Mindvana vs. jacked bodybuilder game

I want to quickly thank everyone for yesterday’s b-day wishes. They mean a lot, so thank you.

The best part of my birthday is seeing which exes come out of the woodwork to shower me with praise, and which ones pretend to have forgotten the most holiest of days while they’re busy plotting my assassination.

It’s been said that the opposite of love is indifference, so, technically, a woman who hates you still loves you dearly (at least in my book).

The most surprising of all the b-day wishes came not from a jilted ex-lover, but from Talent Testing Services, who handles the blood-work for all the po*n stars in the US.

That’s a long story for another day.

Moving on…

Many of you were moved by my comments about my cancelled mentor Pepe…


“If you gave Pepe a billion dollars and a red room and his behavior stayed exactly the same, he would be masturbated by housewives globally. But because he is a skunk, they discriminate.” – Rob


Very true. The powers that be have been busy labeling all healthy masculine behavior as skunk-like and deplorable, and even a billion dollars might not be enough to protect you (what was Weinstein worth?).

I recommend everyone go forth and flog some hoes while you still can, because it’s only a matter of time before our beloved floggers are stripped from our hands as our red rooms of pain get recoated pastel peach.

Our days are numbered, fam. Enjoy the decline.

Ok, it’s getting a bit dark in here. Time to brighten the mood…

I recently hung out with a buddy of mine who’s an ex-crossfit athlete.

He’s a good-looking dude with a top 1% physique – the kind of guy who can make girls drop their panties with just a quick glance.

We got into a convo about pickup and my “coffeeshop game” which fascinates him, since his game is mid-level at best (he never needed to develop it).

I eventually dropped my famous line that you’re probly sick of hearing, which is:

“When you get a woman turned on enough, she’ll do nearly anything you suggest.”

(my version of “when you’re rich, you can just grab em’ by the pu$$y”)

Anyhoo, my buddy was fascinated by this and inquired…

“So how do we make them horny?”

This made me lol since all this dude needs to do is take his shirt off.

But it’s actually a great question because it would be foolish for any man (including top 1% guys) to rely on looks, alone.

And even if ripping his shirt off Hulk Hogan style worked like gangbusters, there’s no guarantee it would predictably work each time he needed it to.

If guys get tired of staring at the same naked female body night after night, you’d better believe that women do, as well.

And while men are primarily visually-oriented, women get can get turned on by a variety of stimuli (like innuendo, tonality, and behavioral cues).

My favorite way to make a woman instantly aroused is to “cheat” by using hypnosis to create an arousal trigger which can be fired off at will (I explain exactly how to do this in Mindvana).

But there are other ways to do this, such as using conversational NLP patterns, or adding some additional pieces to Mindvana Lite, cloaked in the context of a “meditation session.”

I kept the naughty stuff out of Mindvana Lite because I wanted to keep it PG, but it’s very easy to tack on additional pieces to the main sequence.

In fact, I’m giving away a video of a Mindvana Lite zoom session where I made a cute Croatian girl unbearably aroused before gifting her with multiple hypnotic o-gasms.

And you can get this video as a fr-ee gift if you take 2min of your time to leave me a short, honest review on Udemy.

I’m also giving away additional videos if you send in a short video review about either of the Mindvana products.

The deadline is next weekend so don’t wait until the last minute.

Ciao for now,


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