Lazee pu-zee whipped hypnotist gets hypnotized by devious Russian stripper

I almost didn’t get this email out this morning. If I keep on slacking like this, it’s safe to say I’ll be broke and homeless by the end of the year.

And because it’s good fun to make excuses for total life failure, I’m gonna go ahead and blame all of it on the new Russian girl who came in yesterday.

My previous Russian lived in Miami, about 1200 miles away. But this new one is not only blisteringly hot, but lives only SEVEN miles away, which puts me smack dab in the middle of the blast zone.

The comment I made yesterday about the Vegas wedding went from a goofy joke to seeming like a solid life plan. And I’m really not sure how, since it usually takes more than 1 date to hook me.

But as we grabbed an early dinner after our shoot, she went straight to work storming the gates of my mind, as my mental defenses decided to stand down (for God knows what reason) and let her waltz right in like she owned the place, until I found her with her feet up on my desk, snapping selfie after selfie without a care in the world.

And by the time I finished my steak, I couldn’t stop thinking about marriage, babies, and offering her a 20k weekly shopping allowance in the hopes that she’ll let me see her naked every year on my birthday (and the occasional bank holiday).

(I’ve always said that strippers are the world’s best hypnotists, even when they’re not up on the pole.)

Anyhoo, my saving grace was my good buddy who wanted to meet up for dinner, forcing me to cut things short with the temptress before she could commit yet another federal crime.

On that note, I’ve been teaching my buddy how to convince his girlfriend to start bringing home girls for 3-somes. He just had his first big success and wanted to celebrate.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be the fat, lazy lion watching Tenet in 4K while Mrs. Lion is out on the prairie, hunting all day and night for the privilege of laying a wounded gazelle at your feet?

It’s good to be the king.

So as I fast become a pu-zee whipped shell of my former self while my life spirals irreparably out of control, I’ll at least get to live vicariously through my buddies (who are all crushing it, btw).

At this point, I could really use a VR headset and an exciting virtual world to play in.

Speaking of which, there was another line from “Ready Player One” that reminded me of a technique I started using in the new Mindvana 2.0 protocol.

Spoiler Alert: the main dude falls in love with the main chick and decides to profess his love for her in the most loser-ish of ways (bet you never expected that from Hollywood).

But what makes his admission even more cringy was that they’ve only been interacting with each other’s avatars – they know nothing about each other and have never actually met in real life.

So, of course, the girl gets creeped out and says:

“You’re not in love with ME. You only know what I want you to know. You only see what I want you to see. THAT’S what you’re in love with.”

Sadly, this is how most people end up falling in love.

They fall in love with someone’s AVATAR, typically one they created in their own mind.

Truth be told, I’m certainly guilty of this myself.

I’m now madly in love with the Russian girl I just met yesterday afternoon. And besides the name of her club, her favorite prescription painkillers, and her bra size, I really don’t know much about her at all.

(But maybe that’s enough. Who says love needs to be logical?)

So… is it possible for us to use this quirky love strategy to our advantage?


There’s an old school PUA technique called the “grounding story” which involves shaping your life story in a way that not only makes you seem incredibly attractive (from a woman’s perspective), but also builds a tremendous amount of comfort while helping the girl feel like she’s known you much longer that she actually has.

Couple this with the 5 Attraction Switches (covered in my Seduction Mastery Videos), and you’ll massively increase her desire to spend more time with you.

This is just one of the pieces I added to the new Mindvana protocol.

If you’ve seen the original videos, you know that the Mindvana girls knew VERY LITTLE about me, and that was by design.

Reason being, I wanted to make sure the protocol, by itself, was enough to have them start catching feelings for a total stranger they knew hardly anything about. And that initial experiment proved to be a huge success.

But now that I’m using these sessions as an opportunity to meet, attract, and seduce model-quality women, I made some changes to the protocol that have taken things to a whole new level.

Instead of tossing up a hail mary, why not carefully craft your mental avatar by strategically “showing them what you want them to see?”

Ain’t no good reason to leave all this love stuff up to chance, amirite?

As I mentioned yesterday, another small change I made was removing the “arousal” and “o-gasm” triggers (along with the dirty talk) from the first 4 or 5 sessions, and introducing them later on, after I spend more time with the girl.

The Mindvana videos were designed as teaching tools to show you how to use the process with a girl you’re already dating. But when working with a girl you just met, it’s helpful to slow the process down (for a variety of reasons).

I’m still experimenting and testing out different approaches, and as long as I don’t marry the Russian this weekend, I expect my experiments to continue unabated until they bear juicy fruit.
So pray that I can withstand temptation and keep myself track.

But as of now, it ain’t lookin so good. All my money’s on the Russian.

So if you want to learn this incredibly valuable skill-set, then you might want to scoop up these videos NOW, before my new Russian wifey takes away my laptop and forces me to get a respectable career like the last four ummmm… “pharmacists” she dated.

But little does she know that I’m already a drug dealer. The very best kind, in fact, since Mindvana is every woman’s favorite drug. (It even lets you get high on your own supply with no ill effects.)

And you can learn how to administer a proper dose of incredibly addictive ecstasy right here:

>>>Learn how to get the women you desire hooked on your presence before the FDA steps in and labels Mindvana a Schedule 1

Ciao for now,


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