Your “Manchurian Candidate” who hypnotizes hotties to love you

If you’ve been following my emails about my Russian girl, then you’ve been learning some of my best tactics for making women worship the ground you walk on.

I have another one for you today which you can literally pull off in your sleep. It’s the epitome of “set it and forget it.”

Many years ago, a sales trainer buddy of mine taught me a technique he called “3rd Party Perceptual Installation” (or “3PPI” for short).

He claimed that it was one of the most powerful persuasion techniques you could ever learn. And he wasn’t kidding.

When it comes to influencing how someone perceives you, you typically have 2 options:

  1. Talk about your skills/abilities/accomplishments (and hope they believe you).
  2. Directly demonstrate your abilities/competence (and let them decide for themselves).

#2 is the better way to go, of course. But when you don’t have an opportunity to walk your talk, 3PPI can be your saving grace.

In a nutshell, 3PPI involves finding someone that your target likes and trusts, and having this 3rd party convince your target that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.

When someone else (or something else) gets a big thumbs up from someone you trust, you’re likely to assume their assessment is accurate, without bothering to investigate on your own. A trusted endorsement is much appreciated, since it saves us valuable time.

So here’s a context for you…

A girl you’re hooking up with has hot friends. And, for whatever reason, you want these hotties to become massively attracted to you.

The reason why is irrelevant… maybe you want to increase the possibility of a 3-some, or you’re just looking for an ego boost. Or perhaps you’re concocting an elaborate revenge strategy which necessitates sleeping with all of her friends and family members (including her great-aunt Bertha).

No worries… I don’t judge.

So what’s the best way to use 3PPI in this situation?

Easy. Just toss your girl on your bed and proceed to blow her mind.

Girls tell their friends everything – especially things they can brag about and “lord over” their social group to increase their perceived status. And every girl on the planet loves to brag about an amazing lover.

In most other situations, 3PPI requires you to train your selected 3rd party to “talk you up” properly (since most people have zero persuasive ability). But in this context, delivering the bedroom goods is all it takes to turn your girl into a walking billboard for the mind-numbing ecstasy that only your particular brand of lovin’ can deliver.

My Russian yoga teacher (who’s also a se-x coach for women) has been telling all of her girlfriends how amazing I am, how in love with me she is, and how she’s never experienced se-x like this in her entire life. (This was all confirmed through a mutual friend.)

When the resident se-x coach of the group starts blabbering about her new boo being the best she’s ever had, you’d better believe that all the girlies start to get super curious.

And while the whole crew was in a highly suggestible, focused state of attention… my little Manchurian Candidate proceeded to deliver the full play-by-play, in exxxplicit detail.

Their curious minds slurped up all the x-rated goodness and, as a result, they’ve now been primed to see me in a particularly useful way.

Useful for me, of course. The general consensus is that I’m the pu**y-whisperer they’ve all been waiting for. (Can’t wait to show off my new merit badge.)

The best part about 3PPI is that you don’t need to demonstrate a single thing. If I wanted to take advantage of the interest and attraction that’s already been created, all I’d have to do is simply show up and act like my usual douchey self.

“Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. Jay.”

Damn right it does, ladies. Who wants to shake my martini?

And, again, the easiest way to make this happen is to give your girl incredible se-x. Like a busy little bee, she’ll get right to work planting mind viruses before the day is over.

Even if you have no desire to hook up with any of your girl’s friends, it’s vitally important that they like and respect you, and, ideally, find you attractive.

This makes it much less likely that they’ll cause problems for you behind the scenes (by planting their own brand of destructive mind viruses in your girl’s vulnerable little head).

I’ve written about this extensively in my first book “Get Your Girl Back,” but I digress…

So, if you’re interested in learning how to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom (even if she’s a se-x coach who’s seen everything under the sun), then Mindvana will show you the way.

After priming a girl with Mindvana, even if you’re lazy in bed (like I usually am), there’s a 90% chance she’ll consider you to be the best lover she’s ever had. Just this, alone, is usually enough to make the girl fall in love with you.

But if you want to guarantee that she becomes completely OBSESSED with making you happy (since you’re now the only guy she’ll ever think about for the rest of her life), then there’s some other things you’ll need to learn, as well.

Maybe I’ll decide to spill the beans at some point. But without understanding how Mindvana works, none of the advanced stuff will make a lick of sense to you.

As this crazy lockdown is slowly being lifted, you now have the chance to meet (and hook up with) more girls that you could ever possibly make time for. As we speak, women all over the globe are stuck in an insanely horn-y se-x trance and are STARVED for male attention.

Offer to show them “something cool about how their mind works” and watch them become putty in your hands. Even if you’re brand new to this stuff, women will happily let you practice on them for hours (because it feels amazing for them).

If you’ve been studying the system, then you already know the drill. You can meet girls online and start with virtual dates, if you have to. Mindvana works just as well over webcam/facetime.

And if you haven’t joined the team yet, it’s time to come aboard before you miss the se-x tsunami that’s fast headed your way. Click the linky-link and prepare yourself. You’re about to get drenched.

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