Hedonistic bad boy spills the beans about blackhat mind control tactics

A reader writes in with a scathing accusation…


“Jay, Mindvana looks like an excellent product. But I find fault with how you are encouraging men to lead a hedonistic lifestyle and treat women as disposable.”


This guy must be new around here because he couldn’t be more off base.

In fact, if he read the product page for Mindvana, he would understand that I designed it, first and foremost, as a relationship enhancement product, as opposed to a hookup method.

Sure, you can certainly use the system to make women you’ve just met eager to hop into bed with you. And if that’s your #1 goal, then you’ll be happy to know that Mindvana works like gangbusters.

But, in my opinion, the end goal of leaning these skills should be to eventually find an amazing girl to build a life with. And the more experience you have with Mindvana (and women, in general), the better equipped you’ll be to maintain a serious relationship when you finally find someone you’re compatible with.

For women, it’s the exact opposite. The less experience they have with men, the more likely they are to have happy relationships.

Take a look at Exhibit A:

Anyhoo, If you’re on the younger side or don’t have much dating experience, I would encourage you to avoid serious relationships for the time being and spend lots of time with lots of girls. You’ll be honing your seduction skills, discovering your preferences and learning how to spot the bad eggs from a mile away.

In fact, I teach all of these topics in depth in my “Seduction Mastery Videos” which come bundled with Mindvana Gold.

I even included a video on relationship management which teaches all the anti-pc, “blackhat” tech that would immediately get me cancelled if the powers that be knew I was teaching this stuff.

Look, it’s rough out there and getting harder by the day to keep a relationship intact. So, if you’re serious amount maintaining your sanity (while steering clear of divorce court) then you’ll probably want to learn the invaluable information that’s laid out step-by-step in the Mindvana Home Study Course.

And you can scoop that up right here:

>>>Learn how to give women irresistible pleasure and make them addicted to your presence with the Mindvana Method

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be discussing some of the ways that guys accidentally ruin their relationships and how to prevent that from happening to you.

P.P.S. If you missed yesterday’s link to my new video, just head on over to my youtube channel and check it out.

Ciao for now.


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