of victim and are calling those you have hypnotized as predatory when the state they are in is your doing. To call yourself a victim is despicable and an attempt to reposition yourself as not the manipulative one.” – some whining white knight


And this is why we can’t have nice things. I have a hard time understanding how some guys can be so clueless and miss the obvious humor in my emails. But the outragers will always find something to be whine about, including my “despicable victimhood” over getting my junk non-consensually squeezed by a horn-y Mindvana girl.

(Just for the record, Diany is smoking hot and can squeeze it whenever she wants.)

I guess the lesson here is that anyone who lacks a sense of humor or is uptight about se-x should NOT purchase any of my products, since they’ll just end up confused and highly offended. Go read some John Gray and prepare yourself for a lifetime of couples therapy.

But for those who aren’t socially stunted, you might, instead, find this to be your new secret weapon with women, but only if you can get past my crass jokes, horrible potty mouth, and incessant bitching about women treating me like a juicy 130° melt-in-your-mouth porterhouse.

>>>Make white knights so jealous of your success that they label you a manipulative predator as they cry themselves to sleep clutching their anime girl body-pillows

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