The seduction tactic even more powerful than hypnotic o-gasms

One of our GOLD members (who’s been crushing it lately) had a quick question…


“What’s up Jay. Gotta question…

Can I elicit values during trance and set triggers for them and how would you advise?

For example after the lite induction can I add a trigger like.. ‘think about what your most passionate about and how it make you feel,’ or ‘go to your favorite place you used to go as a child how did that make you feel?’

Also I got my first arm levitation on video cam and when I ask her to feel tingles she couldn’t keep her hands from between her legs lol.. asked me why I don’t get paid to do this so I said to her would she refer me.. she said ‘you mean to seduce other women?’

I said what did you say? She said ‘nothing I will bring you more women…’ lol” – Paul


Sounds like Paul is really suffering over here. And he’s definitely thinking in the right direction.

Most guys get hung up on the hypnotic o-gasms, which aren’t that important when it comes to making women crazy about you.

I’ve had plenty of women disappear after giving them the best o-gasms of their lives, along with many who fell hard for me, even when I failed to deliver the big O.

Eventually, I realized that the most important pieces of the process were the FEELINGS I was creating.

And this is why Mindvana focuses so heavily on leading women through a roller-coaster of emotional states and setting up triggers so they can be re-elicited whenever you want.

Yes, with Mindvana you can bring up any feeling a woman’s felt before and create a trigger for it, which essentially gives you a “remote control” for her most cherished emotions.

And this may, potentially, be quite a useful tool to have in your toolbelt, especially if you want women to enjoy spending time with you.

Again, with this skill-set, you can create a trigger for ANY feeling you want and then make someone experience that feeling whenever you want.

Did you get that? Maybe, I’m not explaining this properly. Let me try again…

Ok, so after putting a woman into a receptive state of mind, you’ll pull up a feeling (say “blissfully happy”), and then you can attach that feeling to a word (say “watermelon”).

And then whenever you say the word “watermelon” she’ll instantly start to feel happy again. And you can do this as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Did you catch all that? No?

I’m really bad at explaining this. Let me try one more time…

So let’s say you want to make your girl, umm, super turned on and consumed with naughty thoughts of the two of you.

With this approach, you would bring up the feelings of arousal and attach them to a trigger word. And then you can fire off the trigger whenever you want.

Which will make your girl horny. WHENEVER YOU WANT.

Are you getting this?



Say a word. Feeling comes up, lickety split.

She was mad and now she’s glad. You’re serving up Green Eggs and Ham, my friend. The DISCO sh*t.






Still skeptical? You think I’m emitting big, puffy clouds from my behind? “Can’t be that easy,” you say?

Well, did you watch the Mindvana Lite tutorial where I teach a simplified version of this for FR-EE? And did you go test it out on 10 girls to prove it to yourself that it works flawlessly?
If not, why haven’t you taken the time to learn this?

Do you want your life to be hard? Do you wear your pants backwards just to make walking more difficult?

I understand that some people just can’t motivate themselves to watch a video that’s longer than 5 minutes. Fair enough. But for those who can’t, you’re wasting your time reading my emails.

You’re just gonna end up feeling crappy about yourself when you read stories of our members who pushed past their fears and took ACTION.

Trust me, they were just as scared of looking ridiculous as you are. They just didn’t let fears stop them.

But some guys would rather smash themselves in the crotch with a sledge hammer than do something that’s outside their comfort zone. If this is you, just go hit the “unsubscribe button.” I won’t think any less of you.

But I WILL always wonder why guys who are serious about improving their dating lives wouldn’t bother to learn this stuff.

Whether you want to convince your boss to give you a raise or the cute girl in HR to hang out this weekend, all good persuasion comes down to influencing a person’s FEELINGS.

Feelings are the master keys that unlock all the doors blocking you from getting what you want in life.

Human beings are strange creatures who make decisions based on primal emotions and then use logic to justify those decisions.

And the better you get at influencing people’s emotions, the better you’ll be at persuasion, which means you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

In fact, I’m manipulating your emotions right now, aren’t I?

And whether you choose to buy my products, buy someone else products, or decide to do nothing at all, is completely up to you.

But you’d better believe I’m gonna make sure that all the guys who refuse to take action and watch a fr-ee video will know how ridiculous they’re being, especially if they want to improve their dating life.

That guy who gets the girls you want is simply better at affecting their emotions than you are.

He may not know WHAT he’s doing or how he’s doing it, but it doesn’t really matter because he’s getting the desired result.

Well, it doesn’t matter until whatever he’s doing stops working (like the special forces guy I wrote about), and has no idea how to repair the situation since he had no idea what made him successful in the first place.

Then it comes down to “troubleshooting,” doesn’t it?

Is it all finally making sense now?

So if you want attractive women to choose YOUR bed to hop into when they have THOUSANDS of other options, then it might be useful to know how to give them what they truly crave.

Powerful o-gasms are great… but what really hooks them (and keeps them coming back for more) are feelings of safety, fun/excitement, curiosity, desirability, intense arousal, etc…

You know, the feelings that I teach you how to create TRIGGERS for in Mindvana…

…the feelings that every woman wants to feel with a man, that eventually lead to her FALLING IN LOVE with that man.

Most guys leave this process 100% up to chance, hoping and praying that the woman they’re interested in will start to feel the same way, instead of learning how to do this STRATEGICALLY.

The feelings you deliver don’t even need to be overwhelmingly powerful. They just need to be dished out CONSISTENTLY.

Hypnotic o-gasms are just one small (and unnecessary) piece of the puzzle. But you might as well use all the pieces you can.

And if you want to start getting results like the rest of my students, then you might want to check out the latest batch of Mindvana videos that will be on sale until Friday evening 12/18 (until 11:59pm est. to be exact).

This batch features the full Katie series, where things got a bit out of hand.

(What’s great about Katie is that she’s VERY responsive and you can see her reactions quite easily. And this means you’ll see her light up over and over again when I fire off each trigger, which will help you easily spot these signs in your own subjects.)

The new video pack also contains the missing “Seduction Mastery Videos” which will teach you dozens of other ways to conversationally influence female emotions (no hypnosis required).

The videos go live on Monday morning at 9am est, so expect an email with a link at that time.

Inside, I’ll also explain who should NOT buy these videos. Some people won’t be able to fully benefit from the content, and shouldn’t bother wasting their time.

I’ll explain everything on Monday. In the meantime, I highly recommend getting up to speed with the Mindvana Method if you haven’t already.

And you can find that right here…

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