“Evil Hypnosis” exists and it’s destroying everything you love

I was recently chatting with one of our members (and a fellow gun owner) about our shared love of the CZ Scorpion PCC and the Sig Sauer P365. In reply to a comment I made in my last email, he made me promise to cut off my hands before I ever consider trading in my blasters for a baby stroller.

That’s an easy promise to make, because I plan on training my future babies to walk and shoot at the same time (by 6 months, tops). Not to mention, a baby Spartan would never be caught dead in a sissy stroller.

This convo also inspired me to address something that’s far more important than making women worship the ground you walk on.

Like I’ve said before, I try to keep my emails light and fun to help take your mind off all the chaos happening around us.

But hypnosis comes in many forms. And it’s in your best interest to have a deep understanding of its many variations.

Like social engineering, for example.

But first off, here’s a trigger warning: if you can’t handle uncomfortable truths like a level-headed adult, then I’d advise you to read no further.

In case you’re absolutely oblivious to how the world works, allow me to point out that you’re being programmed on a daily basis to believe whatever the “powers that be” want you to believe. And their agenda is constantly in flux.

“Covid is going to kill us all, but a mask won’t help, so don’t waste your time wearing one. But we just made mask-wearing mandatory, so cover up at all times. And don’t you dare go outside to protest the lockdown because you’re an asymptomatic super-spreader/potential murderer. But if you’re protesting social injustice then don’t worry about social distancing because we fully support any mass gatherings you attend. Oh boy, it looks like cases are spiking again, so get ready for Lockdown 2.0…”

And on and on it goes.

The onslaught of hypnotic programming is relentless and never ends. It rarely makes logical sense and hits you from every angle imaginable (via TV, movies, magazines, radio, internet, politicians, clergy, celebrities, etc.).

When you consider that 6 corporations own 90% of our media, it becomes clear how the exact same messages get repeated over and over again, everywhere you look. And when hundreds of talking heads all appear to agree with each other, it implies that their messaging is “correct,” and becomes more likely to be accepted by the masses.

But, in actuality, they’re all on the same payroll and receive the exact same marching orders from their higher-ups. In other words, they’re only allowed to disseminate “approved” narratives.

The days of journalists reporting “facts” are long gone. Nowadays, everything gets a spin – and almost always in the same direction.

This unified front is designed to stop consumers of media from critically analyzing incoming data, and, instead, to blindly accept any and all programming without question.

One of the core tenants of hypnosis is repetition. Any idea/suggestion repeated often enough will start to wear down your mental defenses and become more easily accepted as truth.

And it doesn’t need to be a “statement” to be hypnotic. We’re very easily programmed by the behaviors and beliefs of others whom we identify with and look up to, especially when we’re exposed to these behaviors on a frequent basis.

This is one reason why the elites often use celebrities to deliver their messages. (“Did the Russians really hack our election? Let’s find out what Cardi B. thinks…”)

And not only are new ideas being planted in our minds on a daily basis, but old ideas and concepts are being revised and updated.

Let’s take a quick look at everyone’s current favorite topic: racism.

“But what does racism have to do with hypnosis?”

A few things, actually. Let’s first look at how it’s been defined…

For starters, there’s never been an acceptable, agreed-upon definition of racism.

When a concept has only been loosely defined, it’s much easier to redefine it to suit your particular agenda (whatever that might be).

In the persuasion world, we call this “reframing.” “X doesn’t really mean X. X actually means Y and here’s why…”

Getting back to racism, some would define it as “the act of being discriminated against due to an individual’s race.” Others would say it’s the belief that certain races have different characteristics/behavioral traits, which make them superior/inferior to others.

And, currently, there seems to be a general consensus that racism involves harboring an abject hatred of certain skin tones, along with a desire to harm/kill those with particular levels of pigmentation.

Unfortunately for all of us, the media machine is run by some incredibly skilled persuaders. And only a small handful of people are immune to their influence.

As of late, they appear to be implanting the idea that “racism” is not only everywhere to be found, but that it’s a dangerous threat to the existence of minority communities.

This may be true. But might there be some other reasons for this that we’re not aware of?

What most don’t realize is, when it comes to mass influence, there’s nothing new under the sun (other than new platforms, like social media). The powers that be prefer to use a proven playbook that’s easy to spot (if you know what to look for).

But they want you to remain blissfully unaware of their maneuvers. This is why the “history” we’re taught in school is watered-down and heavily one-sided, and why nobody explains to us what hypnosis (or mind programming) actually looks like in the real world.

