One ring to rule all the thots

There’s an old “Gilligan’s Island” episode where Ginger gets hypnotized by a magic ring.

Someone recently sent me this clip and asked if it would be possible to pull this off in real life.

Yes and no. I only know of one guy on the planet who successfully created a magic ring (and I think he’s dead now). But the rest of us can pull off something similar.

I would set this up as a stage/street hypnosis skit. If you studied the 7-Day Quick Start Course, you’ll remember that “any X can equal any Y.” In other words, you can suggest “when I do X, Y is going to happen.”

In this case, “Whenever you slip on this ring, you’ll drop right back down to a deep level of trance. And when I emerge you by removing the ring, you won’t remember anything that happened while you were wearing it.”

You’re essentially using a prop as your re-induction trigger which can certainly work with a talented subject.

You can also give the suggestion, “Whenever I ask you to do something, you’ll immediately say the words ‘I hear and I obey.’ And each time I touch you on the left shoulder, you’ll say, ‘have you any further orders, Master?’”

The one thing they got right about this video was Ginger’s reaction to having her cheek pinched.

There’s no such thing as a mindless hypnosis zombie. Even when you have your subject completely zoned out, their protective subconscious mind is still watching over them and will end the trance if you treat them inappropriately.

So go play around with this one. It’s a fun little skit to demonstrate at illegal social gatherings, especially if your audience is familiar with this episode.

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