How to break free from a hypnotic love spell

One of my clients is stressing over some cutie who just disappeared on him – one he hypnotized himself into falling in love with.

The backstory:

He met the girl a few years ago but couldn’t seal the deal because she had a boyfriend. They lost touch when he joined the military, but she’s been on his mind ever since.

They reconnected this past Dec and things were slowly progressing until she cut things off with a BS excuse.

As you can imagine, he’s all torn up over it. But that’s only because he created a mild obsession by way of “accidental” self-hypnosis.

Most guys are guilty of creating similar obsessions when chasing pretty girls, especially ones they haven’t slept with. In fact, what most of us think of as romantic love is incredibly similar to a drug addiction.

Here’s how it goes down…

When you find a girl you like, you’ll tend to think about constantly which ends up attaching good feelings to the “concept” of her.

The more you think about her, the more your feelings intensify until you eventually end up with a craving for her presence. It’s quite similar to how Mindvana works (where we create intense emotional states in a woman while linking them to ourselves).

Here’s a quick test to find out if you’re an addict…

Hopefully you’re not crushing on any girl in particular, but if you are, go ahead and visualize her in your mind’s eye. Notice where “in space” you see her picture.

In other words, do you see her picture right in front of you, within arm’s reach? Or do you see it further back or off to one side?

I guarantee that any woman you’re crazy about will be right in front of your face. And when you visualize her, you’ll feel some sort of “rush” in your body along with a strong desire to see her in person.

While this may seem a little strange, our mind stores people in different “places” in our visual field based on how we feel about them. And once a girl gets placed front and center, you’ll be more likely to act “thirsty” instead of behaving in an attractive way.

This process happens naturally as we spend more time with someone and start to fall in love, but it can get artificially created (as well as accelerated and intensified) whenever we think about a girl multiple times a day.

(This is a big problem since we don’t want an emotional attachment to develop until AFTER we’ve slept with a girl multiple times.)

Now let’s contrast this with a girl you have no romantic or sexual interest in. For instance, think of the barista who made your coffee this morning and notice where you see her picture on your mental movie screen.

There’s a good chance her picture is much smaller than your crush’s, as well as off to the side (as opposed to directly in front of your face).

This is the spot where every girl you’re pursuing needs to stay. In fact, this is where almost every girl starts off before you start c-blocking yourself with the “Pedestalization Process™.”

To keep a new girl’s pic in this spot, you’ll need to train yourself to RARELY think about her when you’re not physically in her presence, no matter how much you might be looking forward to seeing her again.

(It’s also useful to be talking to multiple girls at any given time, which makes it harder to pedestalize any one of them.)

Now if it’s already too late (i.e., you’re already obsessing over a girl who won’t give you the time of day), you can do a simple mental exercise I developed to erase the craving you created.

This is one of the first things I teach a client who’s suffering through a rough breakup. After a few days of applying the technique, the heartbreak/obsession/craving disappears, and he can finally think clearly again.

This technique has been my secret weapon and should be a staple in every man’s toolbox.

Now my astute readers will be wondering…

“If thinking about someone when they’re not around can make you fall in love with them, how do I get the women I like to think about ME?”

That’s a great question. One thing you can do is give them great experiences when you’re together and then act a bit elusive so they have time to miss you.

And the first amazing experience you can give a girl takes less than 20min, can be done anywhere (even over webcam), and you can learn it by watching this free video:

>>>Learn to give women the feelings they crave and a craving for your presence

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