How negative anchoring is destroying your se-x life

One of the keys to having a solid relationship is making sure both you and your girlfriend/wife are se-xually satisfied.

Many guys have problems in this area due to a number of factors (like not enough variety or being afraid to “dominate” her) but one of the biggest problems stems from negative anchoring.

If you’ve studied the Mindvana Method, then you already know how anchoring works. We pair a stimulus (a word, sound, touch, etc.) with a desired response.

Mindvana teaches you how to elicit emotional responses like happiness and arousal while connecting them to “trigger words,” so just saying a particular phrase will instantly re-elicit the response.

And we like to set up triggers for happiness, sexiness, arousal and o-gasm.

But what most people don’t realize is that anchoring is a natural process that happens all the time, usually outside of our awareness.

And when it comes to a couple’s se-x life, it usually happens in a negative way.

Since most guys don’t know how to quickly and easily take their woman from a state of se-xual disinterest to unbearable arousal, they tend to resort to manipulation tactics (guilt trips, passive aggressiveness) to get what they want.

And while doing so is a useful short-term solution, it irreparably damages your relationship over time by linking negative feelings (like reluctance and resentment) to the act of being intimate.

Eventually, just the thought of getting naked with you will be enough to trigger feelings of disgust.

No bueno.

The simple solution to this problem is to avoid using manipulation tactics (and any other behaviors which erode attraction and desire) while training your girl to want se-x more than you do.

In a healthy relationship the guy should be the one telling his girl, “Not right now. But maybe later.” Or, even better, “Go do X thing first and then wait for Daddy in the bedroom.”

Good behavior deserves to be rewarded, after all.

The good news is that it’s all much easier than it sounds. And Mindvana will help you make all of it a reality.

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Ciao for now.


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