It’s far easier to control the masses when they have no clue they’re being manipulated. And I assure you that, no matter what “side” you happen to be on, you’re being used as a pawn in a larger game.

A quote from Lenin comes to mind: “The imperialist war was bound, with objective inevitability, to turn into a civil war between the hostile classes.”

All throughout history, those in power would institute sweeping social changes by first agitating the masses and turning them against each other.

It doesn’t matter if the teams are Republican vs. Democrat, black vs. white, or rich vs. poor. The end result is the same.

Trust me, if you’re still thinking in terms of “sides” then you’re missing the bigger picture and falling into a trap you may never escape from.

Yes, people are most certainly divided and it would be a stretch to say that we all think alike. But the “teams” we’re allowed to choose from are illusory choices that lead to mutual destruction.

As much as they’d like you to believe it’s about Left vs. Right, the truth is the same as it’s always been…

It’s about the people at the very top vs. everyone else.

And, if you examine what’s happening right now, you’ll notice that history is on track to repeat itself, yet again.

Here’s a quick summary of Gregory Stanton’s “The 8 Stages of Genocide”:

Stage 1: Classification – Members of a society are classified into groups (us vs. them).

Stage 2: Symbolization – Derogatory names or symbols are associated with “them.” The insecurities and fears of the dominant group are stoked.

Stage 3: Discrimination – Laws and customs are used to control the target group and strip them of their basic rights and freedoms.

Stage 4: Dehumanization – This stage removes the guilt and aversion to harming others by seeing them as less than human (or a dangerous threat that must be stopped at all costs).

Stage 5: Organization – Policies are implemented by groups of militias. Pawns are chosen to do the dirty work of the higher-ups.

Stage 6: Polarization – Propaganda is ramped up and attacks are intensified against the target group, in order to further isolate and demoralize them.

Stage 7: Preparation – The planning of the mass murder of a selected group. Targets are identified for slaughter.

Stage 8: Persecution – The target group begins to be abused (searches and seizures, forced displacement, detention camps, etc.).

Stage 9: Extermination

This playbook has been successfully used many times throughout history with horrifying results (e.g., the Russian Revolution of 1917 and what directly followed it).

And from the looks of all the recent social media bannings (even the President is being censored by Twitter and Facebook), it appears that we’ve already entered stage 6 (possibly stage 7).

Will things go further? I’m no oracle so I won’t make any predictions. But I wanted to shine a light on this impressive (yet insidious) example of social engineering (aka: mass hypnosis) in action – one that’s taking place on a global scale.

Look, I don’t know about you, but I’d be incredibly pissed if I discovered that someone was putting dangerous chemicals in my food with the intent to slowly poison me over time.

And this is exactly what’s been happening to you. You’re constantly being polluted with mind viruses designed to make you think and act in ways that are beneficial to the ruling elite.

And what’s beneficial for them is often detrimental to you, your family, your community, your race, and everything else you hold dear.

On a side note, it shocks me how there are still people on my mailing list who haven’t yet purchased my quick-start course.

For only $67, you’ll finally understand exactly how hypnosis (and hypnotic programming) actually works, which is VITAL information, especially in this day and age.

Even if you have no desire to ever hypnotize someone, you’ll at least be able to spot the manipulation tactics at play all around you, so you can counter them and protect yourself and your family.

(Remember how certain governments used to program children to become agents of the state and polarize them against their own parents? It’s happening again, as we speak.)

But before you buy any of my programs, I highly recommend stocking up on food and other necessary supplies. You don’t have to go full-on “doomsday prepper,” but an ounce of preparation is worth millions of dollars of soon-to-be hyperinflated fiat currency (or something like that).

It also doesn’t hurt to have a strong social network, along with some legally-acquired weapons, in case SHTF.

(For the best in concealed carriability, Michael and I both recommend the Sig Sauer P365, especially the new Romeo Zero edition).

In my upcoming emails, I’ll be pointing out some other ways that you’re being influenced against your will, since you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about Russian se-x coaches.

And just a quick announcement about my new book, tentatively titled: “From Russians To Racism – The Ridiculous Mental Musings of a Mentally-Troubled Hypnosis Trainer,” destined to be banned and burned before it’s ever released.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy (even though it’ll never be written), please send twenty grand to my paypal account. All proceeds will go towards the construction of my underground bug-out bunker/se-x dungeon. (A bit steep, I know. But every good sex dungeon needs a bowling alley.)

Talk soon…


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