Goofy gamer movie serves up secret key to unlimited dating success

Last night I took a break from work (and the election chaos) to spend some quality time with my new LG OLED and the stack of 4k blu-rays I bought myself for Christmas.

I popped in “Ready Player One,” a flick about a future that’s so crappy, the entire population spends all day and night inside a virtual world called “the Oasis.”

At the beginning of the movie, the narrator explained why the Oasis was so over-the-top addictive:

“People come to the Oasis for all the things they can do. But they stay for all the things they can BE.”

To me, this is what Mindvana is all about.

It drives me nuts when I see young guys spending weeks, months, and sometimes years leveling up a video game character, when they could be using that precious time to level-up in the real world.

Remember that your most important asset for attracting beautiful women is your PERSONALITY. And there’s no limit to how much it can be improved.

What makes this game fun is that your real-life character is never “finished.” After 2 decades of playing and teaching, I definitely consider myself a red belt, yet I add new stripes on a near-daily basis.

And this happens because I continue to invest countless hours into my personal development while minimizing my leisure time.

Anyone can choose to do this. But only a tiny few will do so.

How many hours of your week are wasted consuming entertainment instead of working on yourself?

And what might your life look like this time next year if you choose to cancel Netflix and spend the next 12 months leveling up your lifestyle?

I just got back from a 4 hour “date” in my office with a new hottie, walking her through the updated Mindvana 2.0 sequence I’ve been working on.

She brought up online dating and how most guys have no idea how to keep her interested (especially over a lame “virtual date”) and quickly run out of things to say. Almost all of her first dates get awkward fast because of boring conversation.

This is a very attractive girl who rated her dating life a “1” on a scale of 1-10. The poor dear.

Now contrast that with the “date” she had with me.

In the 4 hours we spent together, she told me her entire life story, including her biggest hopes and dreams, her most important relationship values, her childhood stories, her family dynamics, and intimate details about her se-x life.

We joked around the whole time with zero awkward moments or uncomfortable silences. And you’d better believe I set up triggers for happiness, sexiness, and pleasure.

Towards the end, she was looking at me all googly-eyed and was dragging her feet when it came time to leave.

The worst part? I have 5 others lined up so I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to see her again.

99 problems, 24-7. My life story, in a nutshell.

If you’ve been a member for a while, then you know I don’t tell these stories to show off, but to INSPIRE you.

I’m here to help you get the exact same results that I talk about so you can make your dating life look just like mine (or, ideally, even better).

And Mindvana students know that none of what I teach in the home study course is rocket science.

But it does takes work to learn and implement, like anything else in life. And most guys will choose the easy road and let themselves get swept away by distractions, instead of putting the time in to transform themselves.

Being average is a choice. Why not choose better for yourself?

And when it comes to choosing what kind of man you’d like to BE this year, you might consider investing some time and energy into learning how to captivate a woman’s attention and make her feel things she’s never felt before…. feelings she’s unlikely to experience with any other man.

Because once you can do this, “dating” becomes an unnecessary relic of the past you can reminisce about when you’re old and grey (like the Atari 2600).

In the meantime, you’ll be too busy fending off the ladies to even think about it.

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P.S. Astute students are wondering if I set up the standard triggers for “arousal” and “o-gasms” with this girl. I purposely held off on doing so for a very good reason. I’ll explain why tomorrow.

P.P.S. Speaking of my 99 problems, I have a 24yo Russian hottie coming in today and I think I’m already head-over-heels. If you don’t hear from me before Saturday, come visit me in Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

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