How to give women hypnotic o-gasms (the E-Z way)

Since most people find my site after watching my crazy youtube videos, I’m frequently asked to share the step-by-step sequence for giving women hypnotic o-gams.

In fact, I often get attacked and chastised for “hiding” this secret technique and not teaching it publicly on my youtube channel.

Thanks to all the self-reflection I’ve done this week, I’ve come to realize that what’s even worse than my sneaky habit of helping women find husbands is my sin of keeping this knowledge out of the hands of everyone who refuses to pay $2 a day for it.

And since I’m trying my best to repent for my wicked ways, I’ve decided to finally spill the beans and teach you the full process, from E to Z, fr-ee of charge.

Here it is in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Put the subject in trance

Step 2: Tell them that, in a moment, you’re going to do X thing (e.g., count from 1-5, tap them on the forehead, scratch your nose, etc.) And as soon as you do X thing, they’re going to have a powerfully intense o-gasm.

Step 3: Do X thing

Easy peasy, squeezy wheezy. It really is just this simple when you’re working with a good subject and there’s nothing blocking them from having the experience…

…which will be about 5-10% of the time.

The other 9 out of 10 times will require you to figure out WHY the process isn’t working and fix whatever’s getting in the way.

This is the “not-so-fun” part but it’s vitally important that you become good at this, since the ability to troubleshoot effectively is what separates the skilled hypnotists from the amateurs.

But the most important reason is that your girlfriend will most likely fall into the second category.

Most new hypnotists never achieve results with their girlfriends because they’ve been led to believe that hypnosis is EASY, and as long as you follow all the steps your gooroo gave you, you should expect to achieve flawless results every time, with every subject.

(What they don’t realize is that almost everyone on youtube is sharing their very best footage and rarely post any of their frequent failures).

So a guy will gather up the courage to finally attempt to hypnotize his girlfriend, get nowhere fast, and become overwhelmed with frustration. He’ll then convince himself that his girl is unique and in the 1% of people who can’t be hypnotized.

This all comes down to faulty expectations, an inefficient strategy, and a fear of looking foolish.

The good news is that Mindvana fixes all 3 of these issues. And if you’re a brand-new hypnotist, Mindvana will get you up to speed FAST and ensure you don’t develop any of the bad habits most hypnotists are plagued by.

Getting to see me work with many different girls in many different ways not only shows you how the process looks in the real world, but it’s also the best way to train you to become an expert troubleshooter.

My “garbage” sessions (where I fail miserably to get the desired outcome) tend to be some of the most important ones to learn from. All of these sessions are incredibly important teaching tools that will help you think like I do, so you can get incredible results with your girlfriend or wife.

Sometimes, fixing a complex problem can be incredibly simple. Just the other day, I gave one of my coaching clients a quick, 30-second solution that allowed his girl to finally have o-gasms without any issues.

But since it’s not always this easy, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of the troubleshooting process.

And when the new batch of Mindvana videos launches on Monday, you’ll get to see more troubleshooting in action. Some of these girls have o-gasms at the drop of a hat while others had me scratching my head in confusion as I cursed out the Hypnosis Gods.

But each one of these videos (including the “boring” ones) will make you a better hypnotist.

You’ll also get to see the full Katie series, which everyone has been asking about.

I took things as far as I possibly could with her, which means that if I went just one step further, I’d have to change my name to “Longrod Gozinya” and post the vids up on Por*hub.

You also see me testing out some new techniques (like a trigger for “love”) because I’m always working to improve my processes.

Plus, as I keep saying over and over, you should never stop at o-gasms because they’re the LEAST important part of the process if you’re interested in making women crazy about you.

Would you like to know what the MOST important step is?

If so, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s email where I’ll be dumping out the whole can o’ lentils right on the floor. Massive spillage, just for you.

Stay tuned…


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