How to ruin a girl’s life with one simple step

I have a public service announcement today for all the dads on my list.

First off, go watch this short Ted Talk from a divorce attorney who advocates for men’s rights.

One of the choice blurbs:

“Children from fatherless homes account for 90% of homeless and runaway kids, 71% of high school dropouts, and 63% of youth suicides. Every bit of data we have tells us that children need their fathers.”

What society fails to talk about, is that it’s not always the father’s fault. In many cases, the mother (with the help of the legal system) prevents the father from being there for his children.

Now, every dad’s biggest fear is that his daughter ends up “on the pole.”

But there are even worse places for daughters to end up these days (like my casting couch).

Case in point, the contortionist/dominatrix I worked with a few weeks ago.

When I inquired about her “side gig,” she had this to say:

“When these wealthy guys come to me to get abused, I channel all my rage at my father and go to town.”

Yikes. Well, at least these dudes are getting their money’s worth.

Anyhoo, I filmed an intense Mindvana-style o-gasm session with her that I’m giving away as a gift to everyone who sends in a testimonial.

You’ll find all the details on the blog. Make sure you read the latest post to see the submission guidelines.

And you only have until the end of the week to score this video (and the other goodies).

And let me just say this…

I like to joke about how much I love chicks with daddy issues, but most of these girls are irreparably damaged due to not having a strong male role model in their lives.

All the therapy in the world isn’t going to help them. Both sons and daughters need their fathers.

So, if you’re estranged from your own children, go do whatever you can to repair those relationships. It’s never too late.

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