The nuclear bomb of ‘get your girl back’ tactics

Some questions about yesterday’s email…


“You mentioned a technique to stop the heartbreak/obsession/craving if you’re already over the edge, but you didn’t tell us what the technique was or how to use it. Just wondering.” – Jim


It’s not something I can teach in an email. I walk my clients through the process during our private coaching sessions.


“What is the right move when a girl disappears on you?” – Miller


That depends on what prompted the disappearance and what she did/didn’t do right before it happened.

But almost always, the correct play is to completely back off and give the situation some space. In most cases, it’s best to wait for the girl to reach out to you first (even if it takes weeks).

Easier said than done, of course. Especially when the panic overtakes you and you trick yourself into thinking you’ll ruin things forever by not calling her immediately.

But chasing a girl who distanced herself is almost always a bad move that does more harm than good.

It’s not just about getting your girl back into the picture as quickly as possible. You need her to come back the RIGHT WAY; otherwise, you’ll be upsetting the power balance which all but guarantees she’s gonna walk away for good in the very near future.

I explained this entire strategy in my book “Get Your Girl Back” (you can get a fr-ee copy when you purchase the 7-Day Quick Start Course). The original method was called “Shutting Down The Town,” since you would completely disappear while ignoring all of her attempts to contact you.

While it’s a bit harsh, it tends to do the job. Although, some breakup situations are a bit more nuanced and require finesse, as opposed to the nuclear bomb of SDtT.

For instance, last week I helped 2 of my clients get their girls back into the picture – one was a long-term fling, and one was a new girl who disappeared after she found out he wasn’t dating her exclusively. A few short text chats were all it took to get things back to normal.

And while most situations can be repaired (if you address them early on), sometimes the only way you can save your sanity is to walk away for good. And walking away is much easier when you know you can easily refill your pipeline.

If you’re currently struggling through a breakup, I would highly recommend offering to take 5 new women through the Mindvana Lite process, which you can do over webcam with girls you meet on dating apps.

You might find that improves your closing rate dramatically.

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