How I unethically hypnotize strangers against their will

I wanted to quickly thank everyone who sent in their testimonials over the past two weeks.

Whenever I ask for reviews, I know there’s gonna be a few that make me cringe.

Here’s the thing… if you want to chew me out because my presentation was convoluted, the production quality was sub-par, or the material didn’t deliver what was promised, then I completely understand.

But I’m not sure why you would whine that the fr-ee version of Mindvana Lite didn’t come with a written script (when you could have simply upgraded for $37), or go all “morality police” on me without bothering to use what you learned.

Case in point, this 3-star review which brings up a concern that needs to be addressed…


“I’ve watched this video featuring an Asian female twice. The process seems simple and straightforward. The session went smoothly and without major hiccups. I think with some preparation, when I find a willing subject I could successfully duplicate what happened in the video.

I take issue with Cataldo’s excuse for why he avoids using the word “hypnosis.” He basically says it’s more expedient to call it something else rather than having to try and tranquilize a subject’s concerns about hypnosis.

Cataldo claims he has worked with dozens, hundreds of women so I’m guessing his don’t-call-it-hypnosis advice is based on what has worked for him most often. It may be the most effective way to gain a willing subject but I am still wondering if it’s the right thing to do…”


Hypnotizing people without them even knowing! Against their will, too! Very bad man! Lock him up!!!!!

The reviewer admits he didn’t bother testing out the material, so his rating is based solely on his opinion that my approach isn’t “the right thing to do.”

And since he didn’t bother giving his reason for why he “takes issue,” we’ll have to assume it’s due to being morally torn over the ethics of calling the session a “meditation exercise.”

Even though I gave my reasoning in the vid, I’ll explain it once more in case I wasn’t clear enough.

First off, there’s nothing sneaky about any of this.

Go ahead and tell your subject they were hypnotized during your post-session wrap-up. They’ll probably be intrigued and have a bunch of questions for you.

You could also tell them right up front, if you want. But when you lead with the word “hypnosis” you’ll occasionally run into snags that most beginners won’t be prepared to handle.

Whenever someone hears this spooky word, they open up the “meaning box” inside their mind and pull out whatever’s been filed under this label.

In most cases, they’ll find curiosity, fascination, and even excitement. They might also find misconceptions, unfounded fears, and contempt for the process (i.e., “hypnosis is BS and doesn’t work”).

Since Mindvana Lite was designed for total beginners, my #1 goal was to help them achieve solid results on their very first attempt (after only 40 minutes of training). So I decided that framing the experience as a “meditation exercise” was the best way to go.

Approaching things in this way bypasses the need for a “pre-talk” (where you explain what the subject should expect, allay potential concerns, etc.).

What many newbies don’t realize is that even solid pre-talk won’t always be enough to make your subject comfortable.

“He says he can’t make me share secrets but what if he’s lying? And what if he makes me bark like a dog or something weird like that?”

Again, set things up however you want. Just keep in mind that I can only promise you a 90% success rate if you do things my way.

Now if you take issue with the concept of hypnosis (and ethical influence) in general, then you shouldn’t be on my email list. Go hit the unsubscribe button.

Hypnosis is all around you (and being done TO you), whether you like it or not.

There are many experiences which induce trance, such as viewing tv’s/laptops/smartphones, church services, concerts, highway driving, boring lectures, and many others that should all come with warning labels (guided meditations are also a form of hypnosis).

Of course, if you want to avoid becoming an unethical and evil hypnotist like myself, then feel free to warn all your subjects up front that you’re about to blast them with spooky mind control technology.

You can also have them sign a notarized consent form. Just be prepared to get spotty results.

And just to balance things out, here’s a review from a veteran hypnotist who has actually used the material…


“I have been involved with hypnosis for 40 years. Primarily it’s applications within the entertainment industry. I’m well acquainted with every top Major figure the genre has to offer.

I can attest that Jay Cataldo is one of the leading authorities on the contemporary hypnosis scene. The techniques are not new but it is a brand new way to look at things.

Jay has ingeniously conceived and crafted rapid covert induction techniques far beyond what has been already established on hypnotic theory & methodology.

Hypnosis is a perpetually ever evolving art form – Jay has tenaciously researched & discovered powerful mechanisms within the art of covert hypnosis. Unlike predecessory historical figures of the art, Jay is a great teacher, as he is able to articulate very complex topics and simplify them, making it easy & fun to learn hypnosis.

I believe Jay has set a new standard A New Perspective in the world of subjective therapeutics. If you ever wanted to learn about hypnosis this is the way!” – Spinner


Yes, I agree that none of these techniques are new (besides my movie screen exercise) and I try to give everyone I learned from credit.

But the way I package and teach the concepts ensures that you’ll not only pick them up FAST, but you’ll be able to replicate my results in the real world (which, to me, is the only metric that matters).

So if you still haven’t tried my “very bad, evil man hypnosis method,” then you can be fast on your way to becoming a horrible human being by clicking the link below.

(Just be sure to RUN when the cops show up.)

